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Essays/ Articles are the essential part of any of the subjective exams in not only India but outside it also. They are the part of long compositions and can be on any of the topics- especially the current issues/burning issues that have captured the attention of the whole world.

Even there can be essays or articles on the lives of great personalities of the country and the world. So you can expect essays or letters from anywhere. So there is the great need of being in continuous touch with these issues through your reading otherwise you will have to cut sorry figure in the exams.

The content of the essays /articles must be informative and interesting. It means that you need to equip your compositions with facts that can also create interest among the readers. To enhance your skills as the essay writer/ article writer, you need to read newspapers, listening news and keep updated with what is going on in the country and the rest of the world. We have covered almost all the topics for essays and articles which are considered very important from exams' point of view.

We are providing you a big list of Articles/ Essays/ Reports which you can download or read through clicking on the given links -essay or articles

Most Important Essays/ Articles/ Reports

How to Write a Report - Important Reports

Method of Preparing Messages with Important Ones

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