Learn English just in one Hour - See How ?

Learning English has become a Herculean Task for a no of students belonging to backward areas. Despite their head and shoulder efforts, they find themselves standing nowhere as far as the competence and performance in this King's English is concerned. And there are many who shy away from learning this language thinking it to be insurmountable task to overcome. Learn English just in one HourMost of you who have read this article must have felt surprised as to how English can be learnt in one hour. Yes, we assert that English can be learnt in one hour. But this one hour means - One Hour a Day. Even it is not so simple and feasible for many readers. But it's true. You can learn English in one hour a day if you do what we tell you to do.

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Division of Work

First of all divide this one hour in to four parts. Each part will have 15 Minutes each. Divide the language in to Four Activities - Listening , Speaking, Reading,and Writing. Now you have to give each of these said activities Fifteen minutes each.

Listening for fifteen Minutes

Listen any English Programme which may be News, Interview, English Movie, Serial etc. It doesn't matter whether you have got it or not. Punctuality is must.

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Speaking for another Quarter of an hour

Then speak for another fifteen minutes. Speak with your friends. If they are not interested, pursue them to get involved. If still they are not interested, talk to yourself. The topic may be any. It may be about current issue, general talk, gossips.

Reading for another 15 Minutes

Give another fifteen minutes to reading. There is a lot of material available for reading. You can read newspapers, books, jokes whatever comes to you. Also make it a permanent habit of searching two or three words in the dictionary on regular basis. Learn how to improve your vocabulary.

Writing for last 15 Minutes

Last but not the least, write down something for another 15 minutes. There is much food for your thought. You can pen down of your daily routine. Your views on day to day activities. A poem, a short story whatever you like.

Result of One Hour Practice

In this way you can avail your one hour on the daily basis. In this task, we repeat, punctuality is must. But you can give these fifteen minutes as per your convenience. If you start doing like that you can see the results in six months. I have applied this method on a no of students and surprisingly they have been benefited a lot.

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Now it's your turn to use this wonderful method without being bored up. So can't you learn English in One Hour ? Yeah - Say we can.

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  1. I'm a keralite and I've been trying so long to learn English. But i don't know how to begin or where to begin?? For the past months i started watching series and movies with subtitles. I've learnt so many phrases...vocabularies and how to frame a sentence. I came to know about this website today and will surely follow your tips... thanka a lot

    • You can. Read English Learning Article from our website. Use tips properly. Never let your zeal die. Best of luck.

  2. Generally we used to read all types of formula but we are not consistence to follow that's why we are failed to reach our destiny. So try hard to reach there with only one hrs daily with Listening, Speaking, Reading & writing and surely one day we are the one who speak, write English fluently. Thanks for guiding. Regards


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