Maths Paper for HSSC, SSC, Bank Exams – Paper 2

Maths is an integral part of any of the exams. Besides SSC ( Staff Selection Commission), IBPS, Railways, it is showing its appearance in the Haryana Staff Selection Commission’s Exams. There are many recruitment exams ahead this year. So you can practice some questions of Mathematics from here. These questions may give you the idea of the nature of sums which can be the part of these exams.

Maths Sample Paper for HSSC, SSC, IBPS and other Exams –

Q. 1. Rs 425 is divided among 4 men, 5 women, and 6 boys such that the share of a man, a woman and a boy may be in the ratio of 9:8:4. What is the share of a woman ?

Q. 2. Find the fourth proportional to the numbers 6, 8 and 15.

Q. 3. If 30 men can do a piece of work in 27 days, in what time can 18 men do another piece of work 3 times as great ?

Q. 4. If a family of 7 persons can live on Rs 840 for 36 days, how long can a family of 9 persons live on Rs 810 ?

Q. 5. In 30 litres mixture of milk and water, the ratio of milk and water is 7:3. Find the quantity of water to be added in the mixture in order to make this ratio 3:7.

Q. 6. A mixture contains milk and water in the ratio of 3:2. If 4 litre of water is added to the mixture, milk and water in the mixture become equal. Find the quantities of milk and water in the mixture.

Mathematics Question Papers for Competitive Exams

Q. 7. How should a profit of Rs 450 be divided between two partners, one of whom has contributed Rs 1200 for 5 months and the other Rs 750 for 4 months ?

Q. 8. Find 8% of the Rs 625.

Q. 9. John’s salary is increased from Rs 630 to Rs 700. Find the increase in salary.

Q. 10. 3.5% of income is taken as tax and 12.5% of the remaining is saved. This leaves Rs 4,053 to spend. What is the income ?

Answers – 1. Rs 34 2. 20 3. 135 days 4. 27 days 5. 40 litre 6. milk 12 l and water 8 l 7. Rs 300 and Rs 150 8. Rs 50 9. 11 1/9% 10. Rs 4,800

Maths Question Paper – 1

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