HSSC Exams English Paper – Practice Set

There are 10 to 12 English Questions in all the Exam held by HSSC. So English plays an important part in deciding the Cut Off for all the Recruitment Exams. Therefore there is the need of doing a lot of practice for English Subject.

WE are providing you a Practice Set for General English which will check your competence and exam preparation.

English Practice Set for HSSC Exams –

Change the voice of the following sentences

1. Why was he killed publicly in the market ?

2. They are saying that you are corrupt.

Correct the following Sentences –

3. After waiting for me for half an hour, he ordered for a cup of tea.

4. The child spread the ink on the floor and then remove it with the help of blotting.

5. It is high time you carry this forward.

6. When you will come here, she will leave the place immediately.

One Word Substitution

7. The act of speaking disrespectfully about sacred things –

8. A place where dead bodies are kept for postmortem –

Read the passage carefully and select the right option out the four at the end of it –

English Paper – Practice Set

When you buy a car, examine carefully the important features of the model you are considering. Many buyers of the latest model have got into trouble by buying a car too broad or too long for this garage. Furthermore, a long car is too hard to manage in traffic and too difficult to park. Another feature is the comfort afforded. Are the seats nice and durably upholstered ? Is there enough glass to give the driver a good view in all directions, particularly to the rear ?

We should remember that the heavier and the more powerful a car is, the more expensive it will be to operate. High powered motors require expensive high octane petrol. The greater weight means greater Tyre wear and enlarged brakes. The old cliche is still true : it is not the initial cost but the upkeep which matters.

9. The writer favors a car with a wide glass areas so that the driver can –

10. It is very expensive to maintain a large car because it –

11. While buying a car, one should specifically consider its –

12. Acc. to this passage, the two factors that the buyer of a new car should keep in mind are –

13. The size of the car should be in accordance with –

Answers – 1. Why did somebody kill him publicly in the market ? 2. It is being said that you are corrupt  3 .remove for after order  4. blotting paper 5. you carried 6. When you come here 7. blasphemy 8. Mortuary 9. have a good view of the rear 10. needs changing its tyres more frequently 11. maintenance cost 12. its size and the comfort it offers 13. the size of the garage the buyer has

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