HSSC Exams Sample Papers - Check your Preparation

Haryana Staff Selection Commission is to arrange Written Exams for most of the Recruitment in Haryana. The Pattern and Syllabus for all HSSC Exams is almost same. We are preparing some Sample Papers for all the examinees of Haryana. So check your Preparation Level from these HSSC Sample Papers -

Haryana Govt Recruitment Exams Sample Papers -

Q. 1 Konkani is related with Goa, Dogri shall be related with -

Q. 2. If watch is called TV, TV is called radio, radio is called oven, oven is called grinder and grinder is called iron, then tell what instrument will a woman use to bake a thing ?

Q. 3. In some language, oka peru means fine cloth, meta lisa means clear water and dona lisa peru means fine clear weather, then what shall be the word for Weather in that language ?

Q. 4. Complete the series - 20, 20, 19, 16, 17, 13, 14, 11, ?, ?

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Q. 5. Where is Gir National Park situated ?

Q. 6. Which crop is called Green Gold ( हरित सोना ) ?

Q. 7. What must be the minimum age for becoming the PM of India ?

Q. 8. What is the national tree of India ?

Q. 9. Which bank was previously called Imperial Bank of India ?

Q. 10. What is the Parliament of Japan called ?

Q. 11. The Cost price of 10 m cloth is Rs 11 whereas the selling price of 11 m cloth is Rs 10. So what shall be the loss or gain percentage ?

Haryana Exams Practice Paper

Q. 12. 8% voters didn't cast their votes in some election. There were only two candidates in the election. The winner got 49% of the total votes and defeated the second candidate by 1100 votes. What was the total no of votes in the election ?

Q. 13. The ratio in the present age of A and B is 4:5 and after 5 years, the ratio shall be 5:6. What is the present Age of A ?

Q. 14. What is the 56% of 3 4/7 ?

Q. 15. Kingfisher Tourist Complex is situated at -

Q. 16. Where is the idol of Sun God found ?

Q. 17. Who had given the name Harna to Haryana ?

Q. 18. C0rrect the sentence - The forbade me not to smoke in the room.

Q. 19. What is the one word of the following phrase - Murder of wife

Q. 20. I am interested ---------- your story. ( fill correct preposition)

Q. 21. कान काटना मुहावरे का सही अर्थ है -

Q. 22.  क्या तुम जानते हो की वह कब आएगी ? किस तरह का वाक्य है ?

Answers - 1. Jammu and Kashmir 2. Grinder 3. dona 4. 10, 10 5. Gujarat 6. Tea 7. 25 years 8. Banyan ( बरगद ) 9. State Bank of India 10. Diet 11. 16.5 % 12. 13. 27,500 13. 20 years 14. 2 % 15. Ambala 16. Agroha 17. Maharaj Krishan  18. the word forbade is not followed by not 19. Uxoricide 20. in 21. मात देना। 22. मिश्र वाक्य

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