Important Historical Facts & Dates about Haryana

Through this post, we are providing you some of the important facts and dates related with the History of Haryana dated back 324 BC. This information shall be very important for all the examinees of HSSC and HPSC.

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Haryana – Important Historical Events and Dates

Moryas captured Haryana and ruled over it from 324 BC to 232 BC.

Prabhakarvardhan became king of Haryana in 580.

He was followed by Harshvardhan who became the king of the state in 605.

The famous battle between Harsha and Chalukya King Pulkeshin took place from 634 to 635

In 805, the king Nagbhatt Second ( Pratihar King ) captured Haryana.

Prithavi Raj Chauhan defeated Mohammad Gori in the battle of Taravari in 1191.

Again in 1192, the battle took place between Prithavi and Gori and here Gori defeated the former.

In 1194, Mohammad Gori attacked the temples in Rohtak and destroyed and looted almost all of them.

On 24th of June, Qutubdin Ebak became the first Muslim Ruler of Haryana and Delhi.

During 1266 and 1287, Balban took the reign of Haryana and ruled it.

In 1290, the Khilji Dynasty made its debut in this state.

Tamur attacked Haryana in 1398.

From 1478 to 1583, it was the era of Surdas who was born in Sihi ( Faridabad) and created great compositions.

 Facts about Haryana/ Important Dates for Competitive Exams

The first famous battle of Panipat was fought on 21st of April 1526 between Babar and Ibrahim Lodhi in which Babar was the victorious.

On 30th of Sept 1830, the English took hold of the state and new era began.

The first branch of the Congress began in Ambala in 1886.

In 1947, the country got freedom and Haryana become East Punjab.

The Suchcher Formula was imposed in 1949.

On 1st of Nov 1966, Haryana became a separate state and shared its capital with Chandigarh.

Bhagwat Dyal Sharma became the 1st CM of the state.

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