How to Introduce Myself in English? Read Some Tips

If you are facing any interview, the first question the interviewer shot at you is – Introduce yourself. That’s why most the candidates who are to face interview keep running from pillar to post to have Perfect Self Introduction. We are giving you some points below using them you can make your Introduction Perfect.

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First of check the frequently asked questions related with Introduction –

  • Introduce yourself please.
  • Tell us something about yourself.
  • Can we know about you a bit ?
  • Please give your brief introduction and so on.

Tips for giving Self- Introduction during Interview –

1. Don’t start it with the phrase ” Myself is ABC or Myself ABC “. Always say – My name is ….or I am …….

2. Tell them about the place you belong to. The sentences/ Phrases you may use – I belong to/ I am from/ I hail from/ I come from etc

3. Give details regarding your higher education on the basis of which you have applied for the job. Don’t talk more about the lower education as the interviewers may not be interested in that. You can use the following sentences describing your Higher Education – I am Graduated/ Post Graduated from …… University / I did my Graduation/ Post Graduation from ………/ My higher qualification is ……..

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4. A couple of  sentences about your hobby – I love to read/ do ……….in my luxury hours. It helps me in relieving stress and refreshes me for future action.

5. About your weaknesses and strengths. Answer smartly. Your weakness must turn in to your strength. For example – My weakness is that I can’t see anybody in pains. / When I see people gossiping during working hours, I can’t tolerate and so on. Talking about your strengths, your ego must not be reflected from your answer. It should be humble. My hard work is my strength. / Patience is my great strength etc.

6. You can also talk about your experience in simple language. I have 4 years’ experience from ………

So practice these questions for Self Introduction. You have to choose the right script. You can also add some lines as per the nature of the interview.

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