Translation Practice Set related with Complete Past Tense

Before you start doing Translation Practice Set for the Past Tense, read  Present Tense here. This Practice Set shall contain Translation related with the whole Past Tense namely –

Past Indefinite, Past Continuous, Past Perfect and Past Perfect Continuous.

However read the rules of the Past Tense from here. ( ) Without the rules of the past Tenses, you can’t do this translation Practice Set. 

Practice Set related with Past Indefinite or Simple Past –

The Recognition is आ, ऐ, ई

उसने तुम्हे धोखा नहीं दिया।- He didn’t ( did not ) deceive you.

आज अध्यापक ने हमें सजा दी।- The teacher punished us today.

क्या उसने चोरी की ?- Did he commit theft ?

रूद्र ने किताब क्यों फाड़ी ?- Why did Rudra tear the book ?

Past Continuous/ Past Progressive related Translation Practice Set – रहा था, रही थी, रहे थे।

लू चल थी।- Loo was blowing.

उसकी नाक से खून नहीं आ रहा था। – His nose wasn’t ( was not ) bleeding. ( weren’t – were not )

क्या उसकी नाक बह रही थी ? – Was his nose running ?

तुम उसका मजाक क्यों उड़ा रहे थे ? – Why were you making fun of him ?

Past Perfect Tense related with Translation – चुका था, चुकी थी , चुके थे, या था, ली थी।

वह पेंटिंग बना चुका था।- He had made painting.

उसने पेंटिंग बना ली थी।- He had made painting.

हमने उसे आमंत्रित नहीं किया था।- We had not invited him. ( had not – hadn’t )

क्या उसने उम्मीद छोड़ दी थी ? – Had he given up the hope ?

तुमने यह फिल्म कब देखी थी ? – When had you seen this movie ?

Translation Related with Past Perfect Continuous – से रहा था , से रही थी, से रहे थे।

हम सुबह से सब्जियां काट रहे थे।- We had been chopping vegetables since morning.

तुम्हारा भाई आधे घंटे से नहा रहा था।- Your brother had been taking bath for half an hour.

क्या वे सुबह से जमीन खोद रहे थे ?- Had they been digging the land since morning ?

किंजल व् रूद्र सुबह से शतरंज नहीं खेल रहे थे।- Kinjal and Rudra had not been playing chess since morning.

Practice Set for Past Tense related Translation-

1. वह आधे घंटे से पेंटिंग कर रही थी।

2. क्या तुमने उसे पहचाना ?

3. वह मजदूरों से काम करवा रहा था।

4. क्या तुमने उसे ढूंढ लिया है ?

5. तुम्हारा पेन किसने चुराया है ?

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  1. She was painting for half an hour

  2. 1.she has been painting for half an hour .
    2. Did you recognize her ?
    3.he was making the labourers do work .
    4.have you found her ?
    5.Who has stolen your pen?

  3. he was taking work from labour- Vah majduro se kaam karwa raha tha
    Is this is correct please update

  4. 1.she had been painting for half an hour.
    2. did you recognize her?
    4. have you found him?
    5. who has stolen your pen?

    please check and revert. also suggest translation for 3rd point.

    • The translation of the 3rd sentence is – क्या आपने उसे ढूंड लिया है ? All other sentences are fine.

    • He had worked from farmers

  5. Sir aapne past perfect continuous ki jagh present ke likh diye

    • Yes, we have corrected it. Thanks for your precious observation.

      • 3. He was getting work from labourers.

  6. Naak bahna-running.
    Vh shayad bhukhi hogi.

    • She may be hungry.


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