Problem of Unemployment in India & Solution - An Essay

  • 8,000 unemployed engineers kept standing in long queues for jobs in Bengaluru
  • Three teachers hung themselves when they were shown doors in UP

Such news reports are very common and show the grim picture of employment in the country. Increasing population, poor standard of education and unskilled people are the major problem of this epidemic called unemployment.

For one post, there is always a great no of applications from the eligible youth. For the posts are peons, there are applications from Graduates, Post Graduates and even from PhD candidates. Now let's find the reasons behind this dearth of jobs in detail.

First is the Population -

India is suffering from a very big population. Due this increasing population, the demand for employment is also increasing. But the jobs are not being created in the same proportion and that's why there is the same scene as presented above.

Poor Standard of Education -

The standard of education is not good in our country. The students obtain degrees/ diplomas but don't possess knowledge sufficient enough to get jobs. They get only bookish knowledge which doesn't work when you are out in this competitive world.

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Problem of Unemployment in India & Solution - An Essay

These candidates are completely rejected at the time of interviews or can't clear any written exam for Recruitment. Even after doing technical courses, they remain unskilled.

Wrong Policies of Govt -

Sometimes wrong policies of govt are also responsible. Poor Selection Process and Reservation System have made the this problem more grave. Due to this system less meritorious candidates are selected.

The situation becomes more ironical when all the members of one family get employment whereas in another family no person has got job despite being equally eligible.

Now what is the solution to fight this problem of unemployment ?

Create Skilled People - Be employer rather than employee

The competitive market needs more and more skilled people. So there should be focus on Skill-enhancement programmes in our education system. The focus should be on making people self-employed who can give other people employment.

Review, Improve and if possible scrap this Reservation System

The faulty reservation system must be fine. We must provide the jobs on the basis of merit. If somebody gets some benefit, it must be on the basis of person's economic conditions.
Poor and rich people must be in every caste. In this way Intelligent youngsters must get motivation for higher education.

Only then, we can be able to solve this problem of unemployment to a great extent.

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