HSSC Clerk Answer key 27h Nov Evening 2016 – Complete Solution

Now we have received a portion of Question paper of Evening Session 27th Nov Clerk Exam 2016. Without delay, we are providing you the solution/ answer key. We shall keep updating the post as soon as we get the answers.

Morning Shift Answer key

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HSSC Clerk 27th Nov Evening Session Answer key –

Q. District of Haryana that possesses least literacy rate as per 2011 census ?

Answer – Mewat

Q. Which place of present Haryana was the capital of George Thomas in 1797 ?

Answer – Hansi

Q. In which district Nahar Wildlife Sanctuary is located ?

Ans – Rewari

Q. Editor of ‘ Haryana Tilak’  Weekly Magazine ?

Answer – Pt Sri Ram Sharma

Q. Haryana Govt Minister Krishanlal Panwar belongs to the constituency ?

Answer – Israna

HSSC Solution Nov Evening Shift 2016

Q. Kakroi Micro Hydro-electrical Project

Answer – Western Yamuna Canal

Q. Lok Sabha seats under General Category –

Answer – All

Q. Satyarth Prakash is written By ?

Answer – Swami Dayanand

Q. Sh Dinanath Batra contributed a lot ….

Answer – Education

Q. Rio Olympic Bronze winner Sakshi Malik belongs to the village –

Answer – Mokhra

Q. Which guru’s advice forced Banda Bahadur to leave sanyasa and start fighting wars ?

Answer – Guru Gobind Singh

Q. Majority of people follow the religion in Haryana …

Answer – Hindu

Q. Brahma Sarovar pilgrimage in Haryana ?

Answer – Kurukshetra

Q. Official language of Haryana ?

Answer – Hindi

Q. Which river …..from Shivalik Range ?

Answer – Yamuna

Q. Rakhigarhi associated with Harappan Civilization belongs to the district –

Answer – Hisar

Q. Foundation of which university by Rajendra Prasad ?

Answer – Kurukshetra

Q. Well known Haryanvi Film Actor ?

Answer – Jagat Jakhar

Q. Haryana Vulture Conservation and Breeding Centre located –

Answer – Pinjore

Q. Which article has given the special status to Jammu and Kashmir ?

Answer – Article 370

Q. Which is no longer a Fundamental Right ?

Answer – Right to Property

Q. How many banks rationalized in 1969 ?

Answer – 14

Q. Headquarters of International Solar Alliance is established in –

Answer – Gurugram

Q. military General of Alauddin Khilji who invaded the Tamil kingdoms ….

Answer – Malik Kafur ( eunuch slave)

Q. Muslim king …. his court lived great poet Amir Khusro ?

Answer – Alaudin Khilji

Q. Indian State not bisected by the Tropic of Cancer …

Answer – Odisha

Q. River rises in the Aravalli ranges and enters the Arabian Sea through the Rann of Kutch …

Ans – Luni River

HSSC Clerk GK and English Solution

Q. National Anthem – Rabindra Nath Tagore

Q. First Indian woman to win the Jananpith Award ( ज्ञानपीठ अवार्ड )

Answer – Ashapoorna Devi

Q. In which year electronic voting machines introduced for elections in India ?

Answer – 1998

Q. No of nuclear tests were conducted by India in May 1998 –

Answer – Five ( Vajpayee Govt at Pokhran Rajasthan)

Q. Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay reached the peak of Mt. Everest – 1953

Q. Name the person who defeated Napoleon in the Battle of Waterloo ?

Answer – Gebhard Leberecht von Blucher

Q. Roman ruler Julius Ceaser assassinated

Ans – March 15, 44 BC

Q. Duration of a day at the equator ?

Ans – 12 Hours

Q. Name the planet has two small satellites called Phobos and Deimos ?

Ans – Mars (मंगल ग्रह )

Q. Headquarters of the World Bank located at…

Ans – Washington DC

Q. Headquarters of UNESCO at –

Answer – Paris

Q. Not a mammal –

Answer – Fish

Q. Name the drug extracted from the bark of a cinchona tree –

Answer – Quinine

Q. FIFA Cup is associated with ..

Answer – Football

Q. Khajuraho – Madhya Pradesh

Q. Capital of Brazil – Brasilia

Q. Committee to prepare a draft plan on Ganga river ?

Ans : Girdhar Malviya Committee

Q. Chosen for the 23rd Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhavna Award ?

Ans : Shubha Mudgal

Q. First meeting of SAARC Home Ministers  held on May 11, 2006 at –

Answer – Dhaka

Q. “Yaad Karo Kurbani” celebration   launched by PM Narendra Modi on ….

Ans : August 9, 2016

Q. Official name of Rio Olympics 2016 –

Ans : XXXI Olympiad

Q. Six friends A,B,C,D,E and F are sitting in a closed circle facing the center. A is facing D, C is between A and B,……

Ans – C

Q. Reading : Knowledge :: Work : ?

Ans : Experience

Q. Odd man out –

Ans – Bridge

Q. DIUGNAL is the code for LANGUID, which word would be coded as ELKCAHS ?


Q. Salaries of A,B and C are in the ratio 2 : 3 : 5, if the increments of 15%, 10% and 20% …..

Answer – 23 : 33 : 60

Q. A number is doubled and 9 is added……

Answer – 8

Q. A & B together can complete a piece of work in 4 days. If A alone can complete ……

Answer – Six Days

Q. If a man is walking at a rate of 5 km/hr crosses a bridge in 15 minutes ….

Answer – 1250 m

Q. Hygrometer – Relative Humidity

Q. What is the element used in an electric filament ?

Answer – Tungsten

Q. Richest resource of Vitamin A ?

Answer – None of these

Q. Taciturnity

Answer – Reserve

Q. Knowledge

Answer – Ignorance

Q. Code of diplomatic etiquette and precedence  –

Ans : Protocol

Q. Fill the blanks with appropriate preposition – The art exhibition is to be officially opened …on… Wednesday …at…. 2 pm .

Q. Correct Spelling is – Avaricious

HSSC Hind Solution

Q. भाषा की सबसे छोटी इकाई –

Ans : वर्ण

Q. घी-खिचड़ी होना – खूब घुलना-मिलना

Q. खंडन –

Ans – समर्थन

Q. बड़े भाई  के लिए शब्द

Answer – अग्रज

Q. विसर्ग का उच्चारण – ह

Q. सच्चिदानंद –

Answer – सत् + चित् + आनन्द

Q. अजातशत्रु –

Answer – जिसका कोई शत्रु पैदा ना हुआ हो

Q. मिलान कीजिए –

Answer – 4, 3, 2, 1

Q. महत्ता में  प्रत्यय – ता

Q. परम+ईश्वर – परमेश्वर

To be continued ….

On 28th of Nov, you shall get the complete solution. For that keep in touch with this page.

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