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Essays/ Articles are the essential parts of any of the subjective exams not only in India but outside as well. They are long compositions and can be on any of the topics/ issues- especially the current issues that have captured the attention of the whole world.

There can be essays or articles on the lives of great personalities of the country and the world. So you can expect essays or letters from any field of life. So there is a great need of being in continuous touch with these issues through your reading otherwise you will have to cut sorry figure in the exams/seminars/debates.

The content of the essays /articles must be informative and interesting. It means that you need to equip your compositions with facts that can also create interest among the readers. To enhance your skills as the essay writer/ article writer, you need to read newspapers, listening news and keep updated with what is going on in the country and the rest of the world. We have covered almost all the topics for essays and articles which are considered very important from exams' point of view.

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  1. What will be main topics of English essay related to current situation. One of them is corona virus.
    What will be others??? I want to prepared it for ppsc exams.

  2. #Day 2
    Dowry system in India
    India is a society of varied culture where custom and traditions plays a prominent part in one's life. Among many celebrated custom and tradition, one is wedding which is impariated part of one's life. A Father earns whole his life so that he can give his daughter a memorable day imbued with deep feelings arising from father's heart.
    But the quagmire which arise is dowry, which breaks a father into peaces. Being unable to get his daughter married into a good family is always shamefull for him which compells him to do anything so that his daughter can live a good life.
    But the question is why dawry is being asked? Let me tell you, it's a custom which is being followed from past, when kings used to rule i
    India. For them it was a matter of making a diplomatic relations which is still being carried by the coming generation.
    The impacts of dawry is very awful which not only break families but also compells a father to sell off his everything which he have earned in his whole life and live a miserable life where us will be unable to rise above this situation.
    It's the time when we have to nip the evil of dawry into bud so that no father can become helpless, no daughter could see his family in a situation which is very deteriorating. So, next time when you are asking or being asked of dawry just remember what would have be the condition of your family if you were in place of them.
    Remember, Change start from a person only. You have to walk alone just as the Gandhi walked alone and tge whole country walked before him.
    Thank you

  3. Hello website
    Today, dated 21st Jan 2021 I'he decided to write essay for my upsc preparation which will continue till I become proficient in it. I will endeavour to write everyday so that I can improve my vocabulary and writting part as the two are very prominent part for fetching more marks.
    Thank you

  4. Your website is really useful, but there is no vocab usage difference. For example deny and refuse are synonym but usage are different. Such WORDS create problems for students who aspire to clear competitive exam.


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