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Maths is a significant subject. There are numerous definitions which define mathematics in various ways. Galileo has said ” Mathematics is the language in which God has written the universe.” And in the words of Locke,” Mathematics is  a way to settle the habit of reasoning in the mind of of children.” So Maths is associated with reasoning and science.

So it requires a great method to teach Mathematics ( Read from here – how to prepare for Mathematics ? ) . And a teacher of mathematics must know this method called Maths Pedagogy. In various exams like Teachers’ Eligibility Tests such as CTET, HTET, PSTET, HP TET etc the questions related with Maths Pedagogy are often asked.

Questions related with Maths Pedagogy –

Who, first of all, gave the Taxonomy of educational objectives ?

Ans – Bloom

The Process of  teaching Mathematics is –

Ans – Proceed from easy to complex

Which is the first step in System Analysis ?

Ans -Formulation of Objectives

The devices used to make teaching method more effective are known as –

Ans – Techniques of teaching

Giving assignment to the students is a –

Ans – Technique

What are defective questions ?

Ans – Suggestive

What do you mean by curriculum ?

Ans – Race Course

What type of curriculum should be used in our education system ?

Ans – Objective- Oriented

TET ( CTET, UPTET, HTET etc )Math Pedagogy Important/ Expected Questions

What are micro-teaching components ?

Ans – Micro-teaching situations, Feedback devices, Teaching skills

What is the first step of micro-teaching cycle ?

Ans – Defining a specific skill

What is the meaning of the term ” Heurisco” ?

Ans – To discover

What is the nature of Mathematics ?

Ans – Logical

Who has designed Micro Teaching Device ?

Ans – Skinner

Mathematics is the science of –

Ans – Space, Numbers and Calculations

What is the first step of Micro-teaching Cycle ?

Ans – Defining a specific skill

Who had developed Operant Conditioning Model ?

Ans – Gorden

Memory Questions test –

Ans – Previous knowledge of pupils.

Child Psychology and Pedagogy related Questions

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