PUBG Addiction – Harmful Effect on Students

An Essay/ Article ” Harmful Effects of PUGB “- How Can Students Give Up / Stop playing it

The PUBG has become a big nuisance for the society as a huge no. of young people ( students ) are in its grip. Dangerously this no. is getting bigger day by day. It has become an addiction and has posed a big threat to their career.

What is PUBG Game Addiction ?

This game is very interesting and mind catching. The player of this game gets some powerful task which requires his/ her whole mind and whole time. Surprisingly, the beginners start it by giving 4 to 5 hours a day. This time length keeps increasing with no limit. It gives you goal target. That’s why you don’t stop.  No food, no relation, no studies nothing else except PUBP.

Full Form of PUBG – Player of Unknown’s battlegrounds

So you see this game starts eating away the whole time of the young people, most of them are students. Oh God, Students are much lost in this game in this present world of cut and throat competition. They have forgotten this real fight of survival for this unreal battle.

This situation has created a lot of tension to the parents who wish to see them settled in their life. As a result, they keep searching somebody who can help them in getting their wards quit this habit.

Role of Students in Nation Building

How to Give Up the Bad habit of this game ( PUGB ) – for the students

Giving up anything ( bad habits ) is very difficult. It is not easy. The mind of the person is wholly captured by it. So it requires all efforts to bid adieu to such habits. Still, we are discussing some solutions that may help people ( students ) keep away from it.

Listen – This addiction is not very big. There have been such super-hit games that had the same effect on the minds of the youngsters. This is reality that the passage of time their stardom died itself and the youngsters came out from their clutches. It will happen with this game also. These people stop playing it automatically. So the addiction is not of the game but of the instruments ( Mobiles ) that provides it.

Strictness / Determination on parts of parents as well as students –

Strictness plays a major role when you have to make somebody give some addictions. Here the parents must be very strict that they don’t allow their children the accessibility of mobiles. They will try to persuade you to give them mobile phones in the name of searching educational contents etc. Help them, but in your presence. These young people may quarrel with you, they may pretend to weep and so on. But don’t  give up.

Fix Positive Goals –

This game provides you a negative goal. You keep trying. Don’t do so. Don’t consider it a solution to your problems. Have positive goals.

See a very useful live audio on this problem. – It is by Dhruv Rathee

If the students have realized that this game has become a big threat to their future, they must try to give  up this game. It will not be very easy for them to do so. In that case, they will also have to strict with themselves. So you will have to fight with yourself with determination. You will leave the habit of playing PUGB after some time. Give yourself sometime.

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Remember – Even a person can’t give up the habit of taking tea easily. It’s quite natural. It takes some time and determination. 

Keep telling the students about bad impact of playing PUGB –

This is the most necessary step in this direction. Students are not mature. They need regular counseling here. Your first some efforts may be futile. But it is sure that after some time, they will realize it. Make them confront with views of other people against this game. These opinions are available on social media ( Quora, Twitter etc )

Don’t take much panic, with the passage of time the influence of PUGB over the mind of the young children will be lesser.


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