Very Short Questions/ Objective Type from Indigo - 12th Class

Objective Type Questions or very short questions with answers/ solutions from Indigo - HBSE/CBSE and other boards 12th Class

Q. Who is the writer of Indigo ?

Answer- Louis Fischer

Q . Who was Louis Fischer ?

Answer - He was a journalist who wrote for The New York Times, The Saturday Review, and for Asian and European publications.

Q. Indigo is an excerpt from ........

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Answer - His longer book " The Life of Mahatama Gandhi "

Q. What is " The Life of Mahatama Gandhi " ?

Answer - Gandhi's Autobiography

Q. Who is I in the story ?

Answer - Rajkumar Shukla

Q. Who was Rajkumar Shukla ?

Answer - A sharecropper ( peasant or farmer )

Q.  Which place did Rajkumar Shukla belong to ?

Answer - Champaran

Q. Name the lawyer in whose house did Rajkumar Shukla and Gandhi Ji go ?

Answer - Dr Rajendra Prasad

Q. What did the servants of Rajendra Prasad consider Gandhi Ji ?

Answer - Untouchable

Q. Where would Professor J.B. Kriplani teach ?

Answer - Arts College in Muzzafarpur.

Q. Where had the two met for the first time ?

Answer - Tagore's Shantiniketan School

Q. To whom did Gandhi Ji chide ?

Answer - Lawyers

Q. How much land product had the peasants kept under the share-cropping system ?

Answer - Around 2/3rd or 15% of the total holdings

Q. To whom had the entire indigo harvest gone ?

Answer - The English

Q. Where did Gandhi Ji practice his law degree before coming to India ?

Answer - South Africa

Q. Who summoned Gandhi Ji in June ?

Answer - Sir Edward Gait, the Lieutenant Governor

Q. How much Gandhi Ji demanded from the English landlords ?

Answer - Only 50%. He agreed for 25% return.

Q. Who was the wife of Gandhi Ji ?

Answer - Mrs Katurbai

Q. For how much time did the Dr. volunteer to serve ?

Answer - For 6 months.

Q. Who is the youngest son of Gandhi Ji ?

Answer - Mr. Devadas

Q. How many medicines were available in Champaran villages ?

Answer - Three Types (  castor oil, quinine and sulfur ointment )

Q. Who was the English pacifist ?

Answer - Charles Freer Andrews.

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