World Day against Child Labour - Education is the only Tool

Two days ago the whole world observed a day against Child Labour. No doubt, Child Labour is a world wide phenomenon. Even some of the developed counties are also not untouched what to speak of developing and under-developed countries. Here we focus on this problem in India.

Where ever you go, you will find small children working like the bonded labors at the road-side dhaba, in an industry, at a shop, at a home and every where. The reason is that they are cheap labors working the way you like.

But why this problem persists in India even many decades after the Independence despite all the rules and regulations. How have the countries like the USA, the UK, China, France, Japan etc been successful in eradicating this problem related with the children.

The problem lies within us. In India around 41% population is under 14 whereas only 4 per cent of the total budget is spent on the children related issues. Is it enough ? Are we serious in out efforts ? So what should we do in this direction?

First of all we should secure good  and employment related education. Education has been made mandatory up to the children of 14 but still many of them are deprived of it. The reason is that they have to earn at any cost to support their family members as there is no employment opportunity after doing 10th or 12th classes.

That's why they prefer to do odd jobs at roadside dhabas or tea stalls as they can earn a bit of money here. So, as Gandhi Ji used to advocate, there must be vocational education in the schools.

The students must be taught mobile, Fridge, TN repairing, Computer Software and Hardware Related course, Cooking, Electricians' Work, Beauty Parlour etc. It must be made compulsory that all the students must have one of these courses besides the main course.

The specialists of these trades must be employed to take at least one period a day. These specialists may include electricians, beauticians, cooks etc for this social cause.

Strict laws must be made to fight this problem and mass awareness is also necessary. But value and employment based is the necessary of the hour.

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