Environmental Pollution, Global Warming – Short Essay, Article

A short essay / Article on Climate Change / Environmental Pollution/ Global Warming

All the big leaders of the world have congregated at Paris this time to attend world Summit on Climate Change/ Global Warming. They have expressed their genuine concerns over the climate change ( pollution ) and resultant global warming that has caused a potential threat to human existence on this Green and beautiful planet.

Great calamities are striking one part or the other of the earth. The Pollution level of some places has increased many times causing a severe blow at the health of the people.

Climate Change, Global Warming

Incessant rains ( breaking previous years’ records ), flash floods, land sliding etc are the products of this excessive tempering with nature. India is suffering more due to this grave problem. Some facts reveal that life is very tough in India due to excessive pollution. In the capital of the country the level of pollution is 10 times the previous year.

Faridabad has been called the most polluted district of the world. When asked, the concerned authority replied that this is because of construction of the GT Roads in the district. Sometime ago if you were passing through Punjab and Haryana, you must have felt suffocated and eye-burn. It was because the farmers had burned the remains of paddy in their fields.

An Essay / Article on Environmental Pollution for Students

Though there is the High Court Ruling that bars them from burning the stubble of the crops, the farmers did that with impunity. The authorities who were expected to take action did nothing but to curse them. PM Modi also made the mention of this incident in his programme Mann ki baat. At Diwali, we all burst crackers making environment several times polluted. We don’t think about the mute animals and the helpless old and sick people.

The whole world is suffering from Development mania. Construction works are going on at the cost of forests. Industries are being set up at the cost of fresh air. The problem is that we are thinking only for ourselves. We have resolved to ensure that the earth must die with us. We don’t want to leave it for our coming generations.

Developed countries are cursing developing countries and vice versa. But both the developed and developing countries are responsible for this miserable condition. Instead of leveling charges against each other, we all must take blames and work prudently to protect nature and thus this earth of ours.

The Air Pollution has major impact on children in sport – a study says.

New Ways of spreading population in the environment –

People are sincerely leaving no efforts to make this dirty environment more dirtier. Stubble burning in some states ( Haryana, Punjab ) is very common these days. Neither Governments nor Farmers are listening the cry of the people. These people ( Young, Old, Children, the Sick ) have to filter the air before inhaling.

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    • There are some things that we can do to control the pollution like we should not use motorcycles N buses etc for a small journey likewise we should not throw the garbage and any other dirty things, rather than in dustbin because these are the things that are burnt by someone and made the environment polluted

      • You have really good thinking in these topics… With due respect I would like add few more points instant of purchasing plastics like things why don’t we all come out for plastic banned, there are several examples; instant of using plastics why can’t we come out with new ideas where we can invent carry bags, wrappers etc; made of plastic free. I think the cause of pollutant city has been pollutant people like us, I think we all individual are responsible for these cause. Lets us save our planet and make free from plastics like things.. Thank You

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