Narendra Modi’s Biography – A Tale of Life That Inspires Billions

Sh Narendra Modi, Hon’ble Prime Minister of India doesn’t require any introduction as the whole world is amazingly acquainted with this man equipped with divine qualities, magnetic oratory, untiring and infinite energy and balanced attitude towards the things.

Now the whole world has become Modi’s fan and as far as the fan following ( On Social Media ) is concerned, he enjoys the second position in the world after the American President Mr Barrack Obama.

Modi has become an icon among the youth of the country. His life-style is observed world-wide and most of the people are trying to emulate him in their own day-to-day activity. Here in this article we are making endeavor to bring out some of his qualities that make him very popular among the masses not only of India but abroad as well.Narendra Modi's Biography Sh Narendra Damodardas Modi – A Brief Profile

  • Portfolio – Prime Minister of India
  • Place of Birth – Gujarat
  • Date of Birth – 17 – 09- 1950
  • Loksabha Constituency – Varanasi

Educational Qualification of Modi –

Modi did his Post Graduation in Political Science with First Division from Gujarat University in 1983. First year, he obtained 237 out of 400 and in second year, he obtained 262 out of the same score. His aggregated score was 499 out of 800 marks making it 62.3 %. This information was shared by Central Information Commission after it was sought by Delhi CM Mr Arvind Kejriwal.

A Man with a Vision –

Narendra Modi is carrying a big vision for the country. His vision is to see India as a Developed Country. For that he is doing everything he can. Visiting other countries quite frequently, persuading them to invest in the country, creating environment in the country so that foreign investment can flow in. Make in India, Sanitation Drive, Jan Dhan Yojna,¬† Pension Scheme and many more have been initiated with a vision to make India a place, worth- living and worthy of investment. In order to materialize his vision, he doesn’t take¬† a moment’s rest. He keeps working with super-human zeal.Narendra Modi's Life StoryAbility of leading from front –

He is a great leader who leads from front. In launching each and every scheme of the Govt, he plays an active role and his participation is cent percent. He takes the progress report of every ministries from time to time. Every now and then he calls Ministers and takes stock of their work. So due to his active participation, the ministers and their departments remain alert.

A Great Demagogue –

It is said that his being a good speaker has won Modi the Loksabha Election and helped him becoming the Prime Minister of India. He is undoubtedly one of the greatest orators the country has ever seen. He can sway the masses through is capturing speeches. He has the ability to speak continuously for hours on any of the topics.

He doesn’t use the ready-made speeches. Most of his speeches are extempore as a result produce long-term and desirable effects on the listeners. His speeches are marked with heart-touching subjects which show that he can read the mind of his listeners. His Programme Mann ki Baat is a good example of this. The Opposition is scared to death from his speeches.

A Shrewd Politician –

He is a very shrewd politician. He knows the weaknesses of his political opponents. He doesn’t miss the chance of showing them the mirror when it is required. His chief opponents are – Congress Party’s President and Vice- President, Bihar CM Nitish Kumar, RJD Chief Lalu Prasad besides others.

He also knows how to use things to get political mileage. Even he uses modern gadgets and technologies for the propaganda. He feels comfortable with the use of Social Media for political gain. But the amazing thing is that even his political rivals acknowledge his qualities of good and effective leadership.

But besides these good qualities, he has some weaknesses which make him a butt of constant criticism from his rivals. We throw some light on this negative aspect of his life as well –

A Face of RSS –

He has been criticized of being the face of RSS, a Hindu Organization famous for having Hindu Ideology. Of late many untoward incidents have occurred in the country that have brought bad name on the secular face of the country. It is said that Hindu Extremists are behind those incidents. Even some ministers from the Centre are engaged in communal tirades which are defiling the harmonious and Secular ambiance of the country. He is keeping mum on such incidents which indicates that he has given mute consent to them and playing in the hand of RSS, his ideological parent. Otherwise being silent is not his nature and style.

No Respect for Opposition –

Though the opposition ( here the Congress Party ) doesn’t deserve any respect for what they have done with the country for the last 67 years, in democracy the respect to dissenters has to be given. This is a big charge against Modi that he doesn’t pay much heed to the Opposition and this is not good for this temple of democracy. Sometimes the Opposition can also have good ideas to share and they can be a good critic if you take them positively.

Our PM has such a big personality that he can’t be bound with words. There is an unending story about him. But we have to stop somewhere. If you have anything to share about him, you are free to do so in the comment box below. Thanks.

Updated: May 2, 2016 — 10:14 pm

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