First in the World and India – First Events, Persons

There are two or three questions of this nature in the exam that you are asked about Who is the first….. ? It is very simple to answer these questions if you have read about them. Read about some important First events or persons of India and Country.

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First Persons/Events in the World and India

1. Who was the first General Secretary of UNO ?

Ans – Trigvelli from Norway

2. Who was the first President of the USA ?

Ans – George Washington

Q. 3. Who was the first Woman PM of the world ?

Ans – Mrs Sirimavo Bhandarnaike

Q. 4. The first woman President of the World ?

Ans – Isabelle Pairon from Argentina

Q. 5. Who was the first person to go to the Space ?

Ans – Uri Gagrin

Q. 6. First person to put his leg on the moon ?

Ans – Neil Armstrong

Q. 7. The first space shuttle to reach the Mars ?

Ans – Viking – 1

Q. 8. The first person to scale Mt Everest ?

Ans -Tenzing Norgey and Sir Edmund Hillary

Q. 9. The first woman to reach the Mt Everest ?

Ans – Mrs Junko Tebai

Q. 10. Which was the first country to release paper currency ?

Ans – China

Q. 11. The first country to make constitution ?

Ans – USA

Q. 12. The first country to use National Anthem ?

Ans – Japan

Q. 13. The first woman to cross seven famous sees by swimming ?

Ans – Bula Chaudhary

Q. 14. The first country to ban smoking –

Ans – Bhutan

Q. 15. Who was the first British Governor of India ?

Ans – Lord William Bentinck

Q. 16. The last British Governor India ?

Ans – Lord Canning

Q. 17. The First Viceroy of India ?

Ans – Lord Canning

The First Persons and Events in the world and India

Q. 18. The last emperor of Mughal Empire ?

Ans – Bahadur Shah Zafar

Q. 19 The first Governor General of Free India ?

Ans – Lord Mountbatten

Q. 20. The first Indian to clear ICS ?

Ans – Satyendranath Tagore

Q. 21. The First Indian Governor General ?

Ans – C Rajgopalachari . He was also the last Governor General of India

Q. 22. The First Indian to get Nobel Prize

Ans – Sh Rabindranath Tagore for Gitanjali in 1913

Q. 23. The first person to be the Chairperson of Indian National Congress ?

Ans – Vyomesh Chandra Bannerji

Q. 24. The first woman Chairperson of INC ?

Ans – Smt Vijaya Laxmi Pandit

Q. 25. Who was the first Woman Governor of Indian State ?

Ans – Smt Sarojini Naidu

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