History of Haryana – Important Questions for HSSC HPSC Exams

Haryana has a glorious history. The state has found its mention in Vedas, Scriptures and the golden pages of History. It is very important for the candidates who are preparing for various Exams for Jobs and Admissions in Haryana State to know its history. We have prepared some Questions related with Haryana’s History that can be useful in the upcoming exams. Check those questions from below –

Important Questions ( HSSC / HPSC Exams) from History of Haryana –

Q. 1. In which book there is the description of the rivers flowing in Haryana ?

Ans – Vaman Puran

Q. 2. Which Buddha Literature carry information regarding Haryana ?

Ans – Majhimnikay and Divyavdan

Q. 3. In which Buddha Scripture, there is the description of Rohtak and Agroha ?

Ans – Divyavdan.

Q. 4. Where have the coins related with Indo-Greek been found ?

Ans – Khokhrakot, Rohtak

Q. 5. Where have the Coins related with Samudragupta been found ?

Ans – Mitathal

Q. 6. Where have the Harsha era copper coins been found ?

Ans – Sonipat

Q. 7. Where have been the Jain Sculptures been found ?

Ans – Hansi, Ranila

Q. 8. Where have the Yaksha Sculptures been found ?

Ans – Palwal

Q. 9. Where have the clay stamps been found ?

Ans – Daulatpur

Q. 10. Where is the statue of Balram found ?

Ans – Asthal Bohar, Rohtak.

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Q. 11. Where has the skull that reveals the existence of human beings 1.5 crore years back in Haryana been found ?

Ans – Pinjore

Q. 12. Which famous archaeologist conducted this research on this skull ?

Ans – Dr Gye Pilgim

Q. 13. Which district is related with Siswal Culture ?

Ans – Hisar

Q. 14. Which area is most famously connected with Indus Valley Civilization ?

Ans – Banawali, Hisar.

Q. 15. Which clan did King Dushyant belong to ?

Ans – Puru Clan

Q. 16. Who was the son of Kind Dushyant ?

Ans – Bharat

Q. 17. Which place is related with the origin of Vaishya community of India ?

Ans – Agroha, Hisar.

Q. 18. Which place was famous for the trade of horses at the time of Mihirbhoja ?

Ans – Pehova

Q. 19. When had Mehmood Gajnabi attacked Thanesar ?

Ans – In 1009.

Q. 20. Who was the kind of Thanesar that time ?

Ans – Jaipal

Detailed History of Haryana

Q. 21. Who was Masood who had attacked Hansi ?

Ans – Grandson of Mehmood Gajnabi ?

Q. 22. Who won the first battle of Tarain ( तराइन )  in 1191 ?

Ans – Prithviraj Chauhan who defeated Muhammad Gauri

Q. 23. Who won the second battle of Tarain ?

Ans – Muhammad Gauri by defeating Prithviraj Chauhan.

Q. 24. When and where Rajiya and her son arrested ?

Ans – 13th October, 1240 in Kaithal.

Q. 25. When were they murdered ?

Ans – 14th October, 1240

About Three Battles of Panipat – History of Haryana

First Panipat Battle – 1526

Between Babar and Ibrahim Lodhi.

Result – Babar defeated Ibrahim Lodhi

Second Battle of Panipat – Nov 5, 1556

Between Akbar and Hemu.

Result – Akbar’s General Bairam Khan defeated Hemu

Third Battle of Panipat – 1761

Ahmad Shah Abdali and the Marathas under the leadership of Sadashivraobhau

Result – Ahmad Shah Abdali won the battle.

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