English Meaning of Important Indian Words ( Sweets )

In this article, you will find the English version of some Hindi ( Indian ) sweets, snacks etc. So far we have used them as they are while speaking in English. It is all correct. However, we must also know their English Version or every body wants to know.

English Version of Some Important / Mouth-watering Sweets/ Snacks / Sentences etc.

कचौड़ी -Pie/ Kachori

रायता – Mixed Curd

जलेबी, इमरती – Funnel Cake/ Jalebi/ Imerti

खोआ – Condensed Milk

समोसा – Rissole/ Samosa

पकौड़े – Fritters/ Pakodas

पानीपुडी,गोलगप्पे – Water Balls/ Gol Gappas

छाछ – Butter milk, Whey

मलाई – Cream

रोटी – Chapatti, Bread

तरी – Gravy

चिरोंजी- Cudpahnut

किशमिस – Raisin

बासी रोटी – Stale chapatti

फटा दूध – Sore milk

Useful sentences regarding day to day Speaking English 

खाने के बाद मीठा – Dessert

अम्बी – Raw mango

पकवान – Dressed food

ताजी रोटी – Fresh chapatti

ताजे फल – Fresh fruit

Important/ Useful Words of daily use ( Sweets/ Spices etc. )

मीठा – Sweet

नमकीन – Salty

खट्टा – Sore

बेस्वाद/फीका – Insipid/Sugar -free

खटास – Soreness

कड़वा – Bitter

कड़वाहट – Bitterness

मिठास – Sweetness

उबला हुआ –  Boiled

तला हुआ – Oily

सूखा – Dry

Learn Etiquette / Manners

भूना हुआ – Roasted

चिपचिपा – Sticky

स्वादिष्ठ- Tasty ( For eatables )

Note – The word Tasteful is used for the things other than food items that give pleasures to mind.

For example –

This room is decorated in a tasteful manner.

The food is very tasty.

सुहागा- Borax

सौंफ- Aniseed


भूना चना- Roasted gram/ chickpeas

Learn Synonyms from here.

Practice Set for Antonyms

Note – We don’t use Tasteful regarding the tastes of mouth. Tasteful  is always concerned with the taste of eyes and mind.

  • Example – This is tasty food.
  • Furniture is adjusted here in a tasteful way.

अस्वादिस्ट- Tasteless

मज़ेदार- Tasty

ज़ीरा- Cumin seed

Important words regarding food or food items

तुलसी- Basil

फिटकरी- Alum

नाश्ता – Breakfast

नाश्ते और दोपहर के बीच का खाना – Brunch – Breakfast + Lunch( Food between Breakfast and Lunch )

दोपहर का खाना – Lunch

शाम का खाना – Supper ( Food before dinner )

रात का खाना – Dinner

मंसूर की दाल – Lentil

पनीर – Cheese

मक्खन – Butter

प्रशाद – Offering/Prashad / Prashad

सड़ा फल- Rotten fruit

हलवाई- Confectioner

हलवाई की दुकान- Confectionery

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We shall add more such words in this post, so, keep coming on regular basis.

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