Conjunction and its use for Competitive Exams

Conjunctions or Linkers are very useful in English. It is imperative for an English Learner to have complete knowledge of their usage in a sentence. The candidates can get command over the Conjunctions through constant practice. Below we are providing you some important Conjunctions and their usage along with the definition.

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What is a Conjunction ?

A conjunction is a word which joins two or more than two words, phrases, clauses or sentences. Check the following examples –

  • Rudra and Kinjal are playing together.
  • I gave him money and a piece of advice.
  • I waited for him but he didn’t come.
  • What would you like to have – tea or coffee ?

Note – The bold letters are conjunctions.

Read various Conjunctions and their uses –

1. As well as – और इसके साथ साथ

John abused me as well as threatened to kill me.

I as well as you am to go.

2. Or else – नहीं तो वरना

Hurry up, or else you will miss the bus.

3. Hence – इस प्रकार , अतः

He was not invited, hence, he didn’t come.

4. Consequently – परिणाम स्वरुप, फलतः

They didn’t work hard, consequently they have failed.

5. either — or – या तो यह या वो

He is either a thief or a murderer.

6. neither —— nor – ना  तो यह ना  वो

Neither I nor you shall go there.

7. Both —- and – दोनों ही

He is both intelligent and honest.

8. So ——- that – इतना ——- कि

He is so weak that he can’t walk.

9. too ——– to – इतना ——- कि

He is too weak to walk.

Note – too is never followed by any negative word like not, no etc.

10. So that / In order that – ताकि

We work hard so that we may succeed.

11. Although ——– yet – यद्यपि फिर भी

Although he worked hard, yet he failed.

12. So ——– as – इतना ——- कि

He is not so foolish as he appears to be.

Translation Practice Set of Conjunction ( Hindi to English )

Important Conjunctions

13. as ——— as – इतना —— जितना

He is as clever as you.

Note – It is good to use so — as in the negative constructions whereas as ——- in affirmative sentences.

14. Whether —– or – चाहो ना चाहो

I will come whether you like or not.

15. As —- so – जैसा —– वैसा

As you sow so shall you reap.

16. No sooner ——— than – ज्योंही —– वैसे ही

No sooner had I reached the station than the train moved.

Note – In this construction, we use inversion ( change of the natural order ).

17. Hardly/ Scarcely ——— when – मुश्किल से ही

Hardly had he reached the school when the bell rang.

Note – In this construction, we also use inversion.

18. Not only ——— but also – ना सिर्फ यह बल्कि वह भी

He is not only intelligent but honest also.

19. Till or Until – जब तक या जब तक नहीं

Wait here till I come.

He didn’t go until I told him to go.

20. Provided – बशर्ते

He will believe you provided you speak the truth.

21. As if – मानों कि

He behaves as if he were a king.

22. Though – यद्यपि

Though he is poor, he is honest.

23. However – चाहे कितनी भी

He will not pass however hard work he may do.

24. Nevertheless – फिर भी

He was not invited to the marriage, nevertheless he came.

25. As far as – जहाँ तक

As far as he is concerned, he will not go.

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