Learn to fight from IAS Topper Ira Singhal - Some Tips

Yes, Ira Singhal has done it. She has topped IAS - India's biggest Civil Services Exam. A girl in the eyes of others Physically challenged has challenged the others and then defeated them only through her super human hard work, unyielding confidence and passion for doing something for the people like her.

In her story of success we find that if we have the mingling of these said qualities, success can't be far away for longer however big the hurdles are. She has become the symbol of inordinate passion and the belief that if you have seen some dream, fall after that dream and that will be real in future.

The candidates who are preparing for the IAS and other competitive Exams must emulate this champion who has won the fight with her spiritual strength.

Here are some of qualities of the successful persons which may help you crack any of the exams -

No short cut to success -

Believe in this saying. Shortcuts will take you nowhere. Hard work is the only key to success.

Prepare Strategy -

There must be the method of doing something. Only hard work can't bring the desired success. Strategy is must for the sure success.

Believe in yourself -

Believe that God lives in you. Don't search is outside. Believe in yourself and keep telling you as you are the most special person of the world and has come to this world with a special purpose. God means the strength of your soul, peace of your mind, your positive energy. Nothing is impossible in this world. If others can do, you can also do.

Have Professional Attitude -

Behave like a professional. It will bring perfection to your work and attitude. Learn this habit from Aamir Khan or Australian Cricket team. Do the things perfectly and things will fall at the right place.

Remember these points and wait for the result to come. It will definitely be positive.

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