Very Short Questions from My Mother at Sixty-six

Objective Type/ Very short questions from the poem ” My Mother at Sixty-six ( 66 ) by Kamala Das – For 12th Students from Flamingo – For Boards HBSE/ BSEH/ CBSE etc.

Q. Who is the poet of the poem ” My Mother at Sixty-six ” ?

Answer – Mrs Kamala Das

Q. When was the poetess born ?

Answer – In 1934

Q. Name the place where the poetess was born ?

Answer – Malabar, Kerala

Q. Who is ” I ” in the poem ?

Answer – The daughter

Q. Which day is mentioned in the poem ?

Answer – Friday

Q. What is the pen-name of Kamala Das ?

Answer – Madhavikutty

Q. –  Who has written the novel ” Alphabet of Lust ” ?

Answer – Kamaladas in 1977

Q. Name her some other works published :-

Answer – Padmavati the Harlot and Other Stories published in 1992.

Q. What is Padmavati the Harlot and Other Stories ?

Answer – Collection of Short Stories

Q. What is theme of the poem ” My Mother at 66 ” ?

Answer – Human Relationships

Q. Who accompanied the poetess ?

Answer – Her mother

Q. To whom/ which thing was the mother compared ?

Answer – Late winter’s moon

Q. What is meaning of the word : sprinting ?

Answer – short fast race, running

Q. What is the meaning of the word : wan ?

Answer – colorless

Q. Who were sprinting out of window ?

Answer – young trees.

Q. What were the merry children doing ?

Answer – spilling out of their homes

Q. What does the word ‘fear’ express in the poem ?

Answer – Permanent separation from the mother

Q. Where are the mother and the poetess going one day ?

Answer – Cochin’s Airport

Q. What is mother doing during their short journey ?

Answer – mother is dozing

Q. What is the meaning of corpse ?

Answer – dead body

Q. Who looks like a corpse ?

Answer – mother

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Keep coming on this page for Questions/ Answers like these. These Questions may be turned in to Multiple Choice Questions ( MCQs).

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