One Word Substitutions Part III – Learn them

Dear viewers, learn these one word substitutions for future exams – These are very imp. – Useful links on this page – One word Substitution – One how can use both hands with ease – Ambidexterous A man who has

One Word Substitution Part 4 – Prepare them

Learn more one word substitution from this page – These words may be quite important for you for your future exams – Use links given on this page – Prepare One Word Substitution for SSC, Banking Exams. One Word Substitution

Practice Homonyms Part 1

For Homonyms read the following words – Accept – Admit, Take Radha accepted publicly that she  was wrong. Except – Exclude, Save, apart from Everybody except John was present in the function. Amiable – Affable, Friendly nature Sophie is amiable

Word that Often Confuse Students – Homonyms Part 4

Read more homonyms or words that confuse Indian students Loose – Slack, Unfastened He prefers to wear loose shirts. Lose – to miss, to be unable to find Losing this chance means losing for ever. Maize – a rough grain

Homonyms Part 3 – Word that often confuse Students

Read these homonyms and prepare them – Cattle – Domestic or farm animal She bought a pair of cows from cattle fair. Kettle – A tea pot Ram poured milk from kettle. Cast – Noun – People who act in

Words Often Confuse the Students – Homonyms Practice Set 2

Here we are providing you some important homonyms – Access – Approach, entry, retrieve Rudra has got the direct access to Education minister. May she access some data from your PC ? Excess – Surplus, superabundance They should distribute their

Important Abbreviations, Daily Use Short Forms – Part 2

There is no dearth of Short Forms ( Abbreviations) in English. Almost every day we come across new abbreviations or new abbreviations are coined almost daily. So it is very important to have familiarity with these new short-forms. We have

Words that often confuse – Clear their meanings now

Words are the essential part of any of the languages. To make their proper use requires constant practice and efforts. But the meaning of the words must be clear before you use them. There are some words that are quite

Learn Important English Proverbs / Sayings

Use of Idioms and Proverbs in you language makes it ornamental and quite impressive. People love to listen the use of Proverbs and Idioms in the speaker’s speech. Proverbs are known as कहावतें in Hindi. Its other synonyms in English

35 Plus Foreign Words Phrases Expressions in English Language

There is a lot of foreign stuff, especially the vocabulary, used in the English Language. This stuff has become the part and parcel of this language. Being digestive, it can easily absorb the vocabulary from the foreign languages. Moreover, it

How to Improve English Vocabulary ? – Read Tips

This is the Age of English Language. There is no field where English is not spoken. English has become the medium of Instructions in schools and colleges It has become the language of written Tests for Admissions and Jobs. Interviews

Correct Pronunciation of Important English Words

English has become a language of big reputation in India. In the past also, the condition was almost same. Everybody sees dream of speaking this language quite frequently. Everybody has dream to make speeches in English before large audiences. But

Synonyms and Antonyms for all Exams by SSC, IBPS, CAT MBA

We are making  our best endeavor to supply you with everything that may cater to your preparation for the competitive exams ( Recruitment Related Exams and Entrance Tests ). Besides providing Grammar Contents and Question Papers we are making sincere

Important Phrasal Verbs for Competitive Exams

English vocabulary is very vast as it is the mixture of various elements like idioms, phrases, sayings etc. Phrasal Verbs also play important part in making the English Language effective and rich. Here we are providing some very useful Phrasal

Difference Between Paronyms and Homonyms/Homophones

Students get confused quite frequently over the use of Paronyms and Homonyms. But when you read the definitions of these two terms, everything shall be crystal clear to you. So first of all check the definitions of Paronyms & Homonyms