Free Education to Poor Children – Report for Board Classes

This is a short report for all the students of 10th and 12th classes for their final exams. ” Free Education to Poor Children ” is a very good report for the students of all classes. Read it below –

Free Education to Poor Children

A Report

Giving education is considered a noble cause. And if it is provided to the poor children, it becomes the service of God. India is a big country with a great poverty. Crores of people are not in a position to give education, even the primary education, to their wards. Consequently, they remain illiterate. This illiteracy causes big problems in their lives. Even they can’t differentiate between right and wrong in this modern world.  Shrewd people cheat them quite easily. So it becomes the duty  this society to provide them some basic education so that they may also think of better future.

A Report on – Teaching the Poor Children

For the last one month, a circle of our friends had been teaching some students of a slum nearby. We had taken an old building on rent nearby that slum. We were free for the task as we were in the college and holidays were on. Besides building, we arranged material pertaining to this work. In the matter of books, gentle people of the city gave us money. We started with the message – Importance of Education in Life. It was necessary to motivate them towards education.

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We taught the students reading, writing and listening. We also helped them to improve pronunciation of some words of the language they would speak. The main emphasis was on basic math, calculation ( sum, subtraction, multiplication etc ). Other thing was to write, at least some words such as their names, addresses etc. In the same way, we made effort that they could read some important words.

We told them some beneficial policies run by the govt. We also told them how to get benefit from them.

Free Teaching to Poor Children movement was successful.

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