One Word Substitutions for SSC, Banking Exams – A word for a Sentence

These days almost all the Graduates wish to join Govt Sector jobs through SSC or wish to enter Banking sector jobs. There is the growing interest in these sector jobs with the passage of time. But it is also truth that with this growing interest, the competition is also increasing by leaps and bounds.

One Word Substitutions

So in order to face this stiff competition the students need to keep themselves ready with the preparation all the time. There is one thing common in these exams and that is the Syllabus. Most of the written exams for the Recruitment carry the same topics with a little variation. The topics are as follows :-

English, Mathematics, Reasoning, and General Awareness. In some of the exams there is also Computer. Further in English the topics are – Comprehension, Grammar, Vocabulary etc. The vocabulary includes : Synonyms, Antonyms, One Word Substitution, Idioms, Phrases etc. Here in this article, we shall focus on One Word substitution. These words may be very useful for you for the upcoming exams.

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Below is given a list of One word substitution or one word for a sentence :

  1. Fear of Foreigners :  Xenophobia
  2. Fear of dead body : Necrophobia
  3. One word for Fear of oneself : Auto-phobia
  4. Fear of home surroundings : Eco-phobia
  5. Fear of animals : Zoo-phobia
  6. One Word for Fear of height : Aerophobia
  7. Wild and noisy disorder : Pandemonium
  8. One who resists to the end : Die-hard
  9. One who travels from place to place : Itinerant
  10. A lover of animals : Philozoic
  11. One Word Substitution for A person who love arts : Philotechnic
  12. A person who loves God : Philotheist
  13. One Word for A lover of dogs : Canaphilist
  14. A lover of women : Philogynist
  15. A lover of learning : Philomath
  16. One word for A lover of art and poetry : Philomuse
  17. A person who is hopeful in life : Optimist
  18. A person who is not hopeful in life : Pessimistic
  19. What do we call A person who has the habit of talking while sleeping ? : Somniloquist
  20. A person who walks while asleep : somnambulist
  21. One who is excessively patriotic : Chauvinist
  22. Govt by the laws of religion : Theocracy
  23. Govt by a King or Queen : Monarchy
  24. What do we call the Govt by Gods ? : Thearchy
  25. Govt by the Rich : Plutocracy
  26. Govt by a few persons : Oligarchy
  27. Name the Govt by mob : Mobocracy
  28. Govt by the worst people : Kekistocracy
  29. Govt by the novice : Neocracy
  30. Name the Govt by the Officials : Bureaucracy
  31. A person who is in 60s – Sexagenarian
  32. What do we call a person who is in 70s ? – Septuagenarian
  33. A person who is in 80s – Octogenarian
  34. One who is in 90s – Nonagenarian
  35. A person who is 100 years old – Centenarian

Practice Set 2 ( One Word Substitution )

1. What do we call a person who does not care for art and Literature ? – Philistine

2. A boastful person – Swashbuckler

3. A person who can speak many languages – Polyglot / Linguist

4. Those who help others in trouble – Samaritans

5. Habitually drunkard –  Sot

6. One who gives his services willingly – Volunteer

7. Absent from duty/class without permission – Truant

8. Person having long experience of any occupation – Veteran

9. Style full of difficult words – Verbose

10. One who is over-conscious about his health/Fear of having a serious illness – Hypochondriac

11. A coward husband / ruled by his wife – Henpecked

12. A person who acts against religion/ faith – Heretic

13. A girl/ woman who is not serious or  who flirts with men – Coquette

14. Compulsory enlistment for military forces – Conscription

15. Lasting for a short period – Ephemeral

16. Killing of a sister – Sororicide

17. Killing of children – Filicide

18. Killing of a brother – Fratricide

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In our next blog we shall provide you some more One Words. Keep visiting. Thank you

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