HBSE Important Questions, Reports, Letters for 12th class

Just a few days are left for the HBSE 12th Board Exams. With each passing day, students are passing sleepless nights. Time for more hard work, more focus on studies. Also a big bunch of students is searching for Important material which can help them get through this class. Check below some important questions Essay Types/ reports/ Paragraphs/ Letters. They may help you in passing this class.

These are – ( Important Questions, Reports, Letters )

Essay Type Questions –

Character sketch of Franz from the lesson ” The Last Lesson ”

Why did Gandhi Ji think that the Champaran Episode ” was a turning point in his life ” ?

How was William Douglas able to shed his phobia of water ?

What is the reason of big success of Eco’s Novel ” The Name of the Rose ” ?

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What do you come to know about the peddler from his dealings with ‘ the old crofter, Ironmaster and his daughter. ? or draw a character sketch of the Peddler.

What kind of girl was Sophie ? Throw some light on her character.

Subbu was considered no. 2 at the Gemini Studios . Why ?

How did the Tiger King earn this amazing title ? Say something about the mystery hidden behind this story ?

HBSE 12th Board Important Questions, Reports, Letters

Describe Firozabad / Seemapuri on the basis of your reading of the lesson.

Summaries of the poems – A Thing of Beauty/ Keeping Quiet/ My Mother at Sixty Six

What is the message contained in the story ‘ Enemy ‘ ?

What lesson should we learn from the voyage ” Journey to the End of the World ” ? Or What does the writer say about the Past, Present and Future of the Earth ?

Important Reports/ Paragraphs – Blood Donation Camp/ Annual Prize Distribution Function/ Scene at the Polling Booth/ Environmental Pollution / Visits/ Scenes

Letters – Electricity Cut/ Insanitary Condition/  Noise Problem/ Falling Standard of Education/ Job Letter/ Complaint against Post Man …..

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