Translation From Hindi to English Practice Set - Pronouns

Learn practice set of translation ( Pronouns ) from Hindi to English for English learners- Very Important Sentences - Useful links ahead Translation from Hindi to English ( Pronouns ) - वह हमारा स्कूल है।- That is our school. उन्होंने

Translation of Sentences- How can we Transform/ Change a Sentence

Read Translation of Sentences - Change from one sentence without changing the meaning Can anybody/anyone lift this box ? ( Int )_- Nobody can lift this box. ( Neg ) क्या कोई इस बक्से को उठा सकता है ?- कोई

Translation Practice Set From English to Hindi

Learn Translation Practice set ( English to Hindi) - On this page, the visitors can learn some interesting ( basic ) sentences. We have used both the languages ( English and Hindi ) for the visitors to understand. Read Practice

Translation Set - Very Important Sentences

Read some more important sentences of daily use, for the learners. Again you will find the translation of these sentences ( from Hindi to English ) - Read the sentences with translation - वे छोटी छोटी बातों पर लड़ पड़ते

English Meaning of Important Indian Words ( Sweets )

In this article, you will find the English version of some Hindi ( Indian ) sweets, snacks etc. So far we have used them as they are while speaking in English. It is all correct. However, we must also know

Use of the verb Keep with Examples - Hindi English

Here in this article, we are going to tell you about the important use of the verb " Keep ". Besides that see some more interesting uses. Examples are given in both English and Hindi Languages. Very useful for the

Translation Practice Set 2 for Modals - Hindi to English

Modals are very important in English. If you are learning translation, you must also know how to make sentences using modals. And for that you must also know the rules of Modals. For the rules click here. This Modal Translation

Hindi English Translation - Games / Sports Sentences

Almost all the people love games/ Sports. Whether playing or talking about them, there are some particular sentences which are in frequent use. So it is very important for an English Learner to prepare these sentences. Translation Sets of sentences

Translation Practice Set 1 - From Hindi to English

Translation of sentences from English to Hindi and vice-versa is a very important topic in some of the exams in India. Translation also plays an important role for those who are learning English language and want to become translators. For

Translation Practice Set for English Learner

This is another article with important sentences of daily use. Here we have translated these sentences from English to Hindi. These are based on day-to-day conversation. Check them - English to Hindi Translation - He is vomiting. He is suffering

Translation Practice Set related with Complete Past Tense

Before you start doing Translation Practice Set for the Past Tense, read  Present Tense here. This Practice Set shall contain Translation related with the whole Past Tense namely - Past Indefinite, Past Continuous, Past Perfect and Past Perfect Continuous. However

Translation Practice Paper for Complete Future Tense

This is the last leg of Translation related with Tenses. Now you will do some Translations related with Future Tense. However, before that do the following Practice Sets - Translation of Present Tense Past Tense Translation Also read the rules

Translation related with Tenses - Complete Present Tense

On the demands of our readers, we are preparing Translation Practice Set related with Tenses. We shall prepare it in three parts - Translation ( Present Tense ), Translation ( Past Tense ) and  Translation ( Future Tense). First of

Translation Practice Set with Paragraphs - Hindi to English

Now we are providing some Paragraphs for the Practice of Translation. These are in both Hindi and English. And you can translate them according to your requirement i.e. from Hindi to English and vice versa. This practice set will certainly