Practice Set for Direct & Indirect Speech / Narration - 1

In this post we are providing you the Practice Set 1 for the use of Narration / Direct and Indirect Speech keeping in view the upcoming Written exams.

Narration is one of the important topics of English Grammar. After reading the rules of Direct and Indirect speech, you need to shift your focus more and more on the Practice Sets. Here you will find Practice Set 1. Later we will provide Practice Sets 1, 2, 3 ans so on.

Narration - Sentences for Practice ( 1 ) -

  1. She said to me ," I like you very much."
  2. I said to her," Why do you like me ?"
  3. Rudra said to Kinjal," Are you stupid ?"
  4. Kinjal said to her father," Bring me a car."
  5. John said to me ," Do you know where he is ?"
  6. She said," What a tall boy you are !"
  7. The students said," Alas ! We are fail again."
  8. Kinjal said ," Hurrah ! I have won the scholarship "
  9. The teacher says," Rose smells sweet ."
  10. I said to him," When I went there, he was sleeping."
  11. She said to me," I had been waiting for you for two hours."
  12. I said," Well, you have completed this task."
  13. Jessy said to Harley," May I borrow your book?"
  14. I said to my teacher," Good morning, sir."
  15. Mona said to me," You know me, don't you?"

Solution of Narration Practice Set - 1

  1. She told me that she liked me very much.
  2. I asked her why she liked me.
  3. Rudra asked Kinjal if she was stupid.
  4. Kinjal asked her father to bring her a car.
  5. John asked me if I knew where he was.
  6. She exclaimed with wonder that you were a very tall boy. or she exclaimed with surprise that I was a very tall boy. ( Note - 'You' pronoun can be changed either in you or I or He/ She because the reporter 'she' can talk to anybody.)
  7. The students exclaimed with sorrow that they were fail again.
  8. Kinjal exclaimed with joy that she had won the scholarship.
  9. The teacher says that Rose smells sweet. ( General Truth, No Change of Tense in the Reported Speech )
  10. I told him that when I went there, he was sleeping. ( Note - If in both the parts of a sentence, there are sentences of past tense, we don't change them. )
  11. She told me that she had been waiting for you for two hours.
  12. I said that you/he/she had completed that task.
  13. Jessy asked Harley If she might borrow his book.
  14. I wished good morning to my sir or I wished my sir good morning.
  15. Mona asked me If I knew her.

Note - While making Indirect Speech, we don't change ' had been'. It remains same.

  1. I said that you had completed that task. ( words like well, OK, Well are removed )
  2. Jessy asked Harley if she might borrow his book.
  3. I wished good morning to my teacher.
  4. Mona asked me if I knew her. ( Question Tags are removed
  5. Explanation of Sentence No. 10 - When the reported speech carries two parts and both of them are past tense, while converting it into passive voice we don't change the tense. It remains same.

You can prepare the More Rules of Narration from here.

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131 thoughts on “Practice Set for Direct & Indirect Speech / Narration - 1”

  1. I think Answer of 4th no. Sentence is incorrect
    Kinjal said to her father," Bring me a car."
    It's correct answer is _
    Kinjal requested her father to Bring her a car.
    Reply me

  2. no 10. went ko had gone or was ko had been me change karna chahiye tha....lekin apne nhi kiya h..kyu...reason kya h...plz tell me

  3. The teacher said, “I know what God wishes me to do. So hurry up and handover the bullocks to me.”
    The farmer said, “God has commanded me to plough the fields and I cannot do so without my bullocks.”

    • We have given the explanation regarding changing that Direct Reported Speech in to Indirect Reported Speech. Still if you have some query, share with us.

  4. Sir according to our rules if there is a 'SIR' in an imperative sentence of direct speech then the indirect speech must be followed by humbly/respectfully/politely but in question no.14 you haven't followed it.
    Sir please tell us if the rule which we are following is wrongs .

  5. I am confused regarding the Indirect Form of 10th question .can I please explain in what way it should be given?
    The sentence is (I said to him, when he went there, he was sleeping) it's indirect is given as (I told him that when I went there he was sleeping).

    Too much puzzled about this sentence

  6. She said to me,” I had been waiting for you for two hours.”
    According to your rules ... Indirect form of the above narration should be ... She told me that she had been waiting for me for two hours... The given answer is She told me that I had been waiting for you for two hours.

    Please explain it.

  7. Hiii Sir

    Can u explain why u had used in 15th sentence

    That sentence was not started with helping verb....
    So can u tell me
    I m waiting for ur reply

    Thanks and i liked those sentences very much

    It helped me understand narration very easily

    • These are question tags related sentences. When you have to convert such sentences into indirect speech, inverted commas are replaced by If( they are changed like simple interrogative sentences ). We also remove question tag i.e. don't you in this present case. Thanks for your visit.


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