Questions on Profit and Loss – Maths Practice Set

Besides the other topics of Math for Competitive exams, the called Profit and Loss is also very important. There are two or three questions on Profit and Loss in almost every exam.

For the candidates of SSC CGL/ CHSL, HSSC Written Exams and other exams, this topic is very important.

Profit and Loss –

Rule of Fraction dominates this chapter. So the examinees are expected to have better hold over the Fraction system for doing the questions on Profit and Loss.

Practice set on Profit and Loss

Q. 1. A grocer mixes Rs 26 kg of sugar which costs Rs 2 a kg with 30 kg of sugar which cost Rs 3.60 a kg and sells the mixture at Rs 3 a kg. What is his total gain and the profit per cent?

Q. 2. Rudra purchased 20 dozen notebooks at Rs 48 per dozen. He sold 8 dozen at 10% profit and the remaining 12 dozen at 20% profit. What is his profit percentage in this transaction ?

Q. 3. 2/3 of a consignment was sold at 6% profit and the rest at a loss of 3%. Overall profit is Rs 540. What is the value of consignment ?

Sample Paper on Profit and Loss

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Q. 4. An article is sold at 20% profit. Of its cost price is increased by Rs 50 and at the same time if its selling price is also increased by Rs 30/-, the percentage of profit decreased by 3 1/3%. What is the cost price ?

Q. 5. A person sells 16 articles for the same money as he paid for 20. What is his gain percent ?

Q. 6. A person purchases 5 horses and 10 cows for Rs 10,000. He sells the horses at 15% profit and the cows at 10% loss. Thus he gets Rs 375 as profit. Find the cost of 1 horse and 1 cow separately.

Q. 7. The cost price of 10 articles is equal to the selling price of 9 articles. What is the profit % ?

Q. 8. An article is sold at 20% profit. If its CP and SP are less by Rs 10 and Rs 5 respectively, the % increases by 10%. What is the cost price ?

Answers – 1. 5% 2. 16% 3. Rs 18,000 4. Rs 850/- 5. 25% 6. Rs 450 7. 11 1/9% 8. Rs 80

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