About Myself in French Language – Important Sentences

If you are interested in French Language and want to learn it, we can help you a bit. French is one of the most beautiful and simplest languages of the world. If you have a good knowledge of English, you can learn French quite easily. We are giving you some important sentences about you. So learn them and use them in your day to day interaction and influence the listeners.

We have given you Introduction related sentences which you can learn quite easily.

About Myself in French Language –

The First sentence in each pair shall be in English language and the second one in French one.

1. My name is Rudra Gupta.

Mon nom est Rudra Gupta.

2. I live in Narwana.

J’habite a’ Narwana.

3. I am Indian.

Je suis Hindou.

4. I am nine years old.

Je suis neuf ans.

5. My father is a teacher.

Mon pere est une maitre.

6. I am a student.

Je suis un etudiant.

7. I speak English well.

Je parle bien Anglais.

Learn using Introductions in French Language

8. I am very thirsty.

J’ai tres soif.

9. I have one sister.

J’ai une soeur.

10. The name of my school is XYZ.

Le nom de mon Ecole est XYZ

11. I am very hungry.

J’ai tres faim.

We shall add some more useful French expressions and sentences in future. Till them keep practicing them and make them the part of your day-to-to conversation.

Important facts About French Alphabet – Use of A, An and The

The French alphabet is the same as English i.e. from A to Z. There are also some words which are same but the difference take place in their pronunciation.

For a and an  we use un and une. The former is used before the masculine singular noun and the latter with feminine singular noun. In the same way, for The article we use le and la. The former with masculine singular noun and la with feminine singular noun.

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