Important Phrasal Verbs for Competitive Exams

English vocabulary is very vast as it is the mixture of various elements like idioms, phrases, sayings etc. Phrasal Verbs also play important part in making the English Language effective and rich. Here we are providing some very useful Phrasal Verbs for the students of this language. Such Phrasal Verbs shall be important for the Competitive Exams ahead.

Definition of Phrasal Verbs –

The verbs used with prepositions, adverbs or both are defined as phrasal verbs. The give some idiomatic meaning when used together.

Now read some important Phrasal Verbs which are frequently asked in the Competitive Exams –

1. Ask for – ( Request ) – I asked for a cup of coffee.

2. Be in for – to receive – Owing to your bad habits you are in for trouble.

3. Bear away – to win – If you work hard, you shall bear away the first prize.

4. Blow over – pass off – Don’t take tension, your difficult time shall be blown over.

5. Blow up – to explode – The terrorists blew up the bridge.

6. Break through – to find a secret, to solve something – They are hopeful that there shall be a break through in this murder case.

7. Bring round – ( to make one agree )

He brought round his views to his colleagues.

8. Carry away by ( to lose control over oneself ) –

When he heard the news of his success, he was carried away by ecstasy.

9. Catch up with – ( to make up for any deficiency )

John had been ill for many days but caught up with the pending task very soon.

10. Come off – ( get separated )-

I was sad to see that the paint had come off the wall within six months it was done.

Use of Phrasal Verbs

11. Do for – Fulfill the purpose

This book will do for the IAS Examination.

12. Draw up – To draft

I was busy in drawing up plans for new business.

13. Stand by – To wait

We request you to stand by for an important announcement.

14. Tell Upon – To influence , Reflect

Much hard work has told upon this health.

15. Turn up – To reach suddenly

We were surprised to see him turn up at the party.

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Tips for enhancing your English vocabulary.

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One Word Substitution

Phrasal Verbs Practice set – 2

1. Act upon – Follow

Rudra always acts upon his father’s advice.

2. Blind of – eyes

One student of our class is blind of both eyes.

3. Break down – Fall, deteriorate

John’s health broke down due to over hard work.

4. Burst in to – overcome

When she learnt about her failure, she burst into tears.

5. Do without – live without, to manage

She can’t do without you.

6. Go off – to Fire, release of bullet from the gun

When the hunter saw the tiger, his gun didn’t go off.

7. Hanker after – run after

In this materialistic world, everybody hankers after money.

8. Live by – Depend

I am thankful to God that I can live by pen.

9. Insist upon – Emphasise

It is beyond my understanding why he insisting upon your going there.

10. Make away with – Steal

The thief made away with everything available in the almirah.

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