Population Explosion - Root Cause of all Problems - An Essay

Population of any country is the life of that country, but when it crosses limit it becomes nuisance. When the population of a nation increases without any control causing unceasing problems is called Population Explosion.

India is also suffering this one of the biggest problems of the world. It is well-said that big population is the mother of all the problems prevailing in India. The problems caused by it are - extreme poverty, unemployment, shortage of land and food, pollution and so on. The biggest of all these is poverty.

At present the population of India is more than 134 crore with the second world rank after China. This population constitutes around 18% of the total population of the world. It is quite astonishing that some of its states carry population larger than that of any other big country of the world. It is said that we produce a new Australia every year. So let's take pride in it. Jokes apart, it is quite a serious issue which needs quick attention. ( See the latest report below )

Due to this steep rise in population, there is the shortage of houses, food, jobs and everything. More than half of the population is poor. They don't have two square meals of the day what to speak of other facilities. In some countries like Japan the big population has become a boon with most of the people are skilled there. But in India we have unskilled poor people. They don't know how to earn their livelihood. Therefore they resort to easy methods like begging, theft etc.

An Essay / Article on Population Explosion

The problem of unemployment is also very serious. First of all there are no jobs. Even if there is vacancy, there are thousands of applications for 1 post. People are ready to work for food only. Pollution is also linked with increase in population. In order to meet the demand of this badly increasing population, there is the need of more and more industries, vehicles etc. and more industries and vehicles means more pollution.

In a way all the problems directly and indirectly linked with increase in population. So it is important to check in rise of the population. Govt has already initiated a no of awareness drives. People are also aware of this grim problem now. Still there is a lot to be done immediately. Now Population should be the topic of School and college curriculum.

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The awareness must reach to the rural areas and poor people through the educated people. The biggest reason of having big families is the orthodox views of illiterate people. So much will have  to be done in this direction. Only then we shall be able to check this increase in population.

Latest Updates regarding India's Population ( 22nd June 2017)  -

As per the latest United Nations' estimate, India's population could surpass that of China around 2024. However, it is two years' later than earlier expected. It is being assumed that India's population may touch 1.5 billion in 2030. According to the World Population Prospects : The 2017 Revision, published by the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs, at present the population of China is 1.41 billion whereas that of India is 1.34 billion.

New Measures taken by Indian Govt to check this increase in population -

In order to check the increasing population, the Ministry of Health under Govt of India has started another scheme. Now it will focus on 146 most fertile districts with TFR ( Total Fertility Rate ) above 3. The Ministry shall facilitate the saas bahu sammelans across these selected districts to create awareness towards the importance of small families.

Under this new plan, the govt will gift the newly-weds in all these 146 districts. These Gifts shall be called Nai Pehel kits ( Fresh Start Kits ). The kit will carry contraceptives, hygiene products for husband-wife personal communication to help delay the birth of their first baby. This move shall also place women in better negotiating positions in respect of their reproductive rights.

According to National Family Health Survey, India's TFR ( Children per woman ), was 2.2 in 2015-2016 against 2.7 in 2005-2006. As we have remarked earlier these 146 districts have their TFR above 3.

These 146 districts fall in the following states -

Name of the States Districts covered
UP Fifty Seven
Bihar Thirty Seven
MP Twenty Five
Rajasthan Fourteen
Jharkhand Nine
Chhattisgarh Two
Assam Two

Courtesy - The Tribune

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