English Grammar Practice Set for Primary Classes – 3rd, 4th, 5th Classes

English has become compulsory for all the students of Primary, High and Higher Levels. We have cleared all the topics of grammar with the concerned practice sets. So far we have focused on the higher classes. Here we are giving you the practice set for the junior geniuses of Primary Classes ( 1st to 5th Classes ).

It is a very interesting fact that the grammar topics of these classes are very high. They need help that somebody can make them understand these topics. They are in the desired need of Practice Sets. The general topics are – Use of Nouns, Pronouns, Adjectives, Verbs, Modals, Articles etc.

We have covered these mentioned and much more topics on this website. To reach them, you can use the following link – English Grammar Topics.

Simple English Practice Set of Grammar for the Primary Level Students – ( 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th )

1.  Use the nouns in the proper forms-

a. Two ……………( Fish / Fishes ) is/ are lying in the kitchen.

b. Police has/have found the guilty.

c. Do you have scissor ?

d. Law and order in our city is/ are poor.

2. Use the correct version of Pronouns ( Common Errors ) –

a. The work was difficult. We could not do that without yours help.

b. Ourselves will help him.

c. Mrs Shradha is a housewife. His daughter studies in 4th class.

d. This house of our is very beautiful.

3. Use adjectives in a correct way –

a. He is more tall than his brother.

b. She writes in a beautifully way.

c. People are much good here.

d. Rudra is one of the better students of our class.

Simple English Practice Set of Grammar for the Primary Level Students

4. Use the correct forms of verb in the following sentences –

a. I doesn’t take tea every day.

b. Kinjal will go to Delhi yesterday.

c. There is two dogs in the street.

d. I am seeing TV this time.

5. Use of Modals –

a. It ………..( may/can ) rain today.

b. Don’t talk lest the teacher ……………( would/ should ) rebuke you.

c. We …………..to ( should / Ought ) salute our soldiers.

d. I …………( would / should ) like to help him.

6. Use Articles in proper manners –

a. The English is taught by us in the school.

b. This is an European culture.

c. I will come in half a hour.

d. Children should drink the milk everyday.

English Grammar Paper Complete Solution ( 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Classes ) –

1 a.fishes are ( fish is used in the general use e.g This pond is full of fish.) b. have. c scissors d. is 2. a. your b we c. her d. ours 3. a. taller b. beautiful c. very d. best 4. a. don’t b. tomorrow c. are d. watching 5. a. may b. should c. ought d. would 6. a. English ( no use of the before any language )  b. a c. an d. milk ( no use of the )

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