Haryana’s Famous Folk Dances – Complete Information

Historical Sources say that in Haryana, Dance Art had been in progressive form since Vedic era. These folk songs reflect the cultural traditions of the state. These folk songs performed on various occasions also reflect the enthusiasm and joys of the people.
Read about the important Folk Dances of Haryana –

राज्य के प्रसिद्ध लोक नृत्य

Manjira Dance –

This is a very famous dance of Mewat. It is performed with the help of डफ, नक्कारों, मंजीरों .

Dhamal Dance –

This is the dance of men. This dance is popular in Mahendra Garh, Jhajjar. This folk dance is done in the open ground under the moonlit night with the instruments बीनों , खंजरी , तुम्बे ढोलक बांसुरी .

Chathi Dance – छठी  नृत्य

This dance is organized at the sixth day of the birth of the child during night. This dance is performed by the women. Boiled grams and wheat are distributed at the end of ceremony.

Ghodi ( Mare ) Dance –

This dance is done at the time of the marriages.

Charri Dance – छड़ी नृत्य

This dance is done after the worshiping of Gogapir. This dance is done by men.

Teej Dance –

This dance is organized at the time of Teej festival by women. They wear beautiful new clothes for this occasion.

Faag Dance –

This dance is performed two weeks before the festival of Holi. This dance is done by women during night. At some places, men also do this dance. But men can’t see women’s dance.

Raas Dance –

Raas Dance is connected with Lord Krishana. This dance is usually divided in to two parts – Tandava and Lasya. The former belongs to men and the latter to women. This dance is famous at Hodal, Palwal, Ballabhgarh etc.

Duf Dance –
This dance is also known as Dhol Dance. This dance is done at the time of Sprint Season.This dance was first performed in 1969 Republic Day Celebration.

Rasia Dance –

This dance also belongs to Sri Krishana. This dance is popular in Palwal, Hodal, Ballabhgarh.

Been Bansuri Dance –

This is an instrumental Dance. During the dance been and bansuri is used to create music. This dance is famous in Bangar Region of the state.

Ratwai Dance –

This dance is famous in Mewat region of the state. This is performed by men and women together during the rainy season. This dance is popular at Nuh and Firozpur Zirka of Gurgaon region.

Goga Dance –

This dance is performed during Goga Nuvmi. The devotees tie Peacock’s feather at a big bamboo and cover the it with clothes. They perform this dance in the streets.

Khera Dance –

This is a dance of Mourning. It is performed at the time of elder’s death in the family. This dance is popular in Jind, Narwana, Kaithal, Karnal etc.

Saang Dance –

This dance is performed by Saang artists. This dance began in 1730.

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