Practice Set 4 for SSC, HSSC, IBPS Exams

Get ready to get one more Practice Set for your upcoming exams by Staff Selection Commission, Haryana Staff Selection Commission and IBPS Clerk and PO. This Model Practice Set shall help you in grabbing a fair idea of the nature of questions and paper you are going to face in future.

We have provide the Solution/ Answer key at the end of the page. So here is your SSC/ HSSC/ IBPS Sample Paper

Check your Preparation from the Sample Paper –

Q. 1. Who had created the Flag Song ( ध्वज गीत ) of India ?

Q. 2. On which day World Human Rights Day is celebrated ?

Q. 3. Who was the Indian woman to reach on the peak of Mt Everest twice ?

Q. 4. In which Olympic did India win its first Olympic ?

Q. 5. The folk dance Mahoos ( महूस ) belongs to

Q. 6. What is the one word substitution of – A place for housing aeroplanes

Q. 7. Correct the following sentence – When I went here, I found him asleep.

Practice Paper for All Competitive Exams like HSSC/ SSC/Banking

Q. 8. Correct the following sentence – He is a man who has been arrested for murdering his own brother.

Q. 9. Change the narration of the following sentence – I said, ” When I went there, Sophie was sleeping.”

Q. 10.Change the voice of the following sentence – They asked me what I was doing.

Q. 11. If Rudra has 1/3 times more money than Kinjal and Kinjal has 4 Rupee less than Rudra, how much money does Rudra have ?

Q. 12. Find out odd man out – 6, 10, 14, 34, 66, 130, 258

Q. 13. If in some code language TOPPER is written as POTREP, then RUBREG shall be written as –

Q. 14. The selling price of 5 things is equal to the purchasing price of 3 things. What is the loss % or profit %

Q. 15. One train crosses 800 m and 400 m long two bridges in 100 seconds and 60 seconds respectively. What is the length of the train?

Answers – 1. Shyamlal Gupt Parshad 2. On 10th of Dec 3. Santosh Yadav 4. In 1928 Amsterdam Olympic 5.  Himachal Pradesh 6. Hanger 7. When I went there 8. the man 9. I said that when I went there, Sophie was sleeping. 10. I was asked what was being done by me. 11. Rs 16 12. 14 13. BURGER 14. Loss 40% 15. 200 m

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