Translation Set – Very Important Sentences

Read some more important sentences of daily use, for the learners. Again you will find the translation of these sentences ( from Hindi to English ) – Read the sentences with translation – वे छोटी छोटी बातों पर लड़ पड़ते

Common Errors in English – Students generally do

This page contains a huge no. of sentences carrying general errors students mostly do. They must focus here in order to avoid them in future. These errors can be corrected with a bit of attention. This effort will certainly improve

Hindi English Translation – Games / Sports Sentences

Almost all the people love games/ Sports. Whether playing or talking about them, there are some particular sentences which are in frequent use. So it is very important for an English Learner to prepare these sentences. Translation Sets of sentences

See Words without Vowels ,Consonants in English

Vowels and Consonants are the essential elements to form any word. Without them we can’t imagine the formation of any word. But words can be formed without one of them ( using either vowels or consonants ). Students keep tracking

Important English Phrases for Daily Use

Phrases are the group of words that make sense. They are the part of a sentence/sentences. They are very important for all the languages. In English, there are a large no of Phrases which are used by the English Language

Sentences related with Etiquette, Warnings, Signals

In one of our blogs, we had written some important sentences of daily use. Now in this blog, we shall publish some very important sentences related with etiquette, general warnings and signals. After learning such sentences, you can improve your