Role of Internet – A brief Essay

A Short essay on Role of Internet

Internet has brought radical changes in every aspect of life. It has changed the whole world by squeezing it. All the countries and their inmates have come closer – thanks to internet. Now every work is done with every blinking. Nothing is impossible now. You have just to do one thing and that is to have access to Internet.Role of Internet

As a result, Internet has become part and parcel of our life. No work can be imagined without Internet. So internet has a big role to play in our life. Let’s discuss some of the Role of Internet in our life.

Role of Internet –

In Education –

Internet has brought big changes in Education. Now Education is available online. There are many websites which provide quality education to the students while they are at home. Now they don’t need to go to any institution.

They can download Education related material from internet. Even they can make contacts with teachers through internet. There are Online classes. Even results, admit  cards, application forms for various courses are available through internet. Online Books are also available.

In Medical –

In Medical Science also, it has brought radical changes. Now every information related with health, medicines, treatment are available at the websites.

Online Banking –

Online banking is possible because of internet. Gone are the days when we used to see long queues in the banks. Now sitting at our comfortable zones we can do all money related interactions sitting at homes in seconds. We can also fill bills using online banking. No risk and good job.

Source of Income –

People are earning a lot of money using internet. Share-market, Commodity market, Online Writing, Online Business, Making Online Shopping Websites etc are some of the major sources for earning handsome income.

Source of Information –

You can get any piece of information from internet. Go to the Search engines like Google and type your query and submit it. The information shall flash on your computer screen/mobile screen.

In Navigation –

Aeroplances, Ships, trains etc are contr0lled by the use of internet.

Source of Entertainment –

You can download and upload videos through internet. You can also see movies, listen to music online.

Besides we also use Internet in many other activities also. We can get our tickets booked, seats reserved in trains etc. Therefore internet has a vital role to play in our life.

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