Use of Causative Verbs Get, Make, Have with Examples

Sentences related with Causative verbs are very important in English. Causative Verbs are used in such sentences in which the Subject doesn’t work himself but makes other work. In other words, he causes the others to work. There are three Causative Verbs. They are –

Get, Make and Have

Structure for Causative Verbs –

Use of Get/Have

Subject + any form of get/have as per the tense + object ( inanimate ) + V3.

Use of Make –

Subject + any form of make + object ( Living) + V1.

use of causative verbsExamples of Make/ Get /Have

For the easier understanding, we have provided sentences in English and Hindi –

1. He has got the cheque cashed – उसने चेक भुनवा लिया है।

2. I have got my hair cut – मैंने बाल कटवा लिए हैं।

3. We made her prepare tea for us – हमने उससे अपने लिए चाय बनवाई।

4. The teacher made me stand – अध्यापक ने मुझे खड़ा किया।

5. He got the house constructed in 1990 – उसने 1990 में मकान बनवाया।

6. Have this letter typed – इस खत  को टाइप करवाओ।

7. She made her child sleep – उसने अपने बच्चे को सुला दिया।

8. John got his house vacated – जॉन ने अपना घर खाली  करवाया।

9. I made him laugh – मैंने उसे हंसाया।

Important Sentences belonging to Causative Verbs Get/ Make / Have

10. Get your car insured – अपनी कार का बीमा करवाओ।

11. They got their house white washed – उन्होंने अपने घर में सफेदी करवाई।

12. Poverty  made him commit suicide – गरीबी ने उससे आत्महत्या करवाई।

13. I made him book my ticket – मैनें उससे अपनी टिकट बुक करवाई।

14. She made me see the reality – उसने  मुझे वास्तविकता दिखाई।

15. We got ourselves snapped at the beach – हमनें समुन्द्र के किनारे फोटो खिचवाई।

16. We made him dance – हमनें उससे नृत्य करवाया।

17. The govt got the elections done as scheduled – सरकार ने समय पर चुनाव करवाए।

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