GK related with Literature – Names of Books, Writers for SSC IBPS Exams

In every Competitive Test whether it be for Recruitment or Admission, there are a couple of questions on Literature. Therefore, the examinees must be well familiar with Literature related General Knowledge ( GK).

Such questions ask about the names of the books and their authors. Even there are questions related with the material of the books. There are some very important Literature related GK questions below.

Most of the Questions shall be in English. However, at some places we may use Hindi to explain the things better.

General Knowledge Questions from Literature

Q. 1. Who has written Farewell to Arms ?

Answer – Ernest Hemingway

Q. 2. Who is the writer of Midnight’s Children ?

Answer – Salman Rushdie

Q. 3. Name the person who had written National Anthem ?

Answer – Rabindranath Tagore

Q. 4. Who had composed National Song ” Vande Matram ” ?

Answer – Bankim Chandra Chatterjee

Q. 5. The best writer of Braj language is …..

Answer – Surdas

Q. 6. Asian Drama is the creation of ….

Answer – Gunnar Myrdal

Q. 7. Who had composed Adi Granth ?

Answer – Guru Arjundev

Q. 8. Panchatantra is the creation of ….

Answer – Vishnu Sharma

Important Books and Writers for SSC, IBPS, Railway Exams

Q. 9. What is the meaning of Upanishad (उपनिषद ) ?

Answer – Sitting down near ( student near his teacher to gain knowledge / request for knowledge).

Q. 10. Who is the author of Rajtarangini ( राजतरंगिणी ) ?

Answer – Kalhan

Q. 11. Book related with 1962 Sino-India war written by a general is ….

Answer – Untold Story

Q. 12. Ritu Sanhar ( ऋतु संहार ) is written by …..

Answer – Kalidasa

Q. 13. Dr Zhivago is the work of …

Answer – Boris Pasternak

Q. 14. Writer of Hero and Hero Worship is …..

Answer – Thomas Carlyle

Q. 15. Munoo is a character in Anand’s –

Answer – Coolie

Q. 16. Who has penned down ” Portrait of Mr Jinnah ” ?

Answer – J.L. Nehru

Q. 17. How many poems do Gitanjali contain ?

Answer – 103

Q. 18. Who is the editor of Tagore’s Gitanjali ?

Answer – W.B. Yeats

Q. 19. Shantaram, the story of a runaway Australian convict, written by ….

Answer – David Roberts

Q. 20. Who is the first recipient of Bhartiya Jyanpith Award ?

Answer – G. Shankara Kurup

Q. 21. The Novel ” A Grain of Wheat ” is written by ….

Answer – James Ngugi

Q. 22. Who is the first recipient of the Sahitya Academi Award ?

Answer – R.K Narayan

Q. 23. Who had written the novel ” A House for Mr Biswas ” ?

Answer – V.S. Naipaul

Q. 24. Name the writer of ” The Foreigner” and ” The Apprentice ” ?

Answer – Arun Joshi

Q. 25. Emigrant Family is famous novel by ….

Answer – Patrick White

Questions on Man Booker 2017

Q. 26. Who is the winner of 2017 Man Booker ?

Answer – David Grossman from Israel

Q. 27. Name the book for which he won Man Booker ?

Answer – A Horse Walks into a Bar

Q. 28. Who has translated this book ?

Answer – Jessica Cohen

Q. 29. What cash Prize did David get with the Award ?

Answer – 50,000 pounds

Q. 30. What are the other books of David Grossman ?

Answer – The Zigzag Kid, See Under Love, The Book of Intimate Grammar

Q. 31. What is the novel ” A Horse Walks into a Bar ” about ?

Answer – It is about a failing comic confrontation and his final performance.

Q. 32. Who is the writer of the book ‘ The Journey of the People of the Book ‘ ?

Answer – Olga Tokarczuk

Q. 32. Name the writer of the books – ‘The Innerworld of the Outerworld of the Innerworld’ and ‘A Sorrow Beyond Dreams’

Answer – Peter Handke

Q. 33. Name the writer of the following – Meghadoot, Kumar Sambhavam, Raghuvansham –

Answer – Kalidasa

Q. 34. Gita Rahasaya is connected to –

Answer – Bal Gangadhar Tilak

Q. 35 Who has written the stories Do Bahnen ( two sisters ), Kafan, Lottery, Poos ki Raat, Bade Ghar ki Beti, Ramlila, Godan etc

Answer – Munshi Prem Chand

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