Diwali Messages, Latest Wallpaper, Images - Short Essay

Essay/ Speech/ Article on Diwali - Diwali Wishes/ Messages / Diwali Wallpapers/ Beautiful Images Essay/A short Speech on Diwali/ Messages/ Links for Images This Year ( 24th October 2022, Monday ) the whole of country is celebrating Diwali festival. On

An Essay, Article on "The Republic Day of India" for students

Read a brief article or essay on Republic Day of India - अंग्रेजी में गणतंत्र दिवस समारोह निबंध  26th Jan 2022 ( Wednesday ) - The Chief Guest had to be British PM Boris Johnson. But due to new strain of

A Short Essay, Article on Demonetization and its Impact

An Essay/ Article on Demonetisation ( नोट बंदी) in India with its social and economic impact - भारत में नोटबंदी पर निबंध / लेख - Read Nov 2018 Historic Decision of the Union BJP Govt When PM Modi announced that

How to write an Essay - A Format for all Exams

Format of an Essay - All in One for the students of all the exams Essays are the part and particle of every exam. It means they appear in each and every exam. They can be of any topic. Essays

Lord Buddha - An Essay on his life, A Biography

A brief essay on Mahatma Buddha/ Lord Buddha / Gautam Buddha Many kings came and left this world ; nobody remembers them, but Lord Buddha's name will live till the end of the world. Gautam Buddha was born in the

Water Scarcity - Save Water, Conserve Water

An Essay on Water Scarcity in India - Problem, Reasons and Solution - Save Water, Conserve Water Water is the most essential element for our survival on the earth. We can't imagine our life without water. But now-a-days we see

Women Empowerment, Role of Women - An Essay, Article

Read an Article / Essay on Women Empowerment International 2020 - 8th March 2020 ( Sunday ) There is much talk about Women Empowerment or Role  of Women or Modern Indian Women these days. Some say that women are empowered

Essay on Road Accidents - A Short Article, Speech

Read an Essay/ Speech/ Article on Road Accidents, Reasons and Solution Road accidents have become the order of the day for the people in India. Every time we hear one or the other such incident. Newspapers are filled with the

Population Explosion - Root Cause of all Problems - An Essay

Population of any country is the life of that country, but when it crosses limit it becomes nuisance. When the population of a nation increases without any control causing unceasing problems is called Population Explosion. India is also suffering this

An Essay / Article on Problem of Adulteration with Solutions

Adulteration is one the biggest and most dangerous problems Indians are facing. Whatever you are eating or using is undoubtedly adulterated. Children's staple food, milk is full of water and other intoxicants. If you love fruit, they also contain harmful

How to Improve Education System ? - An Overhaul

Essay / Article on - How to Improve the Falling Standard of Education ? All of us in India are grumbling against the poor education system. We are crying for quick reforms in the system for bringing the country on

Subhash Chandra Bose - A Great & Miraculous Leader

Give me blood and I will give you freedom ( तुम मुझे खून दो मैं तुम्हें आज़ादी दूंगा। )- these energetic and magic words from the mouth of Subhash Chandra Bose had stirred the youth of the country and all

Caste Politics in India - Blot on Democratic Set up

A Short Essay/ Speech/ Article on Caste Politics in India They can make people fool in the name of castes and religions in India. This is what the Indian politicians are doing. Each and every incident related with castes takes

The Problem of Rising Prices - Reasons, Solution

Prepare an Essay/Speech on Rise in Prices, Reasons and Solutions Rise in prices has become a permanent problem in India. The last Lok Sabha Election was also contested on this issue and it was one of the big reasons for

Value of Games in Education - A Report, Short Essay

Games are part and parcel of a student's life. It is an inseparable part of Education System. The main objective of education is to develop the students physically, mentally and morally. It is well said that sound body contains a

Importance of Mobile Phones / Cell Phones - A Short Essay

Importance of Mobile Phones / Cell Phones - A Short Essay - Prepare Essay on Role/Importance of Mobiles / Cell Phones An extra-ordinary invention of modern era, a concept from the fairy tales, mobiles have changed the mode of communication

Education and Movies - Students can learn a lot

Prima facie it looks weird and ridiculous that movies can also provide education to the children. But it is the fact that your children can get benefits educationally by watching movies. It is true that a person can receive education

Superstitions in India - Need to curb them

A brief Essay on Superstitions in India - Remedy/ Solutions Indian is a land of diversities with more than 125 crore people and their various faiths residing here. The chief religions are - Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism et al.