Learn Complete English Grammar with Practice Sets – Read All Topics

Read All the Topics of English Grammar with Practice Sets for all types of exams

If you are interested in learning English, you will have to learn complete Grammar. If you are to take any of the competitive exams, you will have to learn complete English Grammar. For learning speaking, writing, reading and listening you must have good command over English Grammar.

Grammar is more important for a Non-native speaker than a native speaker. English Grammar consists a large no of topics on which command can be obtained by constant practice and practice only. We have covered almost all the topics of English Grammar the links of which are provided below.

Along with the topics, we have provided practice sets in sufficient nos. Hope you will get benefit from this small efforts of ours. Besides there are tips related with English Language.

Complete English Grammar for all Purposes – Topics of English Grammar/ English Improvement Tips

Learn English Just in One Hour

How to get Above 90% Marks in Board Exams

How to Improve English Pronunciation

Motivational Articles for Examinees

Learn Common Errors for SSC, Banking, Railways Exams – This topic covers almost all the topics of English and also how the questions related them are asked in the competitive exams.

Learn Prepositions for Written Exams

Use of Articles – A, An, The

Most Expected Questions for Upcoming Interviews

Use of Tense

Three Forms of Verbs ( Conjugal Verbs)

Use of Modals

English Grammar Topics for All the Exams like SSC, HSSC etc

Active and Passive Voice

Use of Non-Finite

Useful Daily Use English Sentences

Conjunctions and Use

Use of Narration

Use of Determiners

Practice Sets for Translation from Hindi to English

Use / Definition of Interjections with Examples

Difference between Fairly and Rather

Use of Causative Verbs

Transitive and Intransitive Verbs

Difference between Strong and weak verbs

Use of W-H Family ( What/ Where/ Why/ Who/ Whom/ How etc.)

What is Mood in English Grammar ? What are its Types ?

Grammatical Aspect with its types

Literary Devices ( Figures of Speech) for UGC NET ( English Subject) and other English related exams

Learn a bit of French also

How to Improve Spoken English

Tips for Writing Notices for Board Exams

Improve your Writing Skills

Learn English Grammar

Learn how to write Messages for Board Exams

English Comprehension Rules and Practice Sets

Synonyms and Antonyms

One Word Substitutions

Phrasal Verbs

Idioms and Phrases

Important Sayings/ Proverbs 

Correct Pronunciation of some very useful English Words

Translation Practice Set with Rules ( From Hindi to English and vice versa)

Practice Papers for English Grammar

We shall add some more topics of Grammar along with their Practice Sets. Yous suggestions are welcome as they are always precious and guiding force for us. Keep in touch for more English Grammar Topics.

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