HSSC CET Practice Papers/ Sets of English

Haryana Staff Selection Commission ( HSSC ) Common Eligibility Test ( CET ) English Practice Papers/ Sets with Answers/Solution  - Useful links for the CET examinees You are given options. You have to find the right option. What is the

Practice Set for Conjunction - Set 1 for Competitions

Here is your Practice Set 1 for checking your Practice of Conjunctions. In the Previous Post, we had given you the rules of Conjunctions with Examples. You can read those rules from here as well. Now get ready to do

Conjunction and its use for Competitive Exams

Conjunctions or Linkers are very useful in English. It is imperative for an English Learner to have complete knowledge of their usage in a sentence. The candidates can get command over the Conjunctions through constant practice. Below we are providing

English Grammar for BA of all Universities

Prepare English Grammar For BA Class for all the universities especially KUK, CRSU etc from this page - Valuable links ahead - We are providing English Grammar Practice Set for BA. We are not giving sentences of phonetics. Solution of

Modals Exercise - Fill in Blanks, Check Answers

As we have already told you that a lot of Practice is required in Grammar. We maintain that the more practice you do, the better results shall be out. In our previous posts, we have given you the rules of

Translation Practice Set 1 - From Hindi to English

Translation of sentences from English to Hindi and vice-versa is a very important topic in some of the exams in India. Translation also plays an important role for those who are learning English language and want to become translators. For

Subject Verb Agreement Practice Set 1 with Answers

Do Subject Verb Agreement Practice Set 1 with Answers/ Solutions - Very important for all the students - Useful links Practice Set of Subject Verb Agreement/ Concord - a. His father and mother ------------ ( has/ have ) a car.

Translation Practice Set of Useful Sentences from Hindi to English

Prepare Useful Translation Practice Set from Hindi to English - Important Sentences for English learners - Useful links below - Translation Practice Set from Hindi to English - वे फ्रांसीसी भाषा धारा - परवाह बोल सकते हैं। - They can

Preposition Practice Set 3 with Answers

Do the Practice Set 3 of Preposition - Under each and every preposition, we have given solution/ answer - Useful links for all the students Use of Preposition - 1. Angry - with Example - Ravi is angry with John.

Prepositions Practice Set 2 with Solutions/ Answers

Important Prepositions with solutions or answers at the end of each sentence - Useful links for all the students Important Prepositions with Answers - 1. We adhere ------------ our principles. Answer - to 2. She is accused ----------- murder. Answer

Haryana Board 11th English Sample Paper - 2

Prepare 11th class (  HBSE ) English Sample Paper - 2 - Very important for 11th final exam - Useful links for 10+1 class students on this page Update March 2022 - HBSE will commence the papers of 11th class

Haryana 10th class Grammar Practice Set 2

Prepare HBSE 10th English Grammar Practice Set 2 - answer after every question - Useful links for 10th class students Q.1 Proper use of Punctuation :- a. sita said to me why have i come late Answer -Sita said to

Grammar Practice Set of 11th Class

Check your 11th Grammar through the practice set given below - We have also provided answers - Useful links for the students Q. 1 Parts of Speech :- Find the nouns, pronouns, Verbs, Adverbs, Adjective, Preposition etc. She is a