Importance of Mobile Phones / Cell Phones – A Short Essay

Importance of Mobile Phones / Cell Phones – A Short Essay – Prepare Essay on Role/Importance of Mobiles / Cell Phones

An extra-ordinary invention of modern era, a concept from the fairy tales, mobiles have changed the mode of communication out and out. We would read in the books of fairies how the angels even living far away would talk to each other quite conveniently.

In mythology, gods and goddesses had remote communication. Humans must have tried to emulate them and result is before us in the form of mobile phones/cell phones.

Importance of Mobile Phones –

Quicker, Easier and Remote Communication –

There is no gainsay regarding the importance of mobile phones. These cell phones are being used in many ways. The first and foremost use is related with communication. Now you can communicate with any person within seconds how far he is. John is not at home.

Where is he? Make a call to him and you shall come to know. Now it is not possible to hide or get lost. People will discover you wheresoever you are.

You don’t know my address. OK, no problem. Just reach my colony and make a call to me and I’ll tell you where my home is. How easier have become things with cell phones!

A businessman can handle his business even sitting at home or from abroad and a newly wed-bride doesn’t feel isolated in her in-laws as she is constantly in contact with the members of her parental home. USA, UK, Australia, UAE and India have become locals and close neighbors only due to mobiles.

Other Facilities are attached with Mobile Phones –

Mobiles phones have all the umpteen features and facilities making it a small box of great wonder. It can be connected with Internet. When internet is attached with it, its functions and appearance get changed miraculously. It becomes a magic pot containing everything.

Mobile Phones / Cell Phones – An Essay

You can make a search for anything anywhere, you can listen to songs, watch movies, search addresses using GPS ( Global Positioning System), get content educational and what you want etc.

Mobiles also contain calculators. You can do the counting of any type using these calculators. There is convertor also which we use to convert weights, value etc. Mobiles are now equipped with high quality cameras using which you can take good photos and make movies also.

No need to take additional camera on tour or trip. Using social media platforms of mobile such as FB, WhatsApp, Twitter etc anytime anywhere, you can remain in touch with your friends and relatives and it can become a good means of passing time.

We can play video games and read online books during any of our travelings. We can send SMSes using message box. Even online banking is possible on Cell Phones. Important Alerts are there in the cell phones which keep you reminding you important things of life.

So there is no end of use of Mobile Phones. Its benefits are in abundance. So mobiles are the real boon of the modern science.

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  3. Here given only the positive side of mobile/cell phone . But there have some nagative things also. like a mobile can makes communication gap between two family member , when they talking about any importance topics a call comes and they divert from the topics. And now a days mobile became a great addiction mans have not income or food its Ok, but if he/she have not mobile its big problem create practically we can see that ikons create in families between
    Fathers/Guardian and son/daughter . And children are diverting from education day by day for using of ceel phone an unmature boy or girl can destroy his or her life by the using internet on mobile , because he or she can search sexual video or audio easily and then some incidence happened like rap

    • Yes, you are absolutely right. It is doing more harm than benefit. We shall add some more material in this article.


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