Students and Politics – Students must keep from Petty Politics

JNU episode has caused stir in the whole nation these days. The anti-national mood on the death-anniversary of Afzal Guru who got capital punishment for his alleged involvement in the brazen attack on Indian Parliament in 2001. It was witnessed by the whole nation.

The students gathered in the wee hours in the university campus and involved in the anti-national activities involving slogans and hatred speeches by various students’ leaders including JNU Students’ President Kanhaiya.

The police immediately swung in to action. Cases of treason were lodged against various students. This is not the question whether they were the part or not, who is guilty or who is not.

The questions are – why is somebody using these temples of education for trivial political gains ? Why do the students become toys in the hands of these political crocodiles ? Why are these students letting these politically unscrupulous people using them for this vicious game ?

Students of any country are the true treasure of it. The future of the country depends upon these young people. It is they who have to represent country as leaders, make country by becoming engineers, treat its people by becoming doctors and render all the head and shoulder services in various capacities.

These students are the sources of vital energy which can transform the face of the country. But if they use this energy in the otherwise ways, it can cause destruction and anarchy.

The students must participate in the healthy political debates. So they should be the part of the political system which is good for the health of democracy. But they must shy of the petty politics which always comes in to existence for petty gains and cause unrest in the country.

Rather these students must focus on their aims and thus on the building of their career, their parents’ dreams and the country. So they must not get distraction by these anti-social forces who have nothing to do with their dreams and career.

So don’t get your education mingle with mean politics. Don’t allow these crocodiles to enter your temple of education.

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