W-H Family ( What/ Where/ Why) related Translation Practice Set

The sentences related with W-H family are very important not only in speaking but in writing as well. Students practicing translation must know about their usage.

This Translation Practice Set shall enable you to use such sentences with ease. In the Practice Set, you will find sentences in Hindi. We shall provide you the translation after the Exercise.

What/Where/Why/Which/ Who/Whom/How Related Translation from Hindi to English

1. वह क्यों रो रही है ?

2. उसने झूट क्यों बोला ?

3. तुम किधर जा रहे हो ?

4. तुम्हारा भाई किस शहर में रहता है ?

5. उसनें क्या अपराध किया है ?

6. बच्चे स्कूल कैसे जातें हैं ?

7. उसका अपमान किसने किया है ?

8. पार्टी में कितनें लोग आये थे ?

9. तुम्हारे स्कूल का प्रिंसिपल कौन है ?

10. तुम्हारे पास कितने पैसे हैं ?

11. तुम्हारी कक्षा में कितने विद्यार्थी हैं ?

12. यह सड़क कहाँ जाती है ?

13. तुमने अपनें बारे में क्यों छिपाया ?

14. आपका किस बैंक में खाता है ?

15. उसे विश्वास दिलवानें के ले क्या करूं ?

16. तुमने यह फिल्म कितनी बार देखी है ?

17. आपका जन्म दिन किस  महीने में आता है ?

18. तुम रात को कब सोते हो ?

19. दूध क्यों फट गया है ?

20. उसका क्या कसूर है ?

Translation from Hindi into English related with W-H Family –

1. Why is she weeping ?

2. Why did he lie ? /Why did he tell a lie ?

3. Where are you going ?

4. In which city does your brother live ?

5. What crime has he committed ?

6. How do the children go to school ?

7. Who has insulted him ?

8. How many people attended the party ?

9. Who is the Principal of your school ?

10. How much money do you have ?

11. How many students are there in your class ?

12. Where does this road lead to ?

13. Why did you conceal facts about you ?

14. In which bank do you have the account ?

15. What should I do to convince him ?

16. How many times have you seen this movie ?

17. In which month does your birthday fall ?

18. When do go to bed at night ?

19. Why has the milk turned sour ?

20. What is his fault ?

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