Child Development & Pedagogy Paper for CTET, HTET – Test

In all the TET ( Teachers’ Eligibility Tests ) held by either CBSE ( CTET ) or by any state like HTET, HP TET , UP TET, PTET, WB TET etc there are common subjects namely English, Regional Language, Child Development and Psychology etc.

There are questions in abundance in English and other Languages but the candidates have to look here and there in vain for Child Development and Pedagogy Test Questions.

There is always difficulty for the candidates to understand this subject as it is a new subject for them and different from mainstream subjects. The Questions that appear in the exams are out and out unpredictable. Some questions in this portion of the exam are very simple to answer as they are very general.

But some questions are based on facts. They can be answered if you have done good preparation. Here in this article we are providing you some of the questions belonging to this topic called Child Development and Pedagogy. Hope you shall be benefited.

Important Questions for CTET / HTET and other TET Child Development and Pedagogy – Test Paper

Q. 1. National Council for Teacher Education was established in the year :

a. 1993 b. 2000 c. 1998 d. 1995

Q. 2. A teacher must have mastery over his /her subject for :

a. Interest b. Alertness c. Making Teaching Effective d.Making Impact on Students

Q. 3. Who was the chairman of the Review Committee of NPE – 1986 ?

a. MM Joshi b. D.S Kothari c. Acharya Rammurti d. JP Naik

Q. 4. Learning is not effective without :

a. Hard Work b. Discipline c. Motivation d. Self-study

Q. 5. SCERT of Haryana is located at :

a. Panchkula b. Gurgaon c. Kurukshetra d. Karnal

Q. 6. Why do you wish to join teaching profession ?

a. I am interested in it b. My parents wanted me to join it c. It is a noble profession d. None of them

Q. 7. The behaviour of teachers should be one of a :

a. Friend  b. Guardian c. Guide d. All of them

Q.8. Head Quarters of NAAC is located at :

a. New Delhi b. Mumbai c. Hyderabad d. Bangalore

Q. 9. Operation Black Board is linked with –

a. High School b. Middle School c. Primary School d. Sen Secondary School

Q. 10. Which movie is related with the problem of children :

a. Chiller Party b. Three Idiots c. Tare Jamin Par d. Bhootnath Uncle

Q. 11. In which year did Kothari Commission come ?

a. 1964 b. 1966 c. 1954 d. 1960

Q. 12. Who was the Chairman of University Commission ?

a. Macaulay b. Lord Kurgen  c. Sir William Hunter d. Charles Wood

Q. 13. When was University Commission introduced ?

a. 1835 b. 1854 c. 1902 d. 1917

Q. 14. Macaulay’s Minute on Indian Education appeared in –

 a. 1835 b. 1854 c. 1902 d. 1917

15. Indian Education Commission came in –

a. 1936 b. 1854 c. 1954 d. 1902

16. Who was the Chairperson of Indian Education Commission ?

a. Macaulay b. Sir William Hunter  c. Sir William Hunter d. S.H Wood

17. Comparison questions can be asked –

a. in the beginning b. at the end c. in beginning and in the end d. at any stage

18. Team teaching is a method of

a. playing game b. teaching c. physical exercise d. None of these

19. Characteristic (s) of a good questions is/are –

a. thought provoking b. realization of aims c. brief and direct d. All of these

20. The team teaching can be defined as –

a. political organization b. business organization c. in structural organization d. None of these

Solution –

1. d 2.c. 3. c 4. c. 5. b 6.c 7. d 8. d 9. c 10. c 11. a 12. b 13. c 14. a 15. d 16. b 17. c 18. d 19. d 20. c

Practice Paper on Child Development and Pedagogy

We are giving you some more practice for the Child Development and Pedagogy Paper. You can get Practice Paper 2 from the link below –

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We shall provide you the answers of the questions very soon. In the meantime use your mind. You can leave your answers in the comment box below so that we may check them. We shall add questions to this paper on regular basis. So you are advised to visit this page regularly.

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