World Famous Inventors and their Inventions

Here we are preparing a list of World famous Inventors and their inventions. This topic is not only important to enhance your knowledge about the inventors and their famous inventions but also for the competitive exams where such questions are generally asked. So check the list of Famous Inventors and their inventions.

  1. Hovannes Adamian – He belonged to Russia and invented tricolor principle of the colour television
  2. Momofuku Ando – A Japanese who prepared Instant Noodles
  3. Hal Anger – From USA and Invented Gamma Camera
  4. Archimedes – From Greece and invented Archimedes’ Screw
  5. E.H Armstrong – Native of USA and invented FM Radio
  6. W.G Armstrong – From UK. He invented Hydraulic Accumulator
  7. John Vincent Atanasoff – He was the inventor from USA and invented Modern Digital Computer
  8. Roger Bacon from UK and invented magnifying glass.
  9. John Logie Baird – From Scotland and invented Electronic Colour Television
  10. John Barber. He belonged to UK and invented Gas Turbine
  11. John Bardeen – from USA -Co-inventor of transistor
  12. Eugen Baumann – Country Germany and invention is PVC

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  1. Josip Belusic – Croatia and the invention is Electronic Speedometer
  2. Alexander Graham Bell – He belonged to UK, Canada and USA and invented Telephone
  3. Mellita Bentz – From Germany and invention is Paper Coffee Filter
  4. Emile Berliner – He belonged to Germany and USA and his chief invention was Disc Record Gramophone  Great Inventors and their useful Invention
  5. Tim Berners Lee – From USA and most famous invention is WWW.
  6. Laszlo Biro – He was from Hungry and he invented modern ball point pen.
  7. J.C Bose – He was from India and invented Crescograph
  8. Louis Braille – France and invented Braille Writing System and Musical Notation
  9. Harry Brearley was from UK and he had to credit to invent stainless steel
  10. Surgey Brin and Larry Page – Russia/ USA – They invented Google Web Search Engine
  11. Maria Christina Bruhn – Sweden and Gun Powder
  12. Anders Celsius  – From Sweden and made Celsius Temperature Scale
  13. Corradino D’Ascanio – From Italy and invented Vespa Scooter
  14. Rudolf Diesel – Belonged to Germany and invented Diesel engine
  15. Douglas Engelbart – USA and made Computer Mouse
  16. Alexander Flemming – Belonged to Scotland and invented Penicillin
  17. Standford Flemming – He was Canadian and discovered Universal Standard Time
  18. Samuel Guthrie – From USA and invented Chlorofom
  19. Ruth Handler from USA and made Barbie Doll
  20. Karl Jatho from Germany and made Aeroplane
  21. John Pemberton from USA and made soft-drink Coca-Cola
  22. WC Rontgen from Germany and made X-ray machine
  23. Larry Sanger and Jimmy Wales – Both from USA and created Wikipedia

We shall update this post with more Inventors and their useful invention. So please keep coming.

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