Gayatri Mantra must in School Assemblies in Haryana

The Education Department of Haryana has taken a new initiative of starting Gayatri Mantra during the school assemblies in Haryana. This step will help the students in getting away myriad superstitions. It will also help in instilling positive energy among the students. The govt thinks that this initiative will certainly improve the atmosphere of the school and the students will be able to focus hard on their studies.

The Educational Directorate has issued directions in this regard. Besides, the govt has given the responsibility of making students known about the prevailing superstitions┬á in society to some social societies. It is believed that girls and women are greater believer of such things. That’s why this effort will target the girl students more. The govt has selected some schools for the first step. These are 32 schools.

The members of such reasoning committee will go to such 32 schools one by one. They will tell the girl students that in this age of science, superstitions have no place. The Education Minister has also supported it. He says that citing of Gayatri Mantra will fill new energy among the students. Such positive energy will certainly have positive effect, according to him.

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The govt has told the heads of all the schools to have 20 minutes every day for assemblies in their schools. In the assembly, the students will be told about the correct pronunciation and right meaning of this great mantra.

To check whether, the rules are being properly implemented in the schools or not, the teams of educational departments will pay sudden rounds. Everybody knows that National Anthem is already compulsory in all govt and private schools of the state.

The schools in the first round selected are – Kasturba Gandhi Balika Schools.

The teaching community has powerfully welcomed this move of Haryana Govt. They find it a positive effort in the improvement of educational atmosphere in the state.

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