HSSC PGT English Result 2016 – 27 March Cut Off

PGT English ( HSSC) Result and Cut off related updates and links below –

Result Update 19th Jan 2017- The Result of PGT English is out. Check it from below.

Latest about STET Validity 22/04/2017– Now the Haryana Govt has provided relaxation to the STET holders by making it legal up to 20/07/2016. Read details from here.

Relief for STET Candidates – Punjab and Haryana HC has provided relief to STET holders through its interim order. On 6th of Feb., the advocate of the petitioners had pleaded that there was no point to reduce the validity of STET to 5 years. At this Hon’ble HC has ordered the govt to hold provisional interview of such candidates.

  • CWP – 2129-2017
  • Rakesh Kumar and Other vs State of Haryana and others
  • Advocate for the petitioners – Mr Vineet Kumar

The selected candidates will have to appear in the Commission Office for Documents Verification from 4th of Feb 2017 to 9th of Feb 2017. The related information shall come within a couple of days i.e. by 21st Jan 2017.

Documents required for Document Verification / Scrutiny from 4th Feb 2017 to 9th Feb 2017 – 10th/ 12th/ BA/ MA/ DMC + Degree, HTET, Caste Certificate f0r those who wish to enjoy caste benefit, admit card, e-challan, application form, Haryana Domicile. There must be two sets of these documents – one self attested and one by gazetted officer.

Reporting Time for Document Verification – Though it is not official, some candidates who have undergone this process say that the Reporting Time for DV is 9:00 am. Therefore we advise all the aspirants to reach the venue well in time.

All the wait was on 19th June 2016 HTET . As it is done and candidates can know their performance from HTET Answer key here, the wait has been shifted to PGT English Result along with other PGT Subjects. The govt had invited applications from the Non-HTET candidates as well. After the HTET Result that shall be declared very soon, the results for such PGT Posts including English will come. Check from below Result related news and links.

The Cut off shall be clear after the Result. Rough Cut off we have already discussed.

The Recruitment Exam for the Six Hundred and Forty Nine Posts under cat no 05 advt 04/2015 took place on 27/03/2016 at Yamunanagar and Jagadhari. The Paper Contained Four Sets namely Set A, Set B,Set C and Set D. The Paper started sharp at 3:00 pm.

But some candidates reached late due to much traffic jam as there were around 25,000 candidates along with their relatives. So the administration showed the leniency even allowing the candidates at 3:00 pm at the centres.

The Paper contained 80 Short Questions with around 30 Questions from English Literature, 5 Questions from English Language, 12 to 15 Questions from Haryana GK with 6-7 from the rest of the topics like Reasoning, Maths, Hindi and General Knowledge. The Level of the paper was very tough especially the Literature Portion as some of the examinees told us. The General Science questions were also tricky. Check some of the Questions with their answers below.

Official Website for PGT English Result

Read PGT English Result Related News

We shall update the  post with the PGT Result as soon as we get any information about it.

Read about HSSC PGT Posts Consistent Good Academic Record with corrigendum

New Click here for the PGT English ( Non-Mewat) Official Answer key

Note – You can give your Expected Marks in the Comment Box Below so that we may publish the expected cut off for this test soon.

New*Cut Off of this exam is given at the end of the Answer key.

HSSC PGT English Paper Questions for 27th March 2016 for all the Sets –

Q. 1 The river that doesn’t flow in Haryana –

Ans – Kotla

Q. 2. Prabhakar Vardhana established his capital at

Ans – Thanesar

Q. 3. Sheela Mata Mandir –

Ans – Rajasthani

Q. 4. Pandavas – Jainti Devi Temple

Ans – Jind

Q. 5. Atlas Cycle

Ans – Sonepat

Q. 6. Dance at the festival of Holi ?

Ans – Loor Dance

Q. 7. Mhara Gaon- Jagmag Gaon –

Ans – 1st of July 2015

Q. 8. National Literary Society –

Ans – W.B Yeats

Q. 9. Caryll Churchill exposes the superficial liberation of women in the Cherite England ?

Ans – Top Girls

Q. 10. Samuel Langhorne Clemens wrote under the pseudonym ?

Ans – Mark Twain

HSSC PGT English Complete Solution

Q. 11. William Sydney Porter –

Ans – O” Henry

Q. 12. Who was influenced by Jacksonian Democracy and loco-foco movement ?

Ans – Walt Whitman

Q. 13. HW Longfellow and JR Lowell –

Ans- The Brahmin Poets ( Correction )

Q. 14. Barometer Rising –

Ans – Mac Lennan

Q. 15. The Ecstasy of Rita Joe –

Ans – George Ryga

Q. 16. Marian is the protagonist in –

Ans – Margaret Atwood’s The Edible Woman

Q. 17. Jeffrey Moore’s Prisoner in Red Rose Chain won –

Ans – The Commonwealth Book Prize in 2000

Q. 18. “Nissim Ezekiel was the first Indian poet to express a modern India sensibility in modern idiom “- who said these words ?

Ans – KN Daruwala

Q. 19. ” I regard myself as an Indian Poet writing in English”. Who said these words about his own poetry?

Ans – Nissim Ezekiel

Q. 20. RK Narayan created –

Ans – Malgudi

Q. 21. Salman Rushdie won the Booker of Bookers Award for

Ans – Midnight Children

Q. 22. Anagnorisis means

Ans – Recognition

Q. 23. Correct group consisting of the Cambridge group of critics –

Ans – Sir John Cheke – Roger Ascham – Thomas Wilson

Q. 24. Custom is the most certain mistress of language – Who said these words ?

Ans – Ben Johnson

Q. 25. Who said about Coleridge’s Biographia Literaria – it is among the few which constitute the very Bible of criticism ?

Ans – George Saintsbury

Q. 26. Who enunciated the doctrine of Deconstruction ?

Ans – Jacques Derrida

Q. 27. Who pioneered the Feminist Criticism ?

Ans – Elaine Showalter

Q. 28. Rhetoric

Ans – The art of effective or persuasive speaking or writing

Q. 29. Prosody means –

Ans – The study of versification,………

Q. 30. A stressed syllable followed by an unstressed syllable is –

Ans – Trochaic foot

Q. 31. One strong or stresses syllable followed by two weak or unstressed syllables –

Ans – Dactylic foot

Q. 32. Chaucer used Canterbury Tales –

Ans – The Rime Royal

Haryana PGT English Solution at examweb.in

Q. 33. Rime Royal is also known as –

Ans – Chaucerian Stanza

Q. 34. Which poetic device occurs twice in the following sentence –

” The lazy cows wrench many a scented flower .”

Ans – May be Feminine Rhyme

Q. 35. Figure of speech in Roll on, thou deep ….

Ans – Apostrophe

Q. 36. Elegy is a form of –

Ans – Reflective Poetry

Q. 37. The Black Death was linked with-

Ans – the terrible plague bringing death and devastation

Q. 38. The 10th G- 20 Summit 2015

Ans – Turkey

Q. 39. The Pledge for Poorna Swaraj was take at the Congress session –

Ans – Lahore

Q. 40. Labour Intensive Technique would get chosen in a –

Ans – Labour Surplus Economy

Q. 41. The major goal of the Green Revolution is –

Ans – increase agricultural output

Q. 42. Marx belonged to –

Ans – Germany

Q. 43. 4B x 3: x power 12 > 7B x 9

Ans – x power 63

Q. 44. ehmort —

Ans – wy

Q. 45. your mother is 4 years old …….

Ans – 32 years

Q. 46. In a certain code PENCIL …


Q. 47. Ram ranks 14th from the top and 23rd from the bottom in the class. How many students

Ans – 36

Q. 48. Find the least no which when divided by 7, 9, 14, 62 and 126 leaves the remainder 6 in each case ?

Ans – 132

Q. 50. Find the sum of the 80 natural nos –

Ans – 3240

Read update about Haryana PGT English Result

Q. 51. Five years ago, father’s age was seven times his son’s ……

Ans – 42 years

Q. 52. Two trains starting at the same time from two stations 200 km apart ……

Ans – 11:9

Q. 53. Which of the following diseases usually spreads through air ?

Ans – Tuberculosis

Q. 54. The apparatus used for measuring the heat changed is called ?

Ans – Calorimeter

Q. 55. Pollination with the help of air is known as –

Ans – Anemophily

Q. 56. Radiation pyrometer …..

Ans – very high temperature

Q. 57. My very thoughts were like the ……..rustle ….

Ans Ghostly

Q. 58. Reading travel brochures whets one’s appetite for a holiday .

Ans – Stimulates

Q. 59. She did not like her husband being obsequious ….

Ans – Defiant

Q. 60. Ride rough shed

Ans – to act high handedly

Q. 61. Correct spelling

Ans – Cabbage

Q. 62. ग्रामवासी

Ans – तत्पुरुष

Q. 63. मन मस्त हुआ –

Ans – शांत रस

Q. 64. उपसर्ग

Ans – कथन

Q. 65. हितोपदेश

Ans – गुण संधि

Q. 66. काला कागज करना –

Ans – बेकार की बातें लिखना

Q. 67. All the districts except Ambala Commissionery ….

Ans – Karnal

Q. 68. Correct pair –

Ans – Jal Mahal – Narnaul

Q 69. Governor of Haryana with wrong tenure –

Ans – RS Narula – 2009 to 2014

Q. 70. Who was the Chief Election Commission of India when First CM of Haryana Elected ?

Ans None

Q. 71. Arrange the CM in Chronological order –

Ans – 1,2,3,4

Q. 72. The famous story writer Bishambar Nath Kaushik ….

Ans – Letters of Dubey

Q. 73. Districts of Haryana  in descending order as per population –

Ans – 1, 2, 4, 3 ( Faridabad, Hisar …..)

Q. 74. Central Soil Salinity ….Karnal ?

Ans – 1969

Q. 75. Which of the following Harappan Civilization site was excavated from Fatehabad, Haryana ?

Ans Banavali

Q. 76. The capital of Kuru ..

Ans – Indraprastha

Q. 77. Representatives of Haryana in Rajya Sabha —

Ans – 5

Q. 78. Haryana Ambala Cantonment –

Ans – 1843

Q. 79. Formation of Palwal District –

Ans – 15th August 2008

New* Expected Cut Off –

Viewing the scores given by various visitors of the post, we have reached the following conclusion regarding the Expected Lowest Cut off for PGT English Recruitment 2016-

  • For General Male Candidates – 51-52
  • General Female Candidates – 50-51
  • For OBC Candidates ( Male ) – 49 -50
  • For OBC Candidates ( Female) – 48 -49
  • SC Candidates ( Male ) – 47 – 48
  • SC Candidates ( Female ) – 46 – 47

Due to much competition, the gap of marks between the categories will not  be so high. The Real Category may differ as it is based on our study of the given marks/comments by the examinees of the paper.

For the rest of questions of PGT English Screening be in touch. If you have any query or suggestion, you are welcome to share that with us through the comment box below – Thanks

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  1. 80 marks

  2. Sir isme merit kitne percentage tak jayegi

    1. It will depend upon the Cut Off.

  3. As per your answer key my marks are 42

    Please share cut off though email also

  4. My marks could be 106

    1. Good Naina, you stand a good chance.

      1. Mamta 116 marks gen . no experience

  5. I think it would be b/w 90-110

  6. Thaks sir pl con mob no 09728822700 send apna mob no

  7. Sir are u sure about que.no.33 and 34

    1. I am a bit of doubtful about 34. That’s why I have used here It may be.

  8. 98 marks

  9. please dont bother for cutoff ….court case is pending against 16 marks to experienced candidates.

  10. sushil sharma

  11. 86 marks Sonia saini and I am in bc b category what could be the cut off

  12. 62 questions thik baith rahe hai

  13. Sir I scored 106 marks. Wat is the chance.


  15. Sir plague and tuberculosis both are spread by air.Am I right? Plz clarify

    1. Only Tuberculosis. Plague is spread by tissues from infected wild rodents.

      1. Sir my score is 60*2-120 what will be chance but have no teaching experiences.

        1. You have a bright chance so far. You will surely be in the first cut off.

    2. Mam,plague is not spread by air.

  16. MY SCORE IS 94 marks and i m in bcb desm category.Total candidates ESM 55 and DESM 43. Hw much chance is expected

    1. Good chance. But wait for more people giving their expected cut off.

    2. From where u come to know that 55 esm have appeared in the test. Can u also find out out of tem how many are htet qualified

      1. but i don't know how many htet qualified

  17. Sir mere 92 marks thik hai what will be the chance

  18. Sir r u sure about ghostly in 57th question. Though I also chose ghostly.Plz reconsider it. I think welcome is also equally apropriate choice.

    1. Yeah, ghostly is correct,Depends upon the situation. Owing to the phrase dead leaves, this choice seems far better.

  19. as per your answer key my marks are 100

    bc (a) kuchh banegi baat kya sir ji

    1. Yeah, you have a good chance. Best of luck.

      1. hello sir can u tell me how mach candidate pass stet or htet pgt english plz sir answer

  20. i doubt if longfellow was a romantic poet

    1. Yes, he was.

    2. There were reactionary poets.i.e.firesided poets who reacted against british writers of that time.Available on Wikipedia

  21. 86 marks in bcb what could be the cut off in the samej

  22. G20 china me aur loco foco currant.mera score 118 general cat. H kya chance h sir

    1. We are sure about the answers of the said questions. If your marks are 118, you must be dead-sure.

  23. http://www.britannica.com/art/Brahmin Longfellow was a brahmin poet according to this link. Plz reconsider your answer sir

    1. Yeah, you are right. But it is also clear that they were American Romantic Poets. But your answer seems more reliable.

  24. But sir i am dead sure about china not turke and currant and whitman both were members of loco foco and whitman was an editor sir plz chek once more

    1. Yes, it was Antalya Turkey – Venue Regnum Carya Hotel Corven. Yes Whitman was influenced by loco-foco movement. We have already mentioned that.

  25. Sir my score is 108 bc-b category . is there any chance for me . what is your expected cut off for ggeneral and bc-b

    1. Undoubtedly a great chance. Cheer.As for me, the lower cut off shall not be very high.

  26. Sir I scored 84 according to ur answer key.I fall under general category.Is there any chance for me?

    1. You have thin chance Poonam Ji. But wait for the Cut Off. Too early to say that.

  27. 108 in bc-b sir . koi chance h kya

    1. Very Good chance for you. Good luck.

      1. Hello Vishal ji,what marks are enough for interview call in general category, according to you..I would like to thank you for your effort..

  28. Yes china is in 2016 venue but i am still doubtful about whitman and one more longfellow and lowell were brahmin poets however i marked turke whiteman and bramhin i just want to confirm these que .thanks sir

  29. Hello Vishal ji,what marks are enough for interview call in general category, according to you..I would like to thank you for your effort..

    1. Thanks Ajay Ji. I think 100 marks could be sufficient.

      1. Thankyou Sir

      2. 94 ka kuch chance bataiye vishal sir plzz

  30. Thnks sir . dubara check kiye to mere 110 marks bante h bc-b category me . thnks for ur encouragement .

  31. Sir I got 96 marks exs gen cat . what is the expected cut off.

  32. Sir my score is 90 belongs to BC-A is there any chance for me

  33. vishal ji mere 88 marks ban rahe han gem cate se hun kya kuchh sambhavna hai

  34. Sir my score is 90 I belong to BC-A is there any chance for me

  35. Vishal ji, please tell what will be difference between boys n girls candidates cutoff..specially in general category

    1. Not very much. But I am not sure about it. You can see for yourself as more and more visitors are giving their expected cut offs.

  36. I belong to SC category and my score may be 98. What will u say about this Sir

    1. Get ready for the Next Step.

  37. Sir I m in gen cat. And acording to tour answer key I got 94. Is there any possibility.plz rply

    1. Mere marks 94 h. H koi chance sir reply to kr dijiye

  38. 94 marks achieved. I belong to BC A.
    What will be my Future ?.
    Please tell.

  39. 59×2=118 gen. Category marks how much chance sir

  40. I have ninty marks according to your answer key. Belong to Jat Sikh community which was earlier a part of SBC in haryana when the application form was filled up.Have I some chances with 90 marks

  41. As per your answer key my score is 128 marks. Should I hope for interview call sir ? Answer to the question no. 34 is Assonance as vowels in lazy-many & cow-flowers rhyme

    1. Sure, you shall certainly be called. As for your explanation of Q. 34, if we go by this, it may be internal rhyme not the assonance. Are u still sure ?

  42. I have90 marks in general(jat sikh). Have I any chances? Further I applied for the post under SBC category then.But now SBC has been eliminated.

  43. Vishal sir
    My score is 96 in general catagory
    what is my chance

  44. 102 marks bc -b sir chance h kya

    1. Great Chance

  45. Sir any idea about pgt English cut off

  46. Sir I got 114 marks acc to ur key
    BC A

    Sir kya chance hai mere

    And Chaucer ne Canterbury me rhme Royal wala kya apne confirm kar kiya Sir
    And please reconsider 34 the question
    I am sure about assonance
    Please reply me

    1. Yes, it’s rhyme royal in Canterbury Tales. Assonance is the repetition of the vowel sound to create internal rhyming. I still go with the option mentioned there.

  47. Sir my score is 90. I belong to BC-A. Is any chance to me?

  48. Helo sir u haven’t reply what could be the range of highest score

    1. Highest Cut off may be above 126. But most of the candidates may get somewhere between 98 to 106. So I think the lower cut off may be 98 or 100 for General Categories..

  49. Sir assonance aliteration and internal rhyme to bnta hi nhi usme isliye feminine rhyme bnegi kyuki flower ka last syllable weak h or weak syllable feminine hota h internal me ek line k suru aur beech me rhyme bnti h .i go with u .thanks sir gud jod

  50. Mera score jaisa apko kal btaya tha 116 to 118 h or 6 year ka experience b h kya kismt age ayegi

    1. 100 %. Get ready to throw party.

  51. U r coadialy invited .thanks

  52. Sir my score is 110 in BCB category.

    if any chance for next step

    1. Get ready for that.

  53. 51right in sc category any chance

    1. Bright Chance.

    2. Sr 34 me assonance ayega ya feminine

  54. Sir BC A

    Kya chances hai sir

    1. Sure chance dear.

  55. sir bc-b ke ketani cut off jayege

  56. Sir can u tell me about tgt english cut off.My score is 116 acc to official answer key and I fall under general category.

    1. You can expect to go to the next level.

      1. Sir my cut off is 70
        Is there any chance

  57. Sir girls ka 33% reservation category wise hoga ya over all

    And girls ka cut off kitna ho sakta hai

    1. It is horizontal reservation.means in each category 33% seats will be filled from female of that particular category. Further female will compete in remaining 67 % in that particular category.

  58. for TGT English rest of haryana my scored 112 according to the official answer key. I belong to SC category also. Where I stand sir.tell me

  59. Sir mere 108 marks bante hain. cut off me aane ke kitne chance hain

  60. Sir mere marks 100 ban rahe hain and I m in BC b category iS there any chance of my selection .sir please reply.lwould be highly obliged

  61. I have 74 marks.whata abt me sir

  62. sir, my score is 104 & i belong to sc cat. . is there any chance ?

  63. Any koi update regarding merit

  64. Sir my score is 100 In general category is there any chance for the next level

  65. Tgt eng me elective candidate to h hi nhi re adv. Hongi vacancy

  66. Ek math ka que tha tiles wala kya iske option galat h kya sir iska kya answer ayega

    1. I’m not sure about it. Even some experts maintain that it is wrong. If any of you has correct solution of this question, he/she can submit it.

      1. Unfortunately the sum is wrong.
        Correct answer is 5250

  67. Sir mere marks 100ban rahe hain . and I am in BC b category. It would be very kind of you if you could tell me about the possibility of interview call… Do reply sir

  68. 51 answers are right

  69. sir, my score is 104 (sc cat.). any chance for next level ?

  70. If anyone can tell about experience marks. If there is any court case why we are not listening anything from court side in thisregard. Any progress ,any statement from court

    1. Yes, there is the court case. The court may take sometime to pass the judgement.

  71. 63×2 =126 General Jat .Interview me 8 no.milenge to bhi baat ban sakti hai kya.4 years teaching experience in Delhi Directorate Schools on guest faculty

    1. You can be in the open merit.

  72. Will the result of the candidates applied under SBC be declared with other categories? Will there be some problem with theSBC candidates.

    1. WE are not in a condition to say anything regarding this issue so far.

  73. Feminine rhyme wala clear kro na sir khi se discus kr ke aur ek ye whiteman me jb apa net pe dekho na byrant name ata h whitman to editor tha inka aur math ka swal to wo galat h tiles wala

    1. Tiles wala sum wrong h.
      So two marks everybody.

  74. Hello Sir mere 108 marks bante hain. kya cut off me aane ke chance hain

  75. Sir. .is there any chance of 96 marks in gen category. ..pls reply sir

  76. Sir do comment ..I have got 100 marks…and I belong to BC a ..what would be the cutoff for BC a…it's my third text . please do reply sir

    1. 100% interview

  77. 100 marks in bc b cat sir
    Will I have a chance to call for interview?

  78. 59 questions bc b what chance sir

  79. Sir my score is 100 as per ur key leaving the doubtful questions. I belong t general category & have 16 yrs experience. HTET qualified. Is there any chance for the next level. Please reply.

  80. Helo vishal ji maine kai expert se discuss kiya aur paya ki 34th que me internal rhyme h aur whiteman and byrant dono option shi h

  81. The lAZY cOWs wrENCH mANY a scENted flOWer look at the capital letters

  82. A needy island guards the sacred bower
    And hides it from the meadow,where in peace
    The lazy cows wrench many a scented flower
    Robbing the golden market of the bees.

    example of feminine rhyme

    1. Sir apne ye example kaha dekha

  83. Vishal ji comment ka reply kro survey stop ho gya

  84. Sir comments ke anusar most of general students ka score 100 se neche hai or most of BC or sc students ka score 100 se upar hai .kya kisi general student ka number padega.plz reply.

    1. Yeah you are right. It seems that General Candidates haven't done well in the exam. So time may be tough for them. By the way best of luck to you.

      1. 110 marks jaat general category

  85. I have 74 marks is there any chance for me in gen.

    1. It seems no chance dear.

  86. Iska matlb 114 marks 6 sal ka experience agar interview me 12 b lage chance 100% man ke chle vishal ji

    1. Yes, sure. You have cent percent chances.

    2. Manoj ji aap konsi cat mai ji

      1. I too got 114 marks bca cat
        Mere kya chances hai

    3. Aur MANOJ ji kya hum safe zone mai hai

      Ya aur bhi koi chhupe rustam baithe hai

  87. Sir,Is there any chance for 120 in general category ….without experience?

    1. 120 shall be a great score in this first round of selection. It may help you to be called for the Interview and ultimately in the final merit list even if you don't possess the experience.Good Luck

      1. Thanks & wlcm sir.

  88. Sir my score is 90 and i belong to sc category.. is there any chance for me.. pls suggest me sir

  89. Kya merit category wise bnegi ya pehle comon bad me category wise

    1. Category wise banegi Sir

  90. SIR TGT English rest of haryana me SC category scored 112.what is ur opinion

    1. For SC Category, it is a very good score.

  91. Soni ji maine suna h pehle open merit bnegi fir cat. Wise

  92. Dk soni ji
    Could you pls make it clear that if a BC candidate gets 100 marks and a gen candidate gets 84 marks. Is is possible that a gen candidate scoring low marks than that of the BC candidate will be considered qualifying In their respective category .It means a low scoring candidate are selected whereas a candidate scoring high would be rejected or disqualified. Is it so?
    Pls clear this confusion.

    1. Don't think that the Reservation system is so flat. It is quite complex. If the candidates from the reserved class ensure their inclusion in the open merit, they will be considered general.

      1. Sir
        Kya bc ya sc cat. ke candidates open merit mai phi fight kar sakta hai?
        Ya vo only apni cat. Mai hi fight krenge

        1. Yeah, they can.

  93. To all actve members
    Regarding merit(assumption)
    Gen posts -300
    Merit candidate scored top-126 marks
    Lowest 84 marks(qualified)
    BC B posts- 35
    Merit candidate scored top-120
    Lowest 100 marks (qualified)
    BC A post-50
    Merit candidate scored top-108
    Lowest 98(qualified)
    But scoring 97 marks is disqualified (gen 84 is qualified)
    From the above description it is clear that a gen candidate who scored lower than a candidate belongs to a reserve cat. is qualified whereas candidates (reserve cat) scored high , are disqualified. This is not fair.
    Pls give your valuable comments ……

    1. Candidate of reserved category scoring more than the last gnrl candidate will be included in gnrl category. And this is called horizontal reservation.

  94. Tgt or pgt result kb tkk aa skta h….any guess

    1. It will take time, have patience.

  95. Sir my score is 67*2=134 according to ur key. What may b the highest score..what u think sir? I am from general category

    1. Very good. So far yours are the highest.

  96. Jo hoga dekha jayega humne apna kam kr diya ab comission pe chodo vishal ji que no 54 me may b kyon h ye to shi h aur que num 34 ka may be bhi khtm kro cofirm krke

  97. Experinece marks will make all the difference

  98. my 54 answers are correct. can I expect a call for interview

    1. Mention your category please.

      1. my category is general

        1. I think for General Category Candidates the lower Cut Off may be 51 or 52.

  99. Vishal sir , please reply, my marks -104 (SC ) . What chance for me without experiece?

    1. It will depend as to how many candidates with experience have got in to the first round of merit.

  100. vishal ji 98 marks in general cat. any chance in cut off ?

    1. Sir may be you are on the brink. Still 60% chances. Best wishes !

  101. Sc me highest score kitna h or interview call kitne marks tk hone k chances h plz give ur suggestion

  102. 45 questions correct h
    cat sc is there any chance for

  103. Do que ka abhi tak koi sure answer nhi mila ek loco foco aur ek lazy cow ki poetic device .koi to btao

    1. If any of our visitor has any clue regarding these questions, he/she is welcome.

      1. Sir

        Walt Whitman

        And assonance

        And brahmin poets

        Ye tino questions ke ans bilkul sahi hai

        I have read them in 3-4 books

        Hssc yahi ans manège

    2. Sir
      Walt whit man
      And assonance

      I have seen in 3-4 books same answers


      Longi fellow wala Brahamin poets
      No doubts board yahi answers manega

  104. Bhai soni ji esi konsi buk m pdh lia apne byrant aur whitman dono active member the is movement ke aur dono poets b the to akele whitman ko ap kaise man skte h aur assonance to competition me b nhi h isme to ya internal h ya feminine

  105. Apni buk ka name b btao hme to esi koi buk nhi mili jo assonance btati ho

  106. Que me ye b h ki ye device do bar use hui h

    1. Upkar publication authored by
      Aaarti ANIL and Dr shyam Anand .
      U don't believe 30 questions mostly yahi se nikale hai isi book se.
      2nd book upkar parkashan by Hiralal
      3rd book question bank by cosmos publication

      In tino books mai assonance hi mana gaya hai

      Baki byrant and Whitman dono ho sakte hai
      But ab board pe hai vo konsa mane.

  107. Vishal sir, please tell – according to ur vast experience , to whose favour the court case against experience may go ?

    1. In such cases, the govt always has the upper hand. It depends upon the will of the govt also. You know that the previous govt had made the candidates without HTET and B.Ed, only with 4 years' experience, join the govt jobs as PGTs.

  108. 94 marks in bcb cat.female without expr.

  109. My score is 62*2_124 with one year experience in tgt general category what will be chance for me…plz suggest.

    1. You have ensured very good score in the Screening Test. As for your experience, we are sorry to say it shall be not be counted for the PGT Post.Still you have very good chance.

      1. Sir this is my score in tgt English & in pgt there r 120….what will be cut off for tgt?

  110. 104 any chance in gen cat sir

  111. Btwn 51 n 53. ..gen cat

  112. Sir my score 128 with eight years experience as PGT in general category .Sir question no 34 "the lazy cows wrench many a scented flowers? has been taken from W H Auden's poem. Assonance answer mila h .

  113. Sir my score 128 with eight years experience as PGT in general category .Sir question no 34 "the lazy cows wrench many a scented flowers? has been taken from Robert Bridge's poem. Assonance answer mila h .

  114. W h auden nhi ye poem h robert bridge ki aur bhai assonance nhi h isme

  115. 47-correct questions BC a,female. What are the chances sir?

  116. Expected cut off pgt english gen. 52 to 65 / obc 55 to 65 / sc 48 to 55

    1. What about ex servicemen candidates manoj ji

  117. BC b category pgt English 120 score what chances sir

  118. Sir my category bc b marks 122 htet qualified no experience what is the chance sir

  119. my score 110 in tgt English,general /SBC .what are my chances

  120. Q.no.32- right answer is heroic couplet. I have seen in many books. Only in four tales chaucer used rhyma royle.In remaining tales he used heroic couplet. If any candidate wants written proof to correct his answer after key published.,i will give him

  121. But in options,heroic couplet is not given.There will b problems.

    1. Teachmatters valo ne ottava rima/ Rhyme royal dono ans die h

  122. Diye gye option me se hi chose krna tha bhai ye to sbko pta tha k heroic couplet usd jyada kiya tha but jo option diye unme royal hi ayega .vishal ji total htet pass candidate kitne h pgt eng me ab tak

    1. Ye bhi sbhi ko pta h ki die gaye optn me se hi select krna hota h,we r nt here to discuss common sense.I m talking about feasible options and probability.

  123. Vishal ji tatal htet passed in pgt eng kitne

  124. sir i have english hons and not english elective
    kyoki hons course me elective nahi hota…am i eligible for tgt english post ….pls reply…..

    1. It is quite tricky and not clear now. You shall come to know about it after the result is out.

    2. Yes u r eligible.

  125. Pgt music aur j.e k result se lag rha h k eng ki lower merit less than 90 hogi for gen.

  126. Kisi k pass data ho to btao total pgt eng htet pass kitne h

  127. BC category 112 marks in pgt English htet bhi pass h sir koi chance h interview ka

    1. Apki cat bcA ya BCB hai
      Baki apka score safe lag raha hai

  128. Tgt English score 124 & pgt English 122.what chances?

    1. Please mention ur category

  129. Vishal ji I am an ex serviceman. I have qualified htet. As per your answer key my score is 92 . What r my chances. Could u please tell

  130. BCA candidates please share your marks
    What up no 9416893011

    1. Sir women ke eng. Ke cutt off ketne number rahege
      Gen. Category

  131. Sir category BC b score according to your answer key 142 htet bhi pass h pgt English kitna mauka h sir

    1. 142 marks mean You are board topper

  132. Sir as per your answer key I am getting 94 marks and I comes under ESM Category. Will it be easy for me to get selected for the post of PGT English ………. Pse reply Sir

    1. if u have htet ur r selected sir

      1. Thanks Dear, I am HTET qualified

      2. I am an ESM. Htet qualified. Getting 90 marks what r my chances sir. Pl reply

    2. Are you DESM or ESM?

        1. You are selected, Prem Chand ji.
          Which service u belong to?

  133. I have got 94 marks in pgt english? is there any chance in gen cat.

  134. I have got 106 marks and guest lecturer in english have 8 years experience bca category sir Kya chance hai job ke

    1. Great Chances. Good Luck

    2. sir
      kitne guest h sir english lecturer ke

  135. English compulsory is equivalent to english elective for those who passed B.A. from M.D.U.prior to 2011-12.

  136. How many candidates may get above 120 marks?

  137. Vishal ji apke anusar ab kya cut ho skti h gen ki aur htet data h jya apke pass

    1. We shall update the post with the expected cut off within one or two days. Plz keep in touch till then.

  138. Vishal Ji please recommend any good books for UGC NET English of Paper 2 & Paper 3 ( English Literature). I had given 3-4 times UGC NET , only a few questions came in paper which I knew , rest of questions I have seen first time

    1. There are many publications like Upkaar, Arihant etc. You can also consult book called History of English Literature. You need to read the literature in details from any of them. I think you might be focusing on Objective Type Questions only.

  139. Thanks Vishal Ji

  140. Sir i scored 118 in general category. Maine suna hai punjab university walo k 65-70 question correct hain.Is it true?

    1. 118 is a good score. WE don't know anything about your second query.

  141. PGT english 120, TGT english 118, Category Gen, What chance of selection, without experience

    1. Even without experience you stand a very great chance in both the categories.

  142. Vishal Sir abhi tak apne kya conclusion nikala hai
    Merit ka
    Kya rah sakta hai scores

  143. thanks sir i have scored 126 in tgt.lets see what happens.

  144. Vishal ji aj sarkar ne declare kiya k interview k liye candidate 3 se 8 guna bulaye jayenge kya isse kuch frk pdega top candidates ko

    1. Where have you got this information from ? If the news is true, there shall be more candidates for the next process. So competition tends to be higher. But don't worry. Those who are in the open merit shall not be affected by this decision. The candidates, with experience, who weren't making to the second phase due to calling of two times candidates shall also be benefited.

  145. Hari bhoomi newspaper today ye btao 114 marks plus 6 year experience koi dikat to nhi sir

    1. Not at all. Relaxed…

  146. ESM self, 92 marks. Vishal ji, are there any chances of getting selected?

    1. if u r htet qulified, u r selected sir

  147. My 54 questions are right according to your answer key sir my category is bca I have 8 years exprience in pgt english please tell me Is there a chance for me

    1. Yes, you've.

  148. MainPal, ESM are 55, where did you hear from?

    1. Total 56 esm had applied. How many have appeared in screening and how many r htet qualified is not known.

  149. Htet pass kitne hain n why r u all wasting time.. Because htet cert. Upload wale hi bulaye jayenge to experience n no. Ki value kahan se aayi. Jo ssc ki prep. Kr rhe the unke high marks hain or Dusre jo tet ki prep. Kr rhe the, jinka clear hai marks km hai, to merit kahan jayegi. Hai Koi ans. Kisi k paas

  150. What may be the cut off for Pgt Eng mewat cadre. Can anyone with 52 ques correct qualify ?

    1. May be 55-60 questions

  151. Those who have performed well in the written test but not yet passed htet have at least one chance to pass it in June before the interview .so they are definitely in competition, Rajesh ji .

  152. And if they get through , experience will make all the difference

  153. But passing HTET level 3 is a hard nut to crack.

  154. They are definitely in competition but in level 3, I think around 15%candidates will be qualify. Merit list may be down after examination,so why students are living a dream, only hard work give them success.

  155. Agar ap htet pass h or 5 se jyada sal ka experience h or above 55 (gen) h to selection pka smjo or marks besk 60 h experience nhi h to thoda muskil hoga

  156. Jyada htet pass candidate ane se merit list down kaise hogi smj ni aya sir

  157. Jyada htet pass se merit Jyada and kam se 'vice versa' ye hai Rajesh ka matlab.

  158. Isne likha h merit list down ayegi jyada htet se

  159. ESM self 47*2 =94 marks , please tell what to be expected.

    1. How many ESM r there Rajpal sir

  160. Sir please tell for interview from which section to be prepared.only from English or other subjects also nd if yes then which subjects.

    1. In the Interview, besides the documents verification, your proficiency in English shall be checked. So start enhancing your speaking skills and also keep updated yourself with the latest issues.

  161. Thanks a lot sir

  162. Vishal ji que. 12 whitman or que 34 feminine rhyme abhi tak clear nhi huye kya aisa koi admi nhi jo inke answer na janta ho maine jis se bhi pucha unme mostly feminine rhyme or byrant bta rhe h

    1. Whitman is the correct option. As for Q 34, there is still doubt.

  163. Vishal ji jb m net pe search krta hu to byrant or whiteman donn k name ate h or byrant to is movement main member tha isiliye m sure nhi hu sir

  164. 61*2(122)+7years experience.is there any chance?

    1. Apki cat konsi hai sir

  165. Sir, you hv told us about the lowest cut off…it means a candidate having 51-52marks in general category will pass the exam.Am I thinking right or not sir? Plz clear this thing.

    1. Yes, you are right.

  166. Vishal ji official key is uploded uske anusar 55 thik h buk marian ka character unhone margret atwood ka nhi diya ek wo thik ho javega maine objection dal diya h kitne chance h ab

    1. Ye,you are right. We have also registered the complaint regarding that error.

  167. 34 ka assonance diya h

  168. Marian character ka answer margret atwood h,maine objection dal dia h ,jis ka thik h sbhi dal do objection. Is question ko mila ke mere-56*2=112

  169. general category
    90 marks n no teaching experience

    any chance ???

    1. Sorry.no chance mam below 100 in gnrl cat.

  170. 98 marks in pgt english in Bcb without experiance kya koi chance h interview k liye

  171. Ek maths ke question tiles wale me koi bhi option shi nhi h.right ans. is 5250.then what to do.

    1. Objection dalna tha Mam.maine dala h

  172. Assonance pe bhi doubt h ye kaise ho skta h?

  173. 90 marks . Cat ESM. One question regarding Marian is objectionable. Right ans is Margaret Adwood's. If objn cosidereal than will get 93. What r the chances

    1. If you are HTET qualified, you will surely get through. Total ESM self are 84 as per fee confirm list. Max of them haven't yet qualified HTET.

  174. Answer to the question about the Chief Election Commissioner of India when the first CM of Haryana was elected -in Official Answer Key is —-S P Sen Verma. Is not it wrong , sir ?

  175. I got 61×2=122 marks in pgt eng. in gen. category without experience.Is there any chance or not.please tell me.

  176. I have scored 110 ACC to official ans key. Is there any chance for interview call? No teaching experience

  177. No comment about the question on Chief Election Commission of India …..Question No.4 in Set C

  178. My 61×2=122 ques. are right in pgt english gen. category without experience.Is there any chance?please do reply.

  179. Dear All,
    pl check official answer key and then comment your actual score.

  180. Sir,I got 90 marks in bcb according to official answer key & I have an experience of 2yrs .Can I expect to be called for interview?

  181. Vishal ji mere 55 thik h 6 sal ka experience h ab btao koi chance lagta h ap ko kyuki ab m dekh rha hu 60 plus kuch jyada candidate h wo bina experience bhi hmse age nikal jayenge hmara kya hoga plz btao

    1. Still you have good chance.Just wait now and be relaxed.HTET Result will also play an important role.

  182. Bimla Dhiman, my 54 qestions are right according to offcial answer key,

  183. As per comments cited above, aspirations will have to face a very tough competition in all the categories, excluding ESM self. But hope still persists.

  184. hello Vishal sir, pgt eng. ke set B mein ques. no 21 – chief election commissioner ka answer key ke according galat hai ,because us waqt kalyan sundram (1958-sep 1967) bharat ke CEC the, jo option mein nahin hai aur iska ans. A- s p sen verma diya hai , jabki sahi ans. option D (none) hai. aur ek ques. no 79 tiles wala hai , jiska koi bhi opt. sahi nahi hai aur opt. D ans. diya hai . technically wrong ques. sahi kaise ho sakta . ya toh us ques. ko hi hata de ya phir sabko 2 marks de uske. agar aapne ya kisi aur ne objection bheja hai toh bahut dhanyavad…….. please reply soon sir…in ques. ka kya rahega ? …..thanks again ….

    1. Yes, there are a few mistakes in the official answer key. A lot of candidates have already registered their complaints regarding them. Let's wait for the modified answer key.

    2. Math wale ka bheja h maine

  185. If the answer to the question about "Mariam "changes to "The Edible Woman",I'll score 130 marks plus 10 year teaching experience. What do you think about maximum n minimum cut off ?

  186. Thanks Vishal ji for providing that information . as per the official answer key , i secured 52 ques right .cat sc . can i get final selection . b'coz sc cat wale mujhe 'dark horse' lag rahe hai . b'coz jyadatar sc cat walo ne apne marks share nahi kiye hai . 55 ques. se above ek bhi candidate jankari mein nahi sir . aap iska kya conclusion nikaloge sir …. please share the opinion…
    if u ? …then thanks a lot..

    1. SC Candidates with 50 questions or more have cent percent chances.

  187. My 49 Questions are correct, please tell me what is the scope Sir…..
    Please Reply Sir…..

  188. Maine maths ke que. ka objection dal diya h.
    Sabko 2 marks milne chahiye.

  189. Hello everybody ! chief election commissioner wale ques. ke liye objection register kiya kya ? har ek mark important hai . kiya ho toh please bataye , kyonki woh mere se miss ho gaya ….Pawan ji agar aapne kiya hai toh please share kare….thanks.

  190. Vishal Ji,
    I scored 98 apart from two objections for Q, -12 and Q -59 in Set A PGT English. I have applied under SC – ESM cat. The problem is, I have a service break of more than 6 years.Shall I be considered in ExSM cat? If not, then will it be an opportunity for me to be considered in SC cat only? Pse help me come out of this typical situation. I am HTET qualified too.

    1. Even if you have a gap of years after your service, you shall be an ESM. You can avail all the facilities given to the ESMs.For more information, consult the BEO/DEO office of your area.

    2. Service break of 6 years…… Could not understand the point. In services no such gap is there. All those getting service pension are considered ESM only. Do you get pension? Please reply.

  191. Sorry vijay ji I have registered no complaint against that question

  192. My score is 124 what chances without experience?? Plz reply.. When will be result declare?

    1. Anu ji mention your cat. Pls

      1. General category

  193. My score is 124 without experience what will be Chance? General category.

  194. Sir kitne marks walo ka selection hone ki possibility h without experience? Any idea about it……..

  195. 40q. R rit.means 80marks n two yrs.xperience.eligible for interview.

    1. Experience has to do nothing with being called for interview. Only marks of written test will decide it category wise. Experience factor, in final merit will however play a considerable role.

  196. My 57 Que. are right from general category but no teaching experience.what chance for interview and final selection.offical answer key ka code(D) ka Q.no. 16 or 71 wrong answer ha (english pgt.) Mane iska objection be daldea ha.

  197. Vishal sir namaskar ! please tell court case against experience kya raha & without experience sc cat. mein kitne marks tak selection sure ho sakta hai ? please reply soon….

    1. The case still persists. No judgment so far.

  198. Isn't there any such list as has been prepared regarding pgt hindi showing how many possible candidates stand at a particular score ?

    1. Slightly tough competition is there in PGT Hindi. bcoz vac are less and female aspirants are comparatively more.

  199. If the answer to the question no. 16 in Set A is not 'Plague', then why people used to cover their faces with a piece of cloth or some surgical masks to avoid inhaling of bacteria of this disease when it broke out in Surat (Gujrat) in 1994?

  200. English literature is so vast even then they framed ambiguous questions. why? Simply the adherence to the copy/paste theory as also clear from the tgt questions papers all were taken from the maneesh rastogi ugc net papers. so the problem they could have been asked so many questions related with Whitman.

  201. Kya tgt english ke liye tgt english htet wale hi eligible h ya tgt S.S. wale bhi consider honge.
    tgt eng.ki cut off kitni ja skti h?

  202. Rajpal Singh Ji
    Service break means it has been more than 6 years I got retired from service. Of course drawing pension and that I know very well that I shall remain an ExSM through out my life. Will u please make it clear – what does that 'service rendered plus three years' mean? This thing is given in the instructions of HSSC meant for all ExS Men. Once I had applied for a post in Haryana Police and they had rejected my application citing the ground that I had a service break of more than 4 years at that time. What was it? I could not understand. Now clarify. (Retired in Aug. 2009)

    1. Ok, Subhash ji,
      Service rendered plus 3 means-
      For examples take any case. An ESM is now 48. His total mil service is 22 yrs for example. Today he will be counted for age criteria: 48- 22 -3= 23 yrs. Now you can calculate yourself. Why HSSC did with you, can not be guessed.

      1. Subhash , got your point. For Police force esm shouldn't have more than laid down time gap after retirement. As such your candidature was cancelled. In PGT recruitment no such bar. Time to rejoice !!

  203. Annu ji get ready for next step. Since u have scored better

  204. What about the result sir … it will come after the htet or before htet….. plz reply

  205. Vishal sir , without teaching experience, how many right ques. must be sufficient for final selection as an sc cat. candidate ? please ….please ….. answer this query …it's urgent & i believe u'll ……..thanks.

    1. For getting selected without experience for a SC Male candidate, I think 51 or 52 Questions may be OK.47 or 48 for getting entry into the first stage ( Interview) and 5 or 6 questions for beating candidates having experience.

  206. Sir please tell about gen. candidates also.
    How many right ques.are sufficient for final selection without experience.Sir please reply……..

  207. Rajpal Ji
    Suppose a person at present is of 48 years (actual age) and rendered a service of 22 years, will be counted as 23 years of age and he is selected. Then at what age will he retire again? Will that compulsory retirement age (58 or 60, what ever it is) come into effect? If so, then he will get only 10 or 12 year to serve. (I am not worried about it, just clarifying.)

    1. Of course 58-60, Subhash ji. Retirement age is same for all.

  208. should anyone has got the information regarding Miss Jyoti's question related to tgt english.
    candidate possessing stet (SS) are eligible on not?

  209. Candidates belong to BCB category leave your no. of right answer as per official key

  210. well, thank you vishal ji for maintaining the curiosity of the prospective govt teachers. But i think we prospective teachers are a bit patient less. we know the Rome not built in a day. we have done our duty well. As a teacher we must teach our students how to face difficulties with patient. teaching is not simply a job it's the work of sound and noble mind. all we are teacher please stop bothering with the future. we have performed well. a day will come when we get the answer of every queries.

    1. Well said. Thanks Sandeep Ji. Patience and optimism are the only means of happy life.

  211. Rajpal Singh Ji
    Tks. Tks very much for clearing confusions and let us hope for the best. Tks

  212. Vishal ji
    Please tell me how much marks may be sufficient for a person belonging to BCA cat. For getting selected finally without experience. As u cited above for sc cat.

  213. Vishal ji gen cat.KI cut off mere hisab 58 tk jayegi kya m shi hu plz reply

    1. No no it's too high. May be 51 or 52.

  214. If a candidate has flrgotten to mention about teaching experience in online apllication form , can it be considered at the time of inyerview ? Plz reply Vishal ji

    1. Yes, it shall be considered at the time of interview because it is to be considered only that time.

  215. Thanks sir

  216. Will the modified answer key also be published by the commission ,vishal ji ?

    1. Yes, They will have to.

  217. Vishal ji kya teaching experience vhi tak count hoga jha tak apply krte time bhra tha ya uske bad ka ek sal b count hoga kyuki farm apply kiye ek sal ho gya h

    1. Most probably till the time you had applied for the posts.

  218. Board ki key may 70th question ka answer A diya h. That is right. Jinko is pr objection h vo ye question dhyan se pdhe. Haryane ka phla c.m nominated tha or yahan elected word use hua h. Jo ki 2nd c.m hua. 2nd c.m k time chief election commissioner T Sen hi the. And assonance b shi h.

    1. Respected sir/mam
      T Sen had been appointed on 1st October 1967 while 1st cm was elected on 24 march 1967. At that time Kalyan Sundaram was the CDC. KALYAN SUNDARAM IS NOT IN THE OPTIONS. THATS WHY RIGHT OPTION IS (D,NONE)

  219. Vishal ji
    Please tell me how much marks may be sufficient for a person belonging to BCA cat. For getting selected finally without experience. As u cited above for sc cat.

    1. Cut off for BCA Category may be somewhere 49 or 50. If you don't have experience, you need 4 or 5 more correct answers to throw a challenge to those who have experience. Therefore you must have around 54 or 55 questions correct to ensure your selection.

  220. Thanks sir for reply
    My 58 questions are correct acc. To official key . then according ur point of view without experience I have a great chance.

  221. Rajpal ji, is there any chance for DESM cat. candidate? Could you please tell me how many ESM are HTET qualified?

    1. Mainpal ji,
      At this stage it wd b too early to say about the total HTET qualified ESM. Things will be clear after HTET result is out. However I think number shouldn't jump over 30. Let's see what happens. Last time 193 ESM self/ DESM were aspirants and no DESM could get chance even many self also were left behind being 93 vacancies. But at that time they were at liberty of experience. Now things are totally opposite.

  222. Sir according to official answer three questions are wrong in English subject portion but they right in your key. 1. Margaret atwood edible woman
    2. Chaucerian stanza 3. Feminine rhymes. If there chance to correction in official key. Any candidate put objections on hssc site. Friends please tell your views.

    1. Jasvir ji,
      Only first one is objectionable and candidates have raised objections in bulk

  223. Mere 48 questions sahi h. Htet qualify h. Sc female. Sir mere kitne chance h answer plz.

    1. Yes, you stand a good chance.

  224. Raj pal ji
    On many website its given that rime royal invented by Chaucer but in official key answer is spenser

    1. Jasbir ji,
      I think you have referred wrong key. It is Chaucerian stanza – Rime Royal. No sort of doubt exists. Please correctly refer ans again and confirm us.

      1. Yes you are right sir and please tell me expected cut off for BC-B pgt English and safe score for final cut off without teaching experience.

        1. Jasbir bhai,
          It is very difficult to guess about cut off for any category. Things are to be cleared after htet result is out.

  225. Vishal sir please tell me what would be cut off in pgt economics? I have got 112 marks and eight year experience.

    1. 112 Marks is good score. You also have 8 years' experience. You have bright chance.

  226. Will the exemption of htet to regularise the guest teachers also apply to the direct regular recruitment in process ?

  227. Vishal sir please tell me if a candidates 10th secondary me padha raha h to kya uska experience pgt me manye hoga

    1. If you are teaching the 10th class as PGT, then it will be valid. If you are working as TGT in the school, how can get PGT experience?

  228. Share your score in PGT Pol Sc HSSC Exam so that idea can be made about expected cut-off. I have 67 answers right in Rest of Haryana & 68 in Mwt cadre. Pol Sc. screening exam (HSSC) me highest score kya h???

  229. Sir i scored 132 in tgt english and 114 in pgt english according to official key. No experience and no elective english. Htet qualified. Now in govt job clerk in sessions court fatehabad. Aany chance

    1. bright chance madam ji, please mention your category. i think all the cut off is going to be according to all examwed as mentioned below the answer key.

  230. What about expected cut-off. I have 67 answers right in Rest of Haryana & 68 in Mwt cadre. Pol Sc. screening exam (HSSC) me aapka score kya h???

  231. Can anybody upload the HTET PGT English question paper held on 18 June 2016? Please.

  232. Environment after HTET reveals that cut off will go down being expected HTET result very poor.

  233. 68 questions are correct but with no experience and no familiarity with any mp/mla. What scope do I have to get selected ?

    1. Sudhir,
      Tremendous score !! You require no repeat no familiarity. Wish you all the best.

  234. Vishal ji ,plz refer to the question no.61,66,70 and 83 set E of pgt english In the first syllable of "locate"i think phonetic symbol for diphthong is wrong or misprint it should as in the 4th option bt 2nd syllable in the 4th option is wrong..in the 66th can the article "the" be used before Proper Noun "Mayo College"? Plz reply.As per answer key my score is 118 in htet

    1. Can you give me the complete statement of the said questions?

  235. I have 52 questions are right in PGT English. Is there any possibility of interview call.

  236. expected cut-off. I have 67 answers right in Rest of Haryana & 68 in Mwt cadre. Pol Sc. screening exam (HSSC) me aapka score kya h???

  237. 1) Mother asked us not to go to the park.
    2)Mother told us not to go to the park.

    Sir please tell me which sentence is correct.
    HTET answer key shows that 2nd option is right. But I think 1st option is more reliable.
    What do u think sir?

    1. Mother asked us to help her in the household chores.
      Mother told us not to make a noise.
      When somebody is take your permission in some work or something like that, asked is preferred.

  238. [6/22, 6:30 PM] Jagmeet Singh ਜਗਮੀਤ ਸਿੰਘ: http://www.englishpractice.com/improve/changing-imperative-sentence-indirect-speech/
    [6/22, 6:32 PM] Jagmeet Singh ਜਗਮੀਤ ਸਿੰਘ: Asked and told are equally acceptable in an imperative sentence. See the last sentence of the above link.
    What do u think sir?

  239. Sir I m victim of pgt previous recruitment because I had no approach. Htet2011 qualified & good academic record but not selected.Now my score is 126…no experience & no approach. I want to ask what chances for selection.. In haryana their is tradition that who have good approach definitely select but no value of quality. Feeling depressed.

    1. Don't feel sad. Be optimistic. This time you have good chance as your score is really good.

      1. Kavita ji apka sub. Aur cat. Kya h or vishal ji mujhe nhi lagta 55 se kam ka num pdega

        1. Manoj ji my sub is English & gen category

  240. Hello sir m gen category se hu or mere 110 marks h pgt english me or 118 h tgt me htet qualified h .kya mera selection ho skta h.

  241. Vishal ji ab ki bar htet eng bhut kam honge.

  242. Kavita ji apke chances 80 percent h mere bhi itne bnte h lekin gen cat me agar exp. Nhi h to 60 que thik hone chaiye kyuki sc bc sare gen cat me count honge jo top honge isliye gen cat k candidates k liye tough comp. h. Fir bhi be positive.

  243. Kavita ji agar ap tgt elective eng se h to vha apka selection pka h

  244. Bt why Manoj ji ? Paper to easy tha english ka.

  245. Pawn ji paper to easy har bar ata h lekin ab ki bar literature ne kam bigad diya tuke bajo ka aur jyadatar unhi ka hoga jinka pehle ho chuka h

  246. Baki kasar hindi ne puri kr di

  247. Pgt physical education ki kya cut off gayi h categorywise

  248. Manoj ji aapki category kon si h .are u htet qualifief ? Where do u belong to ?n

  249. Vishal sir , final answer key kab tak aayegi pgt eng. ki & result ka bhi kuchch bataye please…..?

  250. Sir aap tgt eng ki cut offlist kitni hogi bata sakte h i have 47 right ans acc to publish answer key in gen category n htet qualified

  251. Htet qualified 8 years experience jind distt aur ap bhi btaye

  252. Gurdev ji may u plz post ypur mobile no.?

  253. Hello sir, I scored 106 in tgt eng. I fall in sc cat. Is there any chance.

  254. Htet qualified 8year experience 130 score in screening.from karnal ,Manoj Ji

  255. Bhai apna b bta de kuch pawan ji

  256. 60 questions plus 7 years experience in pgt .is there any chance?

  257. Dear All Sir/Madams
    All of us are expecting to be teachers/lecturers in English. But I have seen the comments placed on this platform by many of us, are written using Hindi words/language with the help of English alphabet. This has become a trend which is highly ridiculous. All are requested not to make a mess of English. Please shun this bad habit and express the ideas generated in your minds using English vocabulary directly. It really gives a bad impression, specifically, on the part of those expecting to be teachers/lecturers in English. Please do not let you down.

  258. Respected All
    I presume we are already teachers, but curious to be govt teachers only. To be teachers only is one thing but to understand the role and responsibilities we are expected to play as a teachers given no consideration. Perhaps our dreams ends with becoming a govt teachers. I personally supports the opinion of Respected Subhash ji .

    1. Try to find out grammatical mistakes crept into my statement and realize you dear all why can not we adopt the same attitude while dealing at the typical Hindi writing style of English. I want you to play the roll of ideal teacher.

  259. Bhai pawan ji aur rajive ji agar ap htet qualified h to party ki tyari kr lo aur hum jaise log agli bhrti ki

  260. It is not so Manoj Ji.Imsure you'll also get selected.and we'll celebrate together bro.

  261. Bhai pawan 60 ki cut off jayegi gen ki phir ye experience kuch kam nhi ayega physical ki cut off gen ki 54mle 53 female sc 48 obc ki 54 h

  262. Correction male 54

  263. As u know there are only 20 seats of physical education but in English seats are 30 times more than physical education so it is obvious cut off will go lower to 50 or less than 50 for gen cat and 48 -47 for reserved categories, as I think

  264. Physical ki posts b to naam matar h.english me cut off around 50 jayegi .so dont worry

  265. Ye jo sandeep bhai h ye bhul rha h isne apne pehle wale comment me vhut galtiya ki h patience less ko patient less lika h rome was not built in day ko rome noynot built likha h or b h galtiya kou b kr skta h lekin apne gyan ka dhindora mat pito. Don't mind we are teachers and we know very well how and where and in which language we have to talk and chat. We are english teachers but can't forget our root(mother tongue)

  266. got correct ans 42 (gen) in sanskrit subject, is there any chance, no exp, in htet exam correct ans 91

  267. English me bhai candidates bhi to 10000 h

  268. manoj, wrote my comment on sanskrit, give your cnt……… on

  269. Manoj ji May u plz drop your contact no. ?

  270. dear I have 120 marks cut off expected around 100 marks

    1. and 112 marks in htet

  271. my expectation is that toppest should be upto 130 marks and cutoff list of general is 90 to 100

  272. Ajay ji m sankrit k bare me jyada nhi janta lekin itna pta h jo log mere contact me h unka normal score abova50 h lekin ye bhi suna h k htet san. Me kam h so let's hope for the positive outcome

  273. Jo hona hota hai wo toh hoga or aasanka durbalta ki nisani hoti h

  274. Agar aap sarv gun sampann h to kis baat ki chinta… Aap jarur kamyab honge

  275. HTET PGT Pass in Sociology 132 & vacancies 157+3=160.

  276. Pawan ji apne experience bnwa liya kya. Ab kids bar asani so nhi bn rha bhut condition lag rakhi h apna mum drop kro

  277. Experience update nhi h Manoj Ji.2012 tak ka hi bna hua h .9896682486

  278. The lazy cows wrench many scented flowers……..which poetic device occurs in this sentence……….and my score 104+ in DESM-BCA category

  279. Plague and tuberculosis wala question clear nhi h………….please clear thisthis question sir………tell me about my chances without experience with 104 marks.

  280. Vishal ji, in set d of pgt english screening test question paper the answer of q. No16and34 are incorrect i have already complained about it on official website. If these question will be considered my score will be 53 otherwise i scored 51 marks… Please write ur opinion.

    1. Only write answers shall be considered while announcing the result. So rest assured.

  281. Vishal sir namaskar ! will u please tell when the revised pgt eng answer key as well as the result coming ? …. if u please ? thanks.

    1. Namaskar Vijay Ji,
      To be very frank we don't have any idea of the Result and Revised Answer key. However, we maintain that they may be uploaded very soon.

  282. Anybody having the observation of q. No 16 and 34 in set d of pgt english screening test…. I have checked the answer at google… It's wrong in official answer key… Please share

  283. Hello anu ji. Que. No. 16 is wrong in answer key but 34 is right.

  284. HSSC CUT OFF question– marks – no. of candidate
    69×2 138 5
    68×2 136 10
    67×2 134 10
    66×2 132 20
    65×2 130 25
    64×2 128 25
    63×2 126 30
    62×2 124 35
    61×2 122 40
    60×2 120 45
    59×2 118 60
    58×2 116 65
    57×2 114 70
    56×2 112 75
    55×2 110.

    1. Sir ye estimation konse exam ka hai plz btado na

  285. Somraj ji ye estimation Hindi ka hai ya English ka
    Because English ka to itna high nahi ho sakta

  286. If it is about pgt english then the competition is going to b very tough.

  287. Tougher than the toughest competition is there in English. Perhaps above data are close to reality.

  288. Bhai somraj ye political k marks dal k kyu dra rhe ho eng walon ko

  289. Vishal ji please tell me tgt screening ki cut off dalege ya revise answer key dalenge pahle

    1. The cut off will come with the result. First of all there shall be the revised answer key.

  290. 53 questions right…….DESM- BCA category…….no experience…………sir, tell me about my chances?

    1. R u htet qualified

      1. Yess sir……that's why I m asking

        1. sandeep ji good chance, total candidates ESM/DESM- approximately 130 but let's how many htet qulified

          1. Can they consider me in general category for interview ACC. To my marks or they will select me only one in esm/DESM-BCB category?

  291. Vishal sir, I have scored 117 marks in htet , 116 in screening , in b.ed. I scored only 53%.
    What do you think , I am gonna selected?

    1. Also I have no teaching experience.

  292. What happened guys ? No comments after the htet level 3 result out !!! We can hope now the process of pgt recruitment will speed up

  293. My tgt htet score is 117 and in screening i scored 116 but in b.ed. i got only 53% marks. In b.sc. i scored 78.8%. I m from gen. Category.
    do i have any chance in final selection?

  294. Jyoti ji you are right. …its q.no.32 chaucer used rhyme royal in Canterbury tales but in answer key they have given wrong option…In set d

  295. Scored 122 in htet level 3 english .

  296. 112 marks in htet level 3 english.
    I think 60% of recently qualified candidates are those who are already qualified in english level 3

  297. sir i cleared my htet 2016 in english but i missed my screening test held in march 2016. is there any hope of giving it again

    1. No,there is no chance.

  298. BCA candidate pgt english can
    discuss their scores at 9416893011

    1. Please sir ye bateye ki pgt English me 1 candidate me peche ketne candidate ko bulage 2013 me 1 me peche5 candidate ko interview ki call aye the

    2. pl ipdate latest status of pgt english selection

  299. Sir I scored 88 bca and 6 yrs experience any hope

  300. Jyoti ji will you please confirm about q.no 32 in set d. ..kindly confirm

    1. Anuji what is tha question?

  301. Any news regarding result…..

  302. Anu ji in set d correct option is given c which is rhyme royal nd it is correct

  303. Sir I am from gen. Category and cleared htet pgt maths this time. In screening exam for pgt maths held on 6th march; my 63 questions are correct according to the answer key. I' ve no experience . Please tell me ; is there any chance?

    1. Experience shall matter in the second round of selection. For the first cut off list 63 is a better score.

  304. Now there's no room for a debate/ doubt on any questions. Friendz, Just wait for result in August after feeding of fresh HTET pass data.

  305. pls can all pgt screening candidates list coulod be available categories wise

  306. in hssc my score 134 marks in pol sc haryana pgt and 136 in pol sc mwt cadre pgt screening. is there any chance??????

  307. 649post hain na iski

  308. 2447 htet level 3 qualified hain, competition tough hoga

  309. Previous years htet k according 1post=5 candidates honge

  310. Iske according 1298 interview honge, 40-45q lowest cut off rahegi

  311. You are right rajesh ji and besides that good academic record candidates would be prefer..as prescribeb in the advertisement..so hope for the best !

  312. I think now we should exchange views about how to be prepared for interviews

  313. Rajesh Ji i scored 51marks in pgt English screening test and htet qualified but no experience. …what you opine me about interview

  314. Interview confirm,but ahead I don't know what happen…

  315. & interview marks court case is pending, it is possible that interview marks condition exempted

  316. Tgt English around 2187 candidates qualified English language TET, 694+341post hain, candidates jo eligible hain around 1800-1900 hain, interview call ke liye,. Tgt English cut off 35-40q lowest rahegi

  317. Tgt English data based on 2011, 2013,2015 htet

  318. Pgt English data based on previous htet 2011,2013,2015. Around 8400 candidates qualified but in M.A. Less than 50% marks candidates not received call for interview because lack academic record

  319. Rajesh ji I want to know whether the court case is about interview marks (24) or experience marks (16)…..Please confirm

    1. About experience marks

  320. rajesh ji i scored 60 marks in tgt screening and 104 marks in htet but i hv no elective subject,no experience ,is there any chance for interview , i belong to general category

  321. Vishal sir….after so many suggestions finally you can give us your idea about Pgt English cut off category wise.we r waiting for that? It is a request

  322. Good academic ka kya criteria rakha h sir

  323. Now we needn't worry about gd academic record. Those who have successfully applied online, meet the requisite criteria.

    BASED ON SURVEY….99% exact…
    POL SC. 100 -110.
    SOCIOLOGY. 80 – 90.
    HINDI. 114 – 120.
    ENGLISH. 110 – 116.
    GEOGRAPHY. 94 -106.
    HISTORY. 108 – 118.
    MATHEMATICS. 96 – 106.

    1. I think English ki cut off Will be between 90-100

  325. What's about general category female cut off in pgt English

  326. Dear friends political science me total 1750 candidates ka htet clear h ab take. Vacancies h 412.
    interview ke leye call ayage
    Gen. 100 to 102 marks.
    Bc. 98 to 100 marks.
    sc. 90 to 95 marks
    St. 80.

  327. It should be 45 to 50 as we are getting data Anu.

  328. Somraj ji, will u please provide pgt eng. cut off categorically….? if u have any information (idea) regarding that ,then please upload it ….it'll be a grateful task….thanks.

  329. English pgt cut off accurate
    General 90-100
    Obc 88-98
    Sc. 80-90

    1. Anu g ye cut off male and female dono ke liye h kya? Or aapne kitne candidates ke scores ke base PR ye data tyar kiya h?

  330. Anu ji, thanks for providing pgt eng expected cut off data . But sorry to say as compare to number of candidates getting 50ques. right & above is higher than that in every category. From my concluded opinion , accurate cut off will be higher as has been mentioned by u.

  331. lower cut off 55 upper 65 selection 60

  332. Dear vijay 50% candidates are those who are making their own guess , hssc extended the htet filling detail …reason??? Let me explain the selection commission did not get the expected candidates..so the candidates are very few..only 1000 thousand candidates of gen category qualified htet 2016.

  333. Mr. Harsh
    Where have you got this news from????
    Everyone has his own views and not authenticate at any stage.

  334. My 51 answers are right..plz tell me should I prepare for next level

    1. Start improving your Communication Skills along with knowledge of English Literature.

      1. Sir I belong to sc cat.my score is 102.r u sure dat I"ll b in next level.last time i lost d opportunity so m worried.

        1. Yes, certainly. No need to worry. Enough score for SC Candidates.

  335. Mr Sudesh please check HTET 2016 Result..only 1000 candidates of genral categry qualified and it is not necessary all the candidates appeared in hssc screening test..

  336. 2016 se pehle bhi htet hua h wo candidate kha jayenge english me 8000 htet baki h jisme 5000 gen.

  337. All category me hai brother only 5% are remaining in PGT English..last year 5ooo around validity expired.

  338. Can anyone in the group state the total expected number of aspirants in PGT English.

  339. chlo bhai ab to wait hi kr skte h tab tak jo b kuch bhi khega sach lagega or gla sukhta jayega hum to 58 que thik kr k bethe h 8 year ia experience lekin har bar lagta k ab bhi nhi hoga kyuki……..corruption h na….

  340. can anyone tell the result date of tgt eng post n expected cutoff list for gen category

  341. PGT sociology k group mein shamil hone k liye +919445509211 per whatsapp karein. Taaki cut off ka estimate lagaya ja sake

  342. My score is 120 according to ans key cat. Gen oh. What are the chances sir


  344. Is there any group of pgt english???

  345. Yes Msg kren 9813282280 pe PGT ENGLISH group me aane k liye

  346. sarkar ne good academic record ka solution nikala ab 10th 12th BA me average 50 percent marks jruri lekin PG me 50 percent compulsory iska mtlab or candidates ki bhid

    1. Dear who worked really hard they don't afraid mass of people. More people doesn't mean more competition.

  347. sir to fir compitition kiske bich hoga i am afraid of corruption only it means those who have approach but no good academic record can be selected and who are eligible will be far behind as usual that is want to say

    1. Sir if you scored good no need to be worrying, and hopeful no corruption this time. Like you also face interview and now in waiting. We all want fair selection sir

  348. Tgt English result declared general cut off 108

  349. sir in tgt english elective english compulsary h kya or english me tgt htet compulsary h ya ss ka tet chal jayaga

  350. I cant understand why hssc didnt declare the cut list of female candidates separately. Perhaps the result will have to be revised

  351. Shau ji it is not always necessary to declare separate cut off. 33% reservation is horizontal for female. It means if they already occupied 33% or more seats then there will not be separate cut off for them..

  352. Hi visual, I have checked my oMr sheet with official answer key , securing 90 marks in English in SC category but did see my roll no. In qualify candidate . Kindly guide me .

    1. Do you have elective English in your Graduation ? A no of candidates have been rendered disqualified in the recently announced TGT English Screening Test result. Clear your position.

  353. Any guess about highest marks in tgt english written exam

  354. PGT sociology k group mein shamil hone k liye +919445509211 per whatsapp karein. Taaki cut off ka estimate lagaya ja sake

  355. Can anyone plz make it clear whether the candidates having passed htet in S St.are eligible for TGT English as such candidates have been included in the list of those who have qualified for interview ? If their candidature will be cancelled at d time of interview/documents scruitiny ?

  356. pls tell what will be the expected cut off for commerce student i have scored 82 marks in screening in BCA category is there any chance of interview pls reply

  357. Sir, m apne htet details upload nhi kr pai . Kya ab kuch ho skta h?

    1. It was necessary to upload HTET Details. I think the last date is over. You must consult the concerned authority at HSSC.

  358. Vishal Ji
    Do you have any information regarding the question of Mr. Pawan Kumar.
    Stet in SS = Htet in Eng. ?

    1. STET SS is not equal to HTET English.

  359. Good evening vishal sir! What you opine about Pgt English cut off marks after seeing tgt English result….. Will it be higher than tgt……please write your view…

    1. TGT English was not taken by a large no of candidates, reason being the eligibility criteria. However, as for PGT English,it had more takers with harder competition. So cut off is expected to be higher than the one in TGT English in each category.

  360. vishal sir ye kaha ja raha h ki tgt eng me without htet walo ka bi list me name aaya h kya ye sahi h

    1. It does not sound true.

  361. Good evening vishal sir please write your view about ..
    cut off marks in Pgt English
    After seeing result of tgt English….. Please opine

  362. By what time result will be declared.

  363. Vishal sir it means 108+……

  364. Vishal ji Namaste. Cut off of pgt will be less than tgt in every category reason is level of exam. In tgt my score is 134 and in pgt just 114. Section of Subject was really tough and canadian literature which is not taught in any university of haryana was of 8 marks. No grammar. Candidates may get high maks but just due to luck not due to their knowledge

  365. vishal sir iska mtlb pgt eng cut off 60tak jayegi lekin mere survey k anusar ye below 52 rhegi

  366. Sir will the Pgt English cut off be 108+…

  367. I am agree with sunil

  368. sir mere computer science mein screening me 80
    h ……..any chance??????????? sc category

  369. Sunil Ji ….you must have gone for tgt English interview…..if I am not wrong your score is134.. please share the questions….. Asked by interview committee.

  370. 90 marks in bca category female any chance sir

  371. Vishal ji namaskar
    An SS master has been promoted as a PGT English.
    All segments are same in both question booklets for SS and English.
    An SS master teaches both SS and English in govt schools.
    SS Guest teachers have been engaged against the post of TGT English.
    But an SS stet qualify candidate is not eligible for TGT English though he/she has teaching of English in B.Bed. why?????
    Please share your views

    1. This is because of ambiguity in the selection process.Even the things are not clear to policy makers. They keep doing things as per their convenience.I agree with you that SS teachers are eligible to teach English. It is happening in all the states of India including ours. But why HTET SS and HTET English are considered different categories in Haryana is beyond any understanding.

  372. Do you know about the ebpg cat.

  373. In tgt it is only of 50 marks what about it in pgt eng …. is there any candidate who belongs this cat

  374. What about the stay by highcourt on this cat…
    I have the certificate of this cat but haven't filled up my form in this cat because of the stay by high court at that time… is there any chance to change the cat please reply vishal sir

  375. iss group me 100 member hai apko cut off btayenge…
    HSSC Pgt pol science ka whtSapp grup join kre….9034559938 or 8053600370 par

  376. vishal sir maine suna h jinke pass elective eng nhi thi unka bhi selection hua kyuki ye kha ja rha h ki haryana me elective eng nhi h sbhi uni.ne likh k diya tha kya ye shi h agar ye shi h to un logo ka kya hoga jinhone elective wale clause k karn apply hi nhi kiya or na hi board ne clarification/corrigendum dal ke unko moka diya ese bhut se candidates h plz reply

    1. I haven't come across anybody who didn't possess Elective English in Graduation and has been selected. If there are some, no doubt, this is the injustice to those who couldn't apply just because of that clause you have mentioned. For them court's doors are open.

  377. Interview was very good. First time i felt that haryana can also take interview. They asked about sonnet lyrical ballads literal meaning of ballad d h lowrence demonstrative adjectives shakespearean sonnet about wyatt and surreyand board member asked about malala and the prize she won

  378. Sir ,I have graduated from university of Rajasthan,, the university is used optional word instead of elective,, but when they verify my documents remarked me that English is not elective.what should I do? Plzzz suggest.

    1. Meet the concerned authorities of the University. If not satisfied with their responses, you can write to UGC.

  379. Hello Vishal Sir,
    Have u any idea for pgt History cut off?
    Mine score- 57*114
    What will be the chance for interview call?
    Plz reply….i shall be very thankful to u

    1. According to me, your score is good. You can expect to face the next level of selection.

  380. Htet pass in S St were also interviewed for TGT English .will such candidates be really consideted eligible or was it merely a drama to pacify d candidates ?

  381. Will the candidates without elective english but having M.A.in english be considered eligible or not?
    When will the result be declared?Any idea about it……

  382. There is no difference between the htet of sst and of english (tgt)

  383. Vishal sir, any news regarding tgt English final result…. n the eligibility..

  384. Court case ho gya h…..so final result nikalne PR stay lag gyi h……so jst wait and watch

    1. Don't rumours
      No any case on tgt English

      1. Mam please read today’s newspaper ….dainik bhaskar…then you come to know the reality

        1. Ohhh sorry sandeep sir,,what would be next process…. Fake commission..

  385. Sir i belong ebp cat. female score 92 in english kitne chance h

  386. Now court will take decision on this matter…..

  387. Pgt English mwt cadre result out….

  388. Pgt English (mwt) result out.gen cut off 96

  389. pgt mewat cut off 48 mera score 47 vishal sir iska mtlb rest of haryana ki cut off below 50 am I right?

    1. Most probably as there were only 06 posts for General Category.

  390. When result of pgt Eng will be declared approximately within one week or not sir have you any idea about that

  391. Vishal sir any idea about commerce general cat Cutofff please reply

  392. Anyone shortlisted for Pgt Mewat english

  393. Yes I have been shortlisted for the interview in gen cat.

  394. jyoti ji apka htet qualified h kya wthout htet walo ki bi call aayi h kya

  395. Me also from general cat

  396. vishal sir ye jyoti mam ni upar likha h k ye M.A. english h na ki B.A. elective or inko shortlisted kiya h sir ese to bhut candidate the jo M.A. english the lekin elective ki condition k karn apply hi nhi kiya or na hi board ne khi apni site pe mention kiya k ye bhi apply kr skte h sir plz ap btaye kya m vhi soch rha hu jo baki M.A. english but not elective candidates soch rhe sir mujhe to thoda absured sa lag rha yadi ye jyoti ji M.A. english h or B.A. elective nhi h

  397. sorry sir ye pgt me shortlist hui h maine socha tgt ki its ok best of luck jyoti ji

  398. Jyoti what is your score ? And how much experience ?

  399. Sushil kumar ,124 marks what are odds of making it to the final list.

  400. Sushil ji is it in mwt cadre or rest of haryana ? If it is in mwt then a what is ur score in Rest of Haryana ?

  401. Sir in ‘Rest of haryana’that too with no experience I didnt showed up in the Mewat English PGT tes.I’ve
    appeared in the last 3 English Lecturer interviews in 2008, again in 2012 and then in the 2014 recruitment. I cracked the test in 2008 with 59/100 when cut off was 56 then cleared the screening test in 2012 with 87 out of 100 and in 2014 it was all about the interview so i had nothing much to do there.

  402. Hello sir ,I m Monika belongs to SC category and my 45 questions are right. 2 years experience as a Pgt English.
    so…… what is the chance.

  403. You have good chance of getting a call for interview Monika ji. i think SC female should be around 43.

  404. Kavita ji have u downloaded admit card for interview…

  405. Not yet, may b upload on Monday….

  406. Thankyou Sir

  407. No results after 30 Sept……hssc is checking patience level..

  408. Good morning Jyoti Ji n Kavita Ji plz share your experience of pgt eng interview .type of questions n d areas covered

  409. 90 marks frm general category
    How much chance sir
    And what abt the interview dates?

  410. Pawan ji they asked about American literature; keats;milton;eliot;grammar nd importance of english

  411. Friends!
    Maine Suns h ki mewat pgt interview k dauran stet 2008 &2009 wale candidates consider nhi lie.kya ye sach h..? Advt phle 2014 me hui thi .phir 2015 me radvt.hui.aese me2009 ka stet expired nhi mana ja skta.mere eng pgt me 126 marks bnte gain.plz sthiti spst kren

  412. Thanks jyoti ji. What is your score in Rest of haryana ?

  413. Sir mere 108 bnte h kitne chances h

  414. Vishal sir good afternoon ! please tell about pgt eng. interview dates…. please share ur opinion ….thanks.

  415. Any idea about the screening result

  416. Vishal sir please tell about cutoff marks for Pgt Punjabi. I have 104 mrks in htet nd 92 marks in screening(category general). Please reply…..

  417. Pgt English (mwt) final result out .cut off male 124 female 119. Jyoti ji ur result ?

  418. Pawan Kumar sir they asked about Shakespeare,, Milton,khuswant Singh,Indian writer,spelling, clause,, HW teach weak students…. & selected in final result also.

  419. 98 marks & no experience (pgt english for rest of haryana ) category General (female) selection ke kitne % chance h , sir

  420. Pgt maths screening result out

  421. Congrats Anu Ji

  422. I am also selected in final list pgt mewat eng.

  423. Pgt eng.rest of hry.ka result KB aaega sir tell me

    1. Countdown has begun for PGT English Result. It may be declared anytime now.

  424. Pgt Eng ki cut off kitni ho skti h Gen cat me

  425. HSSC Pgt pol science ka whatSapp group join kre….9034559938 or 8053600370 pr……..
    iss group me 100 se jyada members hai jo apko cut off btayenge…

  426. I am also selected in pgt eng mwt cadre

  427. Ihave scored 120 mark’s in pgt english. What will be the final result

  428. Pgt maths m 1408m se707non htet hi genral 87bcb mhi only 62bca sogenral me cut off 76 bcb ke 84 bca 70 31th DEC 2016 take final list as jaye ge ab only 92condiates experience were hi our waths group panghal pgt math se reaning m hi at 9729991982

  429. kya math ka result rewise hoga what will be cutoff BC-B

  430. panghal sir sbc & epbc se pahle BC-B ki seats 11% thi ab sbc & epbc dono cancil ho gai h kya maths ka result 5% ki bajay 11% ayega please replay

  431. Panghal sir plz tell ye bca me 62 candidate htet vale hain ya non htet vale hain meaning only 62 cadidate have been interwied till yet out of 250

  432. Maths ka result revise ho chuka h .interview on 29th 30th November &1st December ko

  433. Pgt English group:no comments from anyone.i think we should discuss about the expected questions likely to be asked in forthcoming interview

  434. 29/11/2016 ko maths total candidates present 203outof684hi30/11/2016 ko 157hi

  435. Pls can anyone tell tgt english documents scruitiny me gazzeted officer se photocopies attest karani hai ya self attested is enough…pls tell soon i have to report on 7 december….

  436. panghal sir maths ka result kya fhir se result hoga kya or 1/12/16 ka kya data h

  437. Vishal ji as per high court orders htet qualified in SS are not eligible for tgt English post but stet qualified are eligible. It means a ctet qualified candidate is eligible for the same post (tgt English)???? or it is something else??

  438. hssc changed tgt eng qualification from elective to ma eng. ba compulsory. court case by those who did not apply due to elective condition

  439. Pgt eng results kab a ayega

  440. 86…pgt eng …what are the chances for gen female candidate

  441. Final selection not sure

  442. Sir 116 pgt chemistry in gen category htet qualified any chance sir????

  443. 94 marks bca Pgt English kya chance hai

  444. Pgt eng results kab a ayega

  445. Sir mere 110 marks hai in bc-b category .any chance to be called for interview.

  446. 88 marks…is there any chance female(gen)

  447. PGT music screening result out

  448. TGT Mewat ka result declared

  449. P G T English as well

  450. PGT English screening result out

  451. PGT English ka Result out for documents scrutiny today

  452. Visual sir…kal jo PGT English ka result aaya hai…uski list mein mera roll number bhi hai..mere80 marks hain kya seletion k chances hain .old reply

    1. That was not the result. All the candidates except absent ones have been called. So you can’t guess so far.

  453. ye pgt eng ka result nhi ye h mjak isme btaya h jitne 8000 candidates h sbka nyota h barat m kuch hi log jayenge

  454. 46 questions thik h general category female me English cut off kitni jayegi.

  455. It seems all who appeared hv been called for documents scrutiny

    1. Yes, all but absent have been called for Documents Verification. Mockery of the Screening Test and inconvenience to all.

  456. Vishal sir could you please post some Important questions likely to be asked in forthcoming interview

  457. Any person can be contact about pgt hindi and english on 9165611301

  458. SBC SE JISNE form fill kit tha or no 98 h uska roll nahi aaya isme kuchh bata sakte aap Kya karna chahiye

  459. pgt eng ki cut off guess krne k liye ek bar fir apni cat. or marks share kre .real marks

  460. Sir, Maine stet March 2010 me clear Kiya tha. That time negative marking the. Validity time dmc me mention nahi Hai. Please sir, ye batae ki yah valid Hai ya nahi

    1. It must be valid.

  461. sir pgt sociology mein bcb category ki cut off kya rahegi .post 16 h aur appeared candidates 30 h

  462. Sir, please share how is the experience going to be counted

    1. Experience should be days and salary wise. There are at least 10 documents required for experience. First of all there shall be the sign of BEO and then DEO. But you must remember that there is much harassment in this procedure. For minute mistakes your claim of experience may be rejected.

  463. Sir,will the experience be counted at the time of document verification or interview?

    1. According to me, it should not be counted. But nothing is sure about selection procedure.

  464. Where can I get my admit card from as the original one is not with me? Please suggest sir.

  465. Vishal sir bca 100 marks ..what chances???

    1. Good chances. I think that cut off will be much down now as STET candidates are being excluded by HSSC.

  466. Vishal ji I have got 80 marks in screening gen category 8 years experience stet qualified. Can u please let me know abt the chances in pgt english

    1. There is the doubt over STET.

  467. Plz tell me timing for scrutiny at commission’s office

    1. No fixed timing is there. You can reach there during working hours. But it is advisable to reach there in the early hours i.e. by 10 or 11 am.

  468. 84 marks in general cat. Female kitne chances h sir and htet qualified

    1. You will come to know of that after document verification. If STET candidates are out, cut off shall be very low.

  469. I got 94 marks bca category plz tell me what will be chances in pgt English for interview

    1. It will be sure after document verification. If the STET possessing candidates are ousted, most probably the cut off will be lowered. It will make chances even for those carrying lower marks. As for your case, I think you have good chance.

  470. Sir stet candidate out kyo hoge

    1. According to HSSC, STET is expired now.

  471. Sir mne 2011 me dia tha or Dec 2016 tk valid tha am i safe now?

    1. HTET is valid.

  472. Vishal ji, is it true that list of two times candidates will be prepared afer adding experience marks ? Plz clarify sir

    1. No. First of all result of 160 Marks’ Test will be out after documents verification. On the basis of this result, two times candidates shall be called for interview. Only there marks of experience and interview be counted. Then final result will be out.

  473. Sir, mera tgt science ka htet Dec.2016 take valid that but jab 2015 me post nikli thi tab eski validity thi kya ab yadi mera naam interviewme aata hai to ye manya hogs plz tell me aapke andaaje se tgt science ka results kab tak as salts hai

    1. Yes, your certificate is valid.

  474. Pichla Jo final list prepare hui interview k liye usme stet walo ko include kia h kya sir

  475. Sir mane M.A. English2015 me ki thi but uski DMC to aagae thi parntu degree nahi said hai but Baki sabi ki degrees hai kya m.a. scrutiny wo degree jaruri Lani hogi

    1. If you don’t have degree, try to get Provisional Degree. Even if you don’t possess Provisional Degree, I don’t think that shall be a big problem.

  476. Sir, pgt English me bca ke appeared candidate kitne hai and htet kitne ka pass hai agar koi suchna ho to btaea

  477. vishal sir mera stet dec. 2009 ka h or mane 2014 m chemistry se apply kiya tha. 2015 m post readvertised hui thi. Kya mera stet valid h ya nhi

    1. I think Dec 2009 STET is valid.

  478. vishal sir kya experience certificate pe b.e.o or d.e.o se sign verification k time hi jruri h ya interview k time tk krwa skte h plz tell me ya kiso or candidate k pass iski pki info h to plz btaye

    1. This is just the document verification. You can just tell them that preparation of experience certificate is under process. You can carry principal-signed certificate there for proof if you wish. You have to produce it during interview when two times candidates shall be called.

  479. vishal sir , pgt sociology mein expected cut off marks kya honge

    1. Sociology paper was not very tough. According to me, it must be above 52 ( questions) even though the candidates are not enough.

  480. thanx vishal sir have solved my problem through this info thanx again

  481. No doubt..English paper was very tough…

  482. vishal sir chemistry ki cut off kitni ja skti h. My score is 132. But STET in dec.2009

    1. Your cut off is very good. So you can expect something great.

  483. mamta ji kya apka STETexam. Dec.2009 me hua tha

  484. Manoj sir aapka selection pakka h aap kyu chinta kar rahe Ho

  485. Aaj meri verification hui h so pura process h sabse pehle toh wahan ek form milega usse fill karna h then aapka application form with ur signed photo. Then 10,12,B.A,M.A,BEd,experience,domicile,htet,sabki photostat copies attested lagani h.And then they will check your original.your marks should be more than 50%in each class.

  486. Hssc ne pgt English rest of Haryana ki scrutiny ke liye koi admit card bhi issue kiye hai ya nhi ……???please tell me ..

    1. There is no separate admit card issued for Scrutiny.

  487. Sir mera tgt science me experience b.ed karne ke pahle ka kya ye manyaogs yaa b.ed ke baad ka certificate chahia

    1. After B.Ed.

  488. No need of admit card

  489. shalu ji STET Dec.2009 walo ko consider kiya h ya nhi

  490. shalu ji kaise pka h

  491. Kyunki aapke written paper m marks b ache h experience b h nd aapko knowledge b h so interview will be perfect so why are u worrying.

  492. I visited hssc yesterday .After discussing several candidates it seems that most of the candidates have scored between 80 and 100 marks .very few candidates have scored between 100 and 110 marks.

  493. So manoj ji b ready to throw a party

  494. shalu ji worry to rhti hi h last tak.aj ki verification ki attendance 60 percent thi pehle bhi yhi suna h so cut off may be below 50 .total candidates will be 5000 something against 617 posts.shalu ji ap kha se h

  495. Hanji jinka stet Dec 2009 ka nd unke pass e-challan ki copy h jo unhone fees 2014 m Jama karvayi thi honi chahiye bas

  496. Vishal ji, pgt computer science general ki expected cut off kya ja sakti hai?

  497. I am from jind and mam apka score kitna bn,rha h

  498. sbhi se request h k interview or cut off k bare,m apne ideas share kre,it will be helpful apne personal whats app num bhi share kr le 9992355075

  499. Sir verification kebaad kitni cut off sakti bca general sc ki

  500. 100 marks bca what chance vishal sir

    1. You have good chance.

  501. Sir high court me anusar my pgt English me ager stet walo ko mouka milega phir to bahoot lambi cut off ho Sakti hai kya Aida hoga

  502. Hello sir I have secured 88 marks in English pgt screening and have 7 years experience in general category is there any chance sir kindly tell

    1. Bit of tough chances. But hope for the best.

  503. History result out cutoff 102 for general

  504. jis candidates ne apni apni category mein apply kiya h usi category mein hi consider kiya ja raha h . chahe category wale candidates k marks general wale candidates se jyada ho.pgt history k result mein general ki cut off 102 marks h jabki bcb ki cut off 106 marks h

  505. hssc ka ye rule to wrong h

  506. Kyu wrong kyu h Bhagwan ne sabko equal dimaag diya h so opportunity b same hi honi chahiye.jisko rule galat lagta h woh general category Bharte.

  507. Vishal sir could you please post some Important questions likely to be asked in forthcoming interview

  508. I am agree with shalu ji and others with the same thinking ye wo log h jo reservation ka fayda bhi uthana chahte h or reserve me count bhi nhi hona chahte

  509. inko double fayda chaiye baki jao bhad me

  510. shalu ji aur manish ji , i m in already government job in education department. aur bcb category se hu aur general mein mera selection hua h but hssc ko form fill karne se pahle ye notification dena chahiye tha ki jo candidates jis category mein apply karega usi mein use consider kiya jayega jabki aisa nahi kiya gaya .dusri baat sabke pas equal mind h aur sabko saman avsar milna chahiye aur reservation khatam hona chahiye.

  511. Vishal sir,Pawan sir,Manoj sir nd other active members who faced interview process earlier plz do suggest some questions for us.plz tell which type of questions from shakespeare,Wordsworth,Milton,nd other important poets would be asked in coming interview.

  512. Agr provisional interview hota h to interview k. Liye 2 times se jyada candidate bulane prege reply pls

  513. No comments. Only category, marks and experience post karo. Then conclusion can be drawn.

  514. sir, have you any idea about bca female cutoff

  515. I n my wife both 57 questions right. Gen category . No experience

    1. She will certainly face the interview.

  516. Mne suna h ki interview k liye sbhi eligible candidates ko bulayege tell me about

  517. I think general male with 57 questions correct is also sure to face interview

  518. Sir r u doubtful about my chances to get a call for interview? I feel in gen category 48 or 49 will get a call for interview.

  519. Sir even now do u think that the cut will b above 50 for general?

  520. most of experience holder candidate score is below 50 Q. pgt english .

  521. I have 40 questions right in pgt English in sc category what are the chances please tell me sir

  522. I could not produce exp. Certificate during documents verification…can i show/produce it during interview…pls answer me sir…

    1. No Problem. It shall be required later.

  523. Docoments verification me 50% candidates hi present the inme bhi some candidates ke pass htet certificate bhi nahi tha.

  524. please tell me vishal sir I have 40 questions right in pgt English in sc category what are the chances

    1. Nothing is clear even now. But I think you may be 2 or 3 marks shorter. Still have affirmative hopes.

  525. Vishal ji, 53 ques. right cat. sc without experience.Is it enough for selection ….?

    1. For SC category candidate, this is a very nice score.

  526. Tgt mewat m cutoff 84 for general nd 80 seats only for general candidates.

  527. Acc. To me pgt Eng cutoff
    Gen 94
    Bca 84
    Bcb 94/96
    Sc below 80

  528. Vishal sir thanks for ur efforts ! the way u encourage us straight forward is such delightful & morale booster.thanks again sir! keep it up.

    1. Thanks for nice feedback, Mr Vijay.

  529. I think the time has come to discuss sm important topics expected in the interview

  530. Sir, I have 88 marks.Gen.category. No experience. Is there any chance for interview ?

    1. Your score seems to be bit lower. It would have been better had you obtained more than 90. Still wait for the result. Good luck.

  531. Hlo sir mein tgt home science ki candidate hun but in my htet certificate my sub area is s.s.lakin sir mujhe to sub area ka mutlab hi nahi peta tha ase or bhi candidate hai jo tgt home science physical or music se hai sir htet to ss mein hi hota hai home science ka to paper hi nahi hota or hssc ne hume disqualified kiya hai plz sir give me solution what will do plz plz sir

  532. Sir if a person filled 4 years of experience but at the time of interview he shows 8 yrs experience.is it legal to show more experience than filled in application form

    1. I think the experience filled in the application form will be considered valid.

  533. Vishal sir my score 126 (Gen) and no experience. Where do i stand for final selection? Any chance?

    1. You may get the job without experience with this score.

  534. Sir 120 in general category what kind of hope is there in pgt English but no experience

  535. please tell me vishal sir I have 44 questions right in pgt English in sc category female without experience what are the chances

    1. 44 questions in SC (female) category may help you reach the second level of selection.

  536. Thank u sir for answering me

  537. what would be cut off for bc category sir, in previous some results bc cut off going higher than general

  538. Sir pls help me out.
    My Mrs has passed my PGT Physics Screening exam but her htet is not qualified.
    CanwI go for document verification or they not.
    Pls confirm me whoever has an idea about it.
    I will be highly obliged.
    Thanks in advance

    1. Without HTET, she is not eligible. But I think she should go for document verification.

  539. Sir I have missed my documents verification.what can I do now.plz tell me as soon as possible

    1. It was must. Now you must visit HSSC as soon as possible.

  540. sir BCA me 114 marks eng. me female without experience kya ummid kr skti hu sir interview ki. bca ki cutoff ka kuch andaja h kya sir.

  541. sir bca ki cutoff kitni jaygi or eng ka interview kb tk aayga

  542. Sir Pgt eng.rest of hey when d result will b out?pls tell

  543. Hssc may declare the result of pgt english this week. Cut off for gen may be 46 to 48 question minimum.

  544. Vishal sir
    I Myself Hariom ,i was not available at time of document verification PgT English, can i get chance or what i can do.Please suggest me.

    1. I think that was compulsory for you. If you have missed the document verification, you are out of the procedure. Still you must visit the HSSC as early as possible.

  545. Result may b declared today or tomorrow

  546. Sir I went for document verification on 7/2/17 pgt English they collected my documents but not my admit card and application form which I have fill for screening test. Is it compulsory to submit that plz inform me as soon as early.

  547. Sir I went for document verification on 7/2/17 pgt English they collected my documents but not my admit card and application form which I have fill for screening test. Is it compulsory to submit that plz inform me as soon as early.Plz rply

  548. pgt eng candidate who were absent in 4-9 feb varification they have given second chance on 25 march by hssc

  549. Dear All,since, hssc has become so liberal ,I, think the ones who missed screening should also ask for one more chance.l simply do not understand what our system has come to….

  550. i think pgt English result would out in last of all subjects because in English numbers of posts more than other categories

  551. Dear friends

    Accept it that all leaders and administrators are the chips of the same plate.
    Nothing fare can be expected.

  552. 92 k sath BC b m chance h Kya??Plz reply.

  553. Sir EBP cat m pgt Hindi m kitne candidate h jiske 110 score h 160 m se. Kya chance h tell me

  554. Sir, I am an ex service man and scoring 86 marks in Pgt Eng applied in ex service man(bca) cat. HTET cleared in 2016 . Document verification done on 5 Feb 17. Can u confirm the cutoff of ex-serviceman n my chance in that. Thanks.

    1. The confirmed Cut Off will be out with the result. But as for your chances are concerned, I think you have 60-70 % chances. Best of luck.

  555. Sir mere pgt English me 124 bante h or koi experience ni h .. mera chance h kya?
    Or pgt English ki cutt off kitni rh skti h

    1. Certain chance, no doubt. Even without experience.

    2. Probably, you can in top 10

  556. Sir cutt off kitni rh skti h.
    Pgt English ki

  557. Sir,what is about tgt eng.interviews? I have 106 marks in gen.cat.No experience. what are chances for interview? Secrutiny was held in December.

  558. Sir,Is there any court case against tgt english recruitment(rest of haryana)?

    1. Ji. court case h

  559. Sir, employment exchange k through age me chhot milegi. Please call me09896244563

    1. I think there is relaxation in age if you are registered with the employment exchange. For more details you can visit the Haryana Employment Exchange official website.

  560. Sir,Result Kab aayega?????????

  561. Justice delayed,justice denied. This is wt haryana govt is doing with the candidates who r waiting for the result of different pgt posts. Is this right? First the govt is unable to make clear cut rules and regulations. Second they r unable to conduct the test with dignity. Third why they r not conducting a paper of qualifying nature and then again a paper of 100 question based on pg degree level syllabus. On the basis of second paper merit should be prepared. Now a days a person who is preparing for clerk can get more marks in pgt exam than a well educated pg degree holder. Such is our system! Wt they want to check i m unable to understand. Govt may be pure at heart but not wise enough to do justice with these recruitments and candidates. God please help my haryana and show a noble path to govt of haryana hssc dse hbse and the candidates. Om shantih shantih shantih

  562. Sir interview kb tk hoge

  563. Plz reply why the notice for interview are not coming for pgt subject is there any reason

    1. There are some court cases.

  564. Sir,result aayga bhi ya nhi .what about d court case regarding pgt English ?

  565. Plz tell smvn when court will give d final verdict regarding Pgts.

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