Computer Test Practice Paper for IBPS, SSC, HSSC – Important Questions

We have prepared another Practice Paper for Computer Knowledge Test for IBPS ( Banking Sector), SSC and other Recruitment Exams. This Practice Set shall help the examinees in solving Questions on Computer. We have selected questions from different topics of Computer Science or General Computer. So get ready to undergo a very wonderful experience of Computer knowledge for all exams.

Important Questions on Computer – Computer General Knowledge Set

Q. 1. When did Internet Services begin in India ?

Q. 2. Which company had started Internet Services in the country?

Q. 3. What is the full form of ARPANET ?

Q. 4. What does ICANN stand for ?

Q. 5. When did Internet Explorer come in to existence ?

Q. 6. What is the use of HTTP ?

Computer Practice Set For Competitive Exams

Q. 7. Who and when had founded Google ?

Q. 8. Which is the largest version of Windows ?

Q. 9. Which date marks the birth of IBM – PC ?

Q. 10. What is the 1st version of Windows ?

Q. 11. Which was the first interactive computer game ?

Q. 12. What is the biggest Software Company of India ?

Q. 13. Which was the world’s first universal microprocessor ?

Q. 14. Which company had prepared first laptop and in which year ?

Q. 15. Which is the most popular digital music player in the world and when was it introduced ?

16. What was the first PC- Virus and had developed that ?

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Answers – 1. On 15th August 1995 2. Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd ( VSNL ) 3. Advanced Research Project Agency Network 4. International Council for Assigned Names and Numbers 5. in 1995 6. to transfer and manage the links between one hypertext documents and another on web 7. Larry Page and Sergey Brin in Sept 1998 8. Microsoft Windows 7 9. August 12, 1981 10. Windows 3.1 11. SPACEWAR 12. Tata Consultancy Services ( TCS ) . 13. CHIP – 4004 14. Osborne Computer Corporation in 1981 15. iPod in 2001 by Apple 16. It was a Boot Sector Virus called BRAIN and its developers were two Pakistani Brothers Basit and Amjad Farooq

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